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Game bugs

There are few bugs which allows you to have more money. The most widely known is the "sell al at once" bug:
If four of your agents have the same weapon, you can select it, hit "All agents" and sell all copies of weapon at once. The bug is - if only one of your agents have the weapon, you can also select it, strike "All agents" and then "Sell", and you will get cash from four copies of a weapon.

Research progress is accomplished through two time measurements:
1. The amount of time taken to accomplish a mission and
2. Your computer's internal clock.
That is, once your computer's internal clock strikes 12 o'clock, a new day begins and research progresses. The trick is to manually set your computer's time a couple of minutes before midnight then start up Syndicate Wars and wait for your research to advance. (This is actually not a bug, but can be used for cheating...)
Also, research clock goes a lot faster when you're in a mission. So for the earlier levels, if you have enough money, you might as well hang around for a while after you've completed each mission before you finish to allow more time to get some research done.

Cheat mode

There are two ways of enabling cheat mode:
1. The parameter - usually the file "play.bat" contains line
@main /w /g
If you will change it to
@main /w /g /m
the cheat mode will be enabled (when starting game from play.bat).
2. The password - After starting the game, press "LOGIN" and type the username "POOSLICE". You will hear a special sound confirming that you've enabled cheat mode. Then you can delete typed text and type anything else, or you can cancel login and load a game.

When the Cheat Mode is enabled:

In the equipment screen you can press (and hold) '.' (full stop) for 10,000 more funds.
In the Research screen, press:
"0" to make more weapons/mods available for research.
"U" to do a day's research.
 (Note: make sure you picked and submitted an item to research).
 (Note: in the cryo-chamber you can get the special epidermis skins, so you don't really need to look for them. This will allow you to have all your agents with epidermis 4 or what ever.)
In game you can press:
Alt-"C" to complete the level.
Alt-"T" to teleport your agent to where the mouse points.
"Q" to bring an agent back to life.
Shift-"Q", to bring all agents back to life, with massive weapon energy, incredible health and all mods & weapons. (Warning, doing this may in some cases destroy your save game if you return to the purple screens and try saving).

Repeating mission

Some missions, if you fail them, will end the game. But there are also some missions, which you can fail without any consequences, and the mission will be available to play again.

For example you can replay the Eurocorp REF 3 Mission forever, provided that you never finish it. In this particular mission, you have to persuade a bunch of scientists. After you get the money, pause the game, and quit. You'll gain the money for your account, and you can go back to the city for another $200,000. And don't worry about not finishing the mission. The subsequent missions will keep popping up so you can leave Mission 3 there and go back anytime you want.

Another mission that works in this way is Eurocorp REF 10.

Hidden game

Just use persuadertron at the huge movie billboard behind the stage and podium in mission 0 (located around the lower-middle section of the map). It's that classic game BREAKOUT. After playing, all your agents will be rewarded an epidermis mod. The more points you earned, the greater level mods you'll receive.


There is a good trainer, allowing to "freeze" your health. Remember to disable trainer before "pressing space" at the end.

Download Roderick Maher's Game Trainer 1.00a

Download Roderick Maher's Game Trainer 1.01a

Download Roderick Maher's Game Trainer 1.02a

Download Roderick Maher's Game Trainer 1.11

GameHack trainer

GameHack is an application written for the Windows 95/98 environment that allows you to make trainer for any game. Memory offsets of various quantities can be saved into a file, so you don't have to conduct memory search every time you start the game.

Download Syndicate Wars GameHack file

GameWizard table for Syndicate Wars (works similar to GameHack)

Download Syndicate Wars GameWizard table file

UHS hints

A "UHS Module" is a program that was written using a cheat tool known as the Universal Hint System. This program provides the user with hints that help to complete the game. You must have the UHS base program in order to utilize this file. Once you have the base program installed, simply follow the instructions provided with the UHS package. Download the program from UHS homepage:

Download Syndicate Wars UHS module

Hexediting MAIN.EXE

Open MAIN.EXE in editor and replace all occurrences of "50 C3 00" into "FF FF FF". This should give you 16 million credits when starting new game.

Money Maxer Hex Cheat

This little program does the same that hexediting MAIN.EXE. It gives you 18 million credits at start of the game.
You will have to know what to do with "Runtime error 200".

Download Syndicate Wars Money Maxer

Savegame files

Here comes savegames for every level from each campaign. They were created without cheats, in a standard game play.

Download Eurocorp campaign savegame files

Download Church campaign savegame files

Savegame editor

Here is a savegame editor. It allows you to change everything you need, even can make you nearly immortal:

Download Bulfrog Engine Savegame Editor for Syndicate Wars

Sony Playstation Version info

All weapons

During the intro type in this code, up, up, down, down, left, right, x,o. This will give you directly access to all weapons available. You should hear a sound of a gun shot which will confirm that the cheat has worked.
Visual version of the code: (Syndicate Wars PSX cheats)
NOTE: This code may be fake. Sometimes it is listed as NTSC-only, and sometimes as PAL-only. Reliable sources inform that it's not working on UK PAL version, no matter how much you try. It is also possible that it works only on some beta version.

Infinite Clone Shield Energy

When you have researched chromotaps and clone shields, buy one of each for your agents, making sure they are next to each other on your weapon select bar. Start the mission and select your clone shields, then select your chromotaps. You should now have infinite power for your clone shields, as long as you have your chromotaps selected. Simply repeat the process to reactivate the cheat if you change weapons.

Skin Cheat

1. On the last level Option screen, go to Cryovat.
2. Make sure all of your people have got Level 3 in everything, including you reserves.
3. Click on 'All Agents' and then on one of your reserves. You should now only be able to buy the three body modifications, so buy him/her Level 3. Do this for all your reserves in turn (go back to 'All Agents' then another person) until they have all been done, but not for your main team.
4. Now click on number 1 and you'll have one of the improved skin types. the type of skin you get depends on the number of reserves you have.

PAL Gamebuster/X-Plorer Codes

800E 364C E100
800E 364E 05F5
Infinite Money
8007 1730 0004 Infinite Ammo for Minigun

Game Shark Codes (NTSC?)

800E39AC C9FF
800E39AE 3B9A
Infinite Money
80071368 0000
8007136A 0000
Infinite Gun Energy
80164762 0400 Infinite Gun Energy (Mission 1)
8016474E 0400 Infinite Shield (Mission 1)
801674A6 0400 Infinite Gun Energy (Mission 2)
80167492 0400 Infinite Shield (Mission 2)
800E5C02 0004 Infinite Explosives (Mission 2)
8016ED56 0400 Infinite Gun Energy (Mission 3)
8016ED42 0400 Infinite Shield (Mission 3)
8007129C 0000
8007129E 0000
Infinite Uzi Energy (BPC)
8007136C 0000
8007136E 0000
Infinite Minigun Energy (BPC)
8005C938 0000
8005C93A 0000
Infinite Shield Energy (BPC)
80071900 0000
80071902 0000
Infinite LR Rifle Energy (BPC)
80071450 0000
80071452 0000
Infinite Flamer Energy (BPC)

Other sources for tips

Syndicate Wars Survival Guide by Zaf - better use internal copy, it is fixed a bit [internal copy]

You know something else? Email me!