Desktop themes gives you an easy way to change all visual elements in Windows. Here you can get some themes making your system more SW-like.

This is my first theme pack. Its quality is very poor, it was made in 1997, just after I started playing the game:

Download Mefistotelis SW Theme Pack 01(1.2MB)

There is a pack made by Dirk Volland in 1998. It has SW-based icons and cursors, but no sounds:

Download Dirk Volland SW Theme Pack(0.2MB)

And here you have some new themes, made in 2006. Wallpapers are adjusted for 1600x1200, so it should look good on new monitors:

Download Mefistotelis SW Theme Pack 02(2.7MB)

You can find one more theme here:

Brandon Smith's SW Themes

Additionaly, you can use the Syndicate Wars font to improve the style:

Download Bullfrog Syndicate Wars theme font

And here are True Type fonts. If you're planning to use large font size, these will look better:

Download Bullfrog Syndicate Wars vector fonts

If you wish to create your own style, you could use cursors and icons from there:

Syndicate Wars cursors and icons page

Sound from the game can be downloaded from here:

Syndicate Wars sound rework page

To get more wallpapers or other files, check the "Photo gallery" and "Game structure" sections.