Syndicate Wars Port

Fanmade port to modern operating systems. In particular, it runs on GNU, Mac OS and Windows, but it should also work on any system supported by the SDL library on the i386 architecture.

As part of the port, modernised executable and only few data/config files are provided. The rest of required game data needs to be copied from Syndicate Wars CD or GOG release CD image. If using Windows installer, the port asks for such CD or image during the installation.

Project releases on Github

Old Project page

Unofficial sound engine patch PC

This patch was released as "Allows to run Syndicate Wars on OS2 system", but since it's fixing sound system bug, it should be applied no matter how the game is executed. Also, it should be easier to start the game on emulator with this patch.

Download Syndicate Wars Unofficial Sound Patch

Miles Sound Drivers update PC

The patch contains drivers for "Miles Sound System" (MSS). MSS is a sound handling engine for game programmers. It is available for many platforms and many Operating Systems. Syndicate Wars is using this engine in version 3.02 to play sound. This patch will update MSS sound drivers to version 5.0 (the whole sound engine cannot be updated because it is built into game code). Use it ONLY if you have problems with playing sound (not in-game music) or if your sound card is not supported by original drivers. This update gives you more sound drivers, but IT IS NOT FULLY TESTED if they work. I only tried the Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster 16 drivers - they work fine.

Download Miles Sound Drivers 5.0 update for Syndicate Wars

Alternate DOS Extender PC

The game is written for DOS environment. This environment is hostile for programmers, because it is very hard to use memory above 640kB, sound, or advanced video modes. To make this environment more friendly, DOS Extenders have been created. These programs gave programmers an easier way to use resources of new PCs. The most popular DOS Extender is DOS4GW. Syndicate Wars is also using this extender. And the version used in Syndicate Wars has some errors, which may cause the game to occasionally crash. This archive contains a newer version of extender. Rename dos32a.exe to dos4gw.exe and replace the original file.

Download DOS32a DOS Extender 9.12

On any problems with this version, you can also try new DOS4GW version from the original manufacturer:

Download Trenberry Software DOS4GW 2.01a

Trainer PC

There is a good trainer, allowing to "freeze" your health. Remember to disable trainer before "pressing space" at the end. Also, trainer may not work under emulators.

Download Roderick Maher's Game Trainer 1.00a

Download Roderick Maher's Game Trainer 1.11

GameHack trainer file

GameHack is an application written for the Windows 95/98 environment that allows you to take any game you are having difficulty with and make it easier. It accomplishes this by finding the memory address in which the desired quantity is located and giving you access to it.

Download Syndicate Wars GameHack file

German version SW Blood Patch PC

In the german version of Syndicate Wars, there are no death animations except the "disintegrate-effect" of energy weapons like the Plasma Lance. This patch will overwrite the Main.exe of the Game to set the effects on.

Download Syndicate Wars Blood patch for German version

Beta SW Engine! PC

This stuff is for hard fans only! Here you have EXE files of early beta version of the game. Some functions do not work, some weapons can't shoot - but it shows debugging messages. The archive contains EXE files in the directories where they should be on SW CD-ROM. There are no data files - you must add them manually. See Mission screenshots section for more visual info. Also read README.

Download SW Beta Engine Executables (RAR, 0.8MB)

SW Pre-Alpha demo! PC

The next hard fans release. Syndicate Wars in non-interactive Pre-Alpha version. This is a full demo, contains all required files. You will be surprised what is hidden inside this. Read README!

Download SW Pre-Alpha demo (ZIP, 2MB)