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The Punks campaign? Well, I'm pretty sure you realize there's no such thing in Syndicate wars...

...but there are some Unguided levels in the game.

If you want, you can make yourself Unguided campaign - the thing that Bullfrog never finished. Just use the /m command line option to play single levels prepared for punks, one by one.

List of Unguided levels:

040 Church/unguided? ?? Bahrain
Collect item; you're a woman; miniguns;
062 Unguided mission xx Rome
Collect item; lasers and launchers;
065 Unguided mission xx Hawaii
Eliminate group; miniguns, lasers;
075 Unguided mission xx London
Assassinate; lasers, long range;
077 Unguided mission xx (map020)
Eliminate group; miniguns;
080 Unguided mission xx Detroit
Protect group; usis, miniguns;
081 Unguided mission xx Singapore
Eliminate group; miniguns, lasers;
082 Unguided mission xx Matochkin Shar
Assassinate; lasers, miniguns, IFFs;
093 Unguided mission xx Hawaii
Eliminate group; similar to lev065
103 Unguided mission xx (map052)
Destroy building; miniguns, launchers, HEs;
Note: the levels are not sorted to the correct campaign-order yet.