Keyboard commands - PC

|Action          | Command            |
View Up            Up arrow
View Down          Down arrow
View Left          Left arrow
View Right         Right arrow
Select Agent       [1 - 4]
Zoom to Lead Agent [1 - 4] twice quickly
Change Agent       Tab
Walk to Point      Right CTRL
Fire Weapon        Left CTRL
Zoom In            End
Zoom Out           Home
Drop Weapon        Z
Restart Level      R
Pause              P
Select Weapon      Left ALT
Deselect Weapon    Right ALT
Change lighting    F12
Quit game          CTRL ALT ESC
Group/Ungroup Agents           \
Change Mood of Agents          ALT up/down
Self Destruct (requires mod)   ALT D
Toggle Scanner beep            S
Toggle deep radar on and off   CTRL F6
Tilt View Down                 Insert
Tilt View Up                   Page Up
Spin View Left (clockwise)     Delete
Spin View Right (c-clockwise)  Page Down
Remove buildings from screen   B (press and hold)
Mouse/Cursor key control       K
Change screen resolution       F8
Exit Multiplayer Mission       Shift Esc
Draw less screen area          Shift E
Draw more screen area          E
Stop the panel being drawn     CTRL F10
Save a Screenshot to c:\tmp    M
Stop the in-game action        CTRL F3
Stop game being displayed      CTRL F2
Change deep radar colors       CTRL G/CTRL H
Speed up/slow down game        +/- (not on keypad)
Play other CD track            keypad 5
Change panel colors            F9
Change agents coats color      F10
Increase gamma correction      F11
Decrease gamma correction      SHIFT F11

Mouse commands - PC

|Action                  | Command                           |
Lock camera on an agent  Hold Right Mouse Button on agent number
Follow a person          Left click/double click on person
Auto-Defend mode         Left click and right click together
                         (temporarily ungroups your agents)
Select Agent             Click on agent tab
Zoom to Lead Agent       Double click agent tab
Walk to Point            Left click
Fire Weapon              Right click on target
Drop Weapon              Left click, then right click and release
Select/Deselect Weapon   Left click on weapon tab

Pad commands - Playstation

|Action                               | Command                     |
Highlight options in menu             D Pad arrow (any)
Cancel selection and return to menu   Triangle button
Select options                        X button
Move character in desired direction   D Pad arrow (any)
Run in desired direction              D Pad arrows (tap twice)
Fire weapon                           X Button (hold to overcharge)
Group Mode (not in multiplayer)       Select
Change leading agent to 1/2/3/4       L2 + D-Button Up/Right/Down/Left
Pause/Unpause the game                Start Button
Map Point Selection Mode (Scout map)  Triangle Button
Send Agents to Point (in Point Mode)  Triangle Button
Spin View Anti-Clockwise/Clockwise    L1/R1
Abort Mission/Return to Main menu     Start + Select (for two seconds)
Pick Up Object                        R2 + D-Button Left/Right
Get In/Out of Vehicle                 R2 + D-Button Up/Down
Select From Weapons                   Square + D-Button Up/Down
Drop Selected Weapon                  Square + D-Button Left
Switch Grouped Agents To Same Weapon  Square + D-Button Right
Toggle shield                         Circle button
Shield On/Off                         Circle + D-Button Up/Down
Inject agent with BLUE FUNK/RED MIST  Circle + D-Button Right/Left
Self-destruct an agent (req. mod)     Triangle + Square + Circle + X

Command line parameters - PC final version

These are parameters for MAIN.EXE. It is irrelevant if you type them
with slash (ie. "/m1") or with minus sign (ie "-m1").
|Param  | Function                                            |

/a      when used with /m#, starts mission without weapons
/b      forces to start game menu, something more?
/c      forces to start game menu, something more?
/d      completely disables keyboard control
/f      rewrites tables.dat file (destroys original file)
/g      forces to start game menu, something more?
/m#     start the typed map in cheat mode, skips menu,
        gives default equipment for the mission
/m      enables cheat mode
/p#     enters the replay mode, tries to open a given replay
        even if it fails to open "savegame/rec000.#",
        replay mode remains active