Syndicate agents


This is an Eurocorp Agent. These guys are your puppets, perse, should you decide to play as Eurocorp. If you are playing as The Church Of The New Epoch, these guys are your worst enemies. Of course, if you've persuaded enough civilians, they can be convinced to join your cause.


Police oficers


The only good guys in the game. The law enforcement of the cities, in which your actions will be carried out. They usually show up when you try to rob a bank or attack civilians. They wear blue Armour, and use miniguns. They also have various vehicles at their disposal.

As long as you keep your weapons out of sight, these guys will leave you alone, but they're much more useful if you persuade them.




Civilians are the most numerous of all characters in the game. When persuaded, they pick up the weapons of your fallen enemies. But, much to your dismay, they're not as heavily armored as you and your men. Fire is also a deadly hazard, you can lose all persuaded civilians if you inadvertently walk through fire, you're impervious to it. They're not...




The unguided are a faction whose Utopia chip has malfunctioned. The lawbreakers who cause chaos in most cities usually rob banks with explosives, they have an arsenal of weapons at their disposal and travel in huge packs, they are identified by the purple hoods they wear.

They are extremely dangerous and highly terroristic. They love nothing more than taking out an unsuspecting group of civilians.



swars_ingame_cutted_zealot opponent_zealot

Disciples of Church of the New Epoch. These religious fanatics are hell-bent on cleansing the earth of all who don't believe in their cause. They are highly dangerous and heavily armed. Be wary of these guys.

They want to destroy Eurocorp because of their oppressive Utopia network, they are white robed soldiers and use the Electron mace to fry their enemies.


Adversaries/Militia operatives


These guys are into one thing and one thing only. They have black Armour. In the early missions they use miniguns, but employ pulse lasers later on.

Because of the Harbinger virus, most Eurocorp personnel will attack Eurocorp agent's too, but in some missions, they are protectors of Eurocorp facilities, so they may be on your side.

Even then, they will respond fire if you start shooting at them.

The Operatives are a saner version of the Unguided, but make no mistake, these are just as deadly.


Church high priests


These cloaks belongs only to highly trusted operatives, responding directly to The Nine. Those people are rarely armed with something less than Plasma Lance, and are always tough opponents.




They have no shield, and are only little tougher than civilians. They never wear any weapons (well, there is one exception to that in last mission). Persuade them to boost your research. Note that they must survive the mission to join your research team.

The Nine are scientists as well, though they are different. How? You will see.


Spider droids


Only seen rarely, these fast paced droids use pulse lasers for great effect as they can fire multiple (up to four) bursts quickly, but they can be taken down with a few Pulse Laser blasts.


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