Common questions

Q. How come REO Speedwagon didn't do the SW music?
A. Unknown. Anyway the music was made by Adrian Moore and Russell Shaw.

Q. What's with the zoom? I just don't get it!
A. Zoom depends on your weapon range. At max. zoom out you should be able to see just beyond how far you can shoot with your selected weapon.
Bombs and other non-shoot weapons have a predetermined zoom level and home/end are useless when you have these weapons selected.

Q. How the hell do I get money?
A. The best way to get money is to rob banks. How do you do this? Banks are usually VERY heavily guarded buildings. If you blow up the guarded building a briefcase will appear. This briefcase is your ticket to millions... well maybe not millions, but a lot of money.

Q. How can I find the bank?
A. The banks may have different sizes, some of them has three sphinx statues. They always have three entracnes in front of them. These entrances have stairs. There is also one entracne at back, without stairs. They have dark color. On Playstation, they have also dollar signs on red background on front.
You can find pictures of banks in the Photo Gallery section.

Q. Are there any hot dog vendors? If so do they sell sausages?
A. No and no.

Q. I just don't understand how I persuade some people!! :(
A. Here's a chart of persuasion:

|Type    | Points given | Points need to persuade|
Civilians    1            0
Unguided     2            10
Zealots      5            20*
Scientist    1            0
Police       2            6
Govs         3            15
Agent        3            15
*Zealots can only be persuaded with the persuadertron 2
NOTE: Brain mods increase the range of the Persuadertron, but don't decrease the points need to persuade someone.

Q. What is Epidermis?
A. It's an extra skin that offers you more protection. You can't research them and you can't buy them. You'll have to find them.

Q. In which missions can Epidermises be found?
A. Here are epidermises locations on PC version:

EPIDERMIS 1: This can be found in EuroCorp Mission 3 (Matochkin Star) in the upper-left
 corner of the Church's base. It can also be found in Church Mission 7 (Rome)
 in a building located in the northern EuroCorp base.
EPIDERMIS 2: This can be found in EuroCorp Mission 7 (Beijing) in a building located
 in the middle of the map. It can also be found in Church Mission 9 (Cairo)
 in a square building with four doors.
EPIDERMIS 3: This can be found in EuroCorp Mission 10 (Buenos Aires) in a building
 located in the upper-middle section of the base in the north-east corner of the map.
 It can also be found in Church Mission 18 (Bangkok) in the weapon warehouse.
EPIDERMIS 4: This can be found in EuroCorp Mission 15 (Honolulu) on a Church agent
 next to the tanks near the second crossroads. It can also be found in Church Mission 21
 (Cape Town) in the alleyway between two churches.

PC specific questions

Q. HELP! I can't quit the mission. :(
A. Pause the game and then you'll have the quit option

Q. How many people can play locally at one time, and how do I set it up?
A. Up to four people can play at one time on one computer. To set this up go under "Interface" in the bottom left hand corner. You can choose the number of players and how each player will control their character.

Q. What's with the PEOPLE.TXT file on the CD and my hard drive?
A. It's used after last mission, for displaying credits.

Q. I get no background music and my sound card is 100% compatible with SW!
A. Try hooking up a pair of speakers directly to your CD-ROM. This game uses tracks like you'll find on a regular CD. You can even play the SW tracks on a music CD player.

Q. When I go into the game it's still in 320x200 mode, even though I remember changing it.
A. Press F8 during gameplay to alternate between the two graphic modes.

Q. I really hate my teams color.
A. Try pressing F10 to toggle through the uniform colors. F9 will toggle through the different border colors.

Q. I can't do any research!!!
A. You have to pass the first level. :) READ THE MANUAL... :)

Q. What's this hidden game I keep hearing about?
A. It's that classic game BREAKOUT (or ARKANOID). Use the Persuadertron when you're on the podium, where a projector of the big billboard is, and it'll come up. Play with mouse. Bonuses: T/W - tiny/widen your pad, S - slow the ball down, D - double balls, Q - quad balls, X - extra life, H - go to next level.
After winning 10 levels, you will be rewarded with Epidermis mods. The higher you score, the better Epidermis you'll get. All agents will recieve these upgrades, and you will be informed on the screen when it happens ("Bonus item awarded").

Q. Installer don't want to run from CD, the message "Low virtual memory" appears. How much memory I need?
A. This message doesn't show the real problem. Installer just won't run under NTVDM (Virtual DOS Machine built in Windows). Use DOSBox. See "New computers" section.

Q. What is 'tension music'? Why I can't hear it?
A. Tension music comes in when you're in danger, for example when enemy agents are running to shoot you. To hear tension music, you have to configure "MIDI device" in sound setup. Also, you will only hear tension music when CD Audio music is playing.

Q. When I'm trying to load my mortal game, the message appears saying that save is corrupted. What's going on?
A. The mortal game requires proper code from the .ini file to work. This .ini file is created when you log in, and has same name as the login string, for example "peter.ini". It is saved in the savegame directory. The problem is that, probably by mistake, SW won't ask you for the login name when creating new mortal game. So - to start mortal game properly, you must first log in, type your name, and then (from inside the game) press "new mortal game". This will make sure the .ini file will be stored. You must also use the same technique every time you want to load mortal game - log in, type the proper name, then load. Note that every time you press "new mortal game", the new code is generated and written to the .ini file, so restored old save won't work anymore (unless you backup .ini file too).

PSX specific questions

Q. How to assign research?
A. On PSX version you can't do research. New items are just given to you after each mission.

Written by:  Matt Rogers;
Special thanks goes out to Mike Diskett for helping me out with this FAQ. Modified by Tomasz Lis. Thanks to CatKiller for hidden game instructions.