Syndicate for 3DO cover


The citizens of North and South America, tired of punitive tax rates and streets that aren't safe to walk, are taking up arms against the Syndicate and looking to gain autonomy. If you let this happen, not only will it jeopardize your position as Syndicate executive, but also bring your stay on planet Earth to a premature close. Be warned, rival Syndicates look upon the American Revolt as the ideal opportunity to gain the upper hand in the ongoing struggle for supremacy.

In 21 new missions you must protect Syndicate interests in the American territories, regain control from the unruly masses, and at the same time neutralize enemy Syndicate activity. Any Syndicate executives who have let success in the original missions go to their head are in for a rude awakening. Syndicate: American Revolt is a completely different proposition.

Your cyborgs will soon be facing enemy agents whose reactions are at least twice as fast as anything encountered before. They arm, aim and fire without hesitation, without mercy. If you cannot withstand the initial assault, failure comes quickly. Your weapon purchases and team selection have to be far more astute. You'll need more than a few mini guns to get through. Entire assault teams and agents whose experience allows for operational independence are also called for, as is mastery of API levels. Try to bulldoze through in group mode or go in undermanned and suffer the consequences.

Crushing the American Revolt will take all your Syndicate experience and considerable skill. The line between success and failure is thin, the results of failure terminal. Still think you've got what it takes for Syndicate: American Revolt?