SW levels description and walkthrough:

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The Syndicate Wars engine identifies level by map number.
You can play any map you want by typing:
main /w /m?
where '?' is a map number between 1 and 108.

There is much more levels than available in standard campaigns. Some are unfinished or created only for tests, but there are also some levels ready to play.

Full list of levels in the game, by map number:

001 Eurocorp mission 00 London
Eliminate the Unguided
002 Church of N. Ep. 01 Tripoli
Eliminate the Unguided
003 Eurocorp mission 02 Beijing
Persuade Yamaguchi executives
004 Eurocorp mission 04 Geneva
Persuade Bluesky scientists
005 Eurocorp mission 06 Rome
Remove Unguided stronghold
006 Church of N. Ep. 07 Rome
Destroy the Unguided Vermin
007 Eurocorp mission 12 Reykjavik
Persuade C3 scientists
008 Eurocorp mission 13 London
Protect evecutives
009 Eurocorp mission 16 Johannesburg
Persuade Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo
010 Church of N. Ep. 05 Geneva
Take dr Schweitzer to see father Black
011 Church of N. Ep. 08 Johannesburg
Assist Acolytes
012 Church of N. Ep. 08 Tripoli
Protect the order of Acolytes
013 Church of N. Ep. 12 London
Assassinate the Profesor's assistant
014 Church of N. Ep. 14 Riyadh
Destroy Eurocorp weapon bunker
015 Church of N. Ep. 16 Beijing
Assassinate hacker
016 Church of N. Ep. 17 New Delhi
Eliminate personnel contr. river port
017 Church of N. Ep. 04 Johannesburg
Acquire funds
018 Church of N. Ep. 20 Reykjavik
Destroy R&D Facilities
019 Church of N. Ep. 22 Johannesburg
Seek and destroy leader of uprising
020 Eurocorp mission 18 New Delhi
Crush the Uprising
021 Eurocorp mission 07 Phoenix
Seal Cult technology from temple
022 Eurocorp mission 02 Hong-Kong
Persuade Yamaguchi technicians
023 Eurocorp mission 14 Bangkok
Escort Prof. Drennan to Eurocorp facility
024 Eurocorp mission 18 Sevastopol
Sterilise city
025 Eurocorp mission 10 Adelaide
Persuade Gel Data scientist
026 Eurocorp mission 10 Santiago
Persuade Gel Data scientist
027 Church of N. Ep. 03 Santiago
Persuade Gel Data scientist
028 Eurocorp mission 12 Nuuk
Eliminate Zealots
029 Eurocorp mission 03 Matochkin Shar
Eliminate Unguided threat
030 Unfinished level xx Matochkin Shar
Says Mission complete, hangs
031 Church of N. Ep. 06 Hong-Kong
Protect your brethren and the temple
032 Church of N. Ep. xx Nuuk
Eliminate group
033 Church of N. Ep. 08 Santiago
Vanquish the desecrators
034 Eurocorp mission 04 Singapore
Deliver car to evac zone
035 Eurocorp mission 09 New York
Persuade Naa employee
036 Eurocorp mission 14 Tokyo
Rescue professor Drennan
037 Eurocorp mission 03 Vancouver
Persuade Bluesky scientists
038 Eurocorp mission 10 Cape Town
Persuade Hexagon scientist
039 Church of N. Ep. 05 Vancouver
Steal dr Schweizer's work
040 Church/unguided? xx Bahrain
Collect item
041 Eurocorp mission xx Hawaii
Eliminate group
042 Unfinished level xx Colombo
Church of N. Ep., says All goto location
043 Church of N. Ep. 10 Bahrain
Neutralise all Eurocorp agents
044 Church of N. Ep. 09 Cairo
Assassinate Kotosek
045 Church of N. Ep. 21 Cape Town
De Saxo must perish
046 Unfinished level xx No city
No level, hangs
047 Unfinished level xx Colombo
Says No objective, hangs
048 Church of N. Ep. 00 Detroit
Neutralise all Eurocorp agents
049 Eurocorp mission 01 Detroit
Eliminate Zealots
050 Eurocorp mission 10 Buenos Aires
Persuade Hexagon scientist
051 Church of N. Ep. 02 Buenos Aires
Convert Ormandoz
052 Church of N. Ep. 08 Buenos Aires
Neutralise all Eurocorp agents
053 Eurocorp mission 19 Christ Church
Activate IML link
054 Church of N. Ep. xx Christ Church
Eliminate group
055 Eurocorp mission 07 Hong Kong
Neutralise agent
056 Eurocorp mission 07 Phoenix
Neutralise agent
057 Eurocorp mission 08 Rome
Persuade agent
058 Eurocorp mission 07 Beijing
Neutralise agent
059 Eurocorp mission 11 Christ Church
Proceed to IML link
060 Unfinished level xx Riyadh
Hangs very fast
061 Unfinished level xx (map052)
Says No objective, hangs
062 Unguided mission xx Rome
Collect item
063 Eurocorp mission xx New Delhi
Eliminate group
064 Unfinished level xx Bangkok
Hangs very fast
065 Unguided mission xx Hawaii
Eliminate group
066 Unfinished level xx Cape Town
Says Mission Complete, shining car
067 Unfinished level xx Buenos Aires
Says Goto location, hangs very fast
068 Unfinished level xx Detroit
Says Goto Location, no opponents, hangs
069 Unfinished level xx Christ Church
Says Destroy building, hangs
070 Unfinished level xx Hong-Kong
Says Destroy building, hangs
071 Church of N. Ep. 23 Adelaide
Rescue IX and guide him to rendezvous
072 Church of N. Ep. 13 New York
Steal Eurocorp weapon design
073 Church of N. Ep. 11 Singapore
Deliver bullion car to collection point
074 Eurocorp mission 15 Hawaii
Evacuate all personnel
075 Unguided mission xx London
076 Eurocorp mission xx Tokyo
No objective, but there are many to kill...
077 Unguided mission xx Riyadh
Eliminate group
078 Unfinished level xx (map052)
Many opponents, you can move with cheats
079 Unfinished level xx Cape Town
Many opponents, angry woman
080 Unguided mission xx Detroit
Protect group
081 Unguided mission xx Singapore
Eliminate group
082 Unguided mission xx Matochkin Shar
083 Eurocorp mission 17 Cairo
Eliminate Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo
084 Eurocorp mission 20 Colombo
Secure the Orbital Station
085 Church of N. Ep. 18 Bangkok
Abduct Eurocorp captive
086 Church of N. Ep. xx New York
Goto location
087 Church of N. Ep. 15 Cape Town
Proceed to IML link
088 Eurocorp mission 20 Orbital Station
Get shuttle nav computer
089 Unfinished level xx (map012)
Open and plain terrain, one opponent
090 Unfinished level xx Riyadh
Hangs very fast
091 Eurocorp mission xx Detroit
Says No objective, but many to kill
092 Eurocorp mission 19 Bahrain
Protect the Bahrain AI
093 Unguided mission xx Hawaii
Eliminate group
094 Unfinished level xx Riyadh
Hangs, no opponents, no agents
095 Eurocorp mission xx Detroit
Says No objective, but many to kill
096 Eurocorp mission xx Tokyo
Goto location
097 Unfinished level xx Tokyo
Eurocorp; Says Persuade but no target
098 Unfinished level xx Vancouver
Collect item
099 Unfinished level xx No map
Hangs very fast, you hear only rain
100 Church of N. Ep. 20 Colombo
Secure the Orbital Station
101 Eurocorp mission 20 The Moon
Eliminate the Nine
102 Church of N. Ep. 20 The Moon
Eliminate the Nine
103 Unguided mission xx (map052)
Destroy building
104 Eurocorp mission DM Tokyo
Eliminate the Unguided
105 Eurocorp mission xx Tokyo
Eliminate group
106 Eurocorp mission xx Christ Church
Eliminate group
107 Eurocorp mission xx Sevastopol
Sterilise sector
108 Church of N. Ep. DM Bangkok
Destroy building
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