005 ROME
Level index (for /m param): 005
City name on PC: Rome
Map and level files (PC): map028.mad, c028l001.d3,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 06
Citydrop code name: Sack Of Rome
First objective: Remove Unguided stronghold

(map005 Rome)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Rome: All category U citizens must be completely eliminated, in order to send the message to other Harbinger victims that EuroCorp will maintain control.

Prevent emergence of independent syndicate by annihilating the local garrison.

Well met.

Harbinger has been particularly effective in Rome. With its passing, a tide of chaos is breaking on the streets. Unguided gather and turn to the destruction of the city, block by block.

The former EuroCorp security garrison has sealed itself off, while the agent stationed there attempts to regain control of the local, virus-ridden AI. However, the conditions leave the garrison's vault vulnerable. Neutralise all garrison personnel.


PC Walkthrough from Official Tips

There are four main areas that need clearing in Rome. The first objective area is a punk stronghold which the enemy syndicate will hit with satellite rain as soon as you enter the area.

The best tactic is to run your agents into the area, kill a couple of unguided and flee before the explosions start.

Stand across the street and sniper any punks that make it clear of the devastation zone.

Behind you is another, smaller stronghold, that can easily be stormed. Take out this area after you have snipered the spider droids the zealots have sent. These machines are pretty tough so use the rifles and keep a distance from them.

After the two strongholds, there is another unguided area which is over the other side of the city. If you run in there, one of them will drop KO gas on you so when you do enter get off ground level as quickly as possible.

Once this zone is cleared, you will need a vehicle to get into the syndicate base (unless you destroy the gates). There are several cop cars behind the station on the opposite side of the city, but be careful as there are some flamethrowing syn guards, who will attack the police station.

Let them. Clear up any survivors and steal a car. The syndicate base has two big patrols and several men near the entrance.

When you drive into the base, stay in your car as long as possible, using it as cover. This should be enough to clear the first wave. Now ambush the patrols one at a time using KO gas. Your last objective is to get an agent who has holed up in the corner of the compund. The best tactic is to blow up the bank (and collect their money) then attack from that side.

Watch out for the Cerberus IFF's. Once you have killed him there will be a Cerberus IFF that you can pick up.

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Rome: Eliminate all Unguided citizens

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, LR Rifles, Knockout Gas, Explosives

Guide: This one's a real riot! Head towards target building and use LR Rifles on approach to knock out a couple of punks. They'll soon retaliate with Satellite Rain, so leg it across the street to avoid the explosions. Shoot any surviving targets, then head over the street to the nearby rebel building. Watch out for spider droids - run away from their lasers and use LR Rifles to pick them off. Once you've eliminated the targets, you need to quell a riot in another building on the other side of the city. Watch out for more explosions on approach, and Knockout Gas: it's best to send one man in and drop your own Knockout Gas to lure the targets out. Steal a car to get into the base and use LR Rifles to pick off laser-wielding guards. To make it easier to reach the agent in the corner, blow up the bank. Watch out for more laser-wielding guards as you enter the compound to kill the agent. Once he's dead, drive to the Evac point.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


You must prevent the emergence of an independent syndicate, and eradicate all category U citizens (in other words unguided). And when in Rome, do as the Romans.

The pulse laser should be enough for this mission, don't bother with the electron mace. Instead, sell any you have, and any other unwanted items.

The mission will begin with a cop hover car being shot down - just another day in Rome. Then go to the left, you should be attacked by some Church of New Epoch members. Kill them, then some unguided. After you kill a few, all hell will break loose as a chain reaction of explosives will destroy the area. Make sure you're not in it at the time. Once the unguided have been dealt with, a mission update will tell you, that you must crush more rebels. On your way to their location, two spider droids will attack you. Keep shooting and run if you have to recharge your energy. Once they are destroyed, go kill the rebels, then gasp - another mission update will say you must eliminate some rioters. God, don't the police do anything here? Go to their location cautiously. Approach the opening carefully, as a sleeping gas cloud will appear, and if you'll be knocked out, the unguided will kill you. Run away and wait until it disperses, then eliminate the rioters. Now that the zealots have been dealt with, it's time to destroy the independent garrison. Go to their location using a vehicle obtained near the police station. On your way there, you will be attacked by two green armored vehicles. Deal with them, then head to the police station. Kill the guards, then a bunch of Eurocorp agents will approach you. Use the Pulse Laser at long range to kill them, because some of them have flamers, which can kill you with one shot. Once they're dead, pick up the flamers and board the cop car. Then head to the Garrisons base. Kill the first few Eurocorp agents from the protection of the cop car, then get out and board one of the green armored vehicles in the base. Use this to drive to where the other agents are, and kill them. Then yes, another mission update will say Eliminate agent. There are four Cerberus iff's guarding him. Kill the two at the entrance first, wait until you have healed, then kill the remaining two, and last but not least kill the agent. Now that the city is under Eurocorp's control again, feel free to rob the bank nearby. Then go grab a pizza, take in some sights and proceed to hq for chow time.


You should have received some income, since you robbed the bank, and researched the Launcher - an effective, but cumbersome weapon.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


  1. All Unguided citizens must be eliminated.
  2. The ex-EuroCorp agents, who have now sealed themselves off from our syndicate, must be taken care of.


Harbinger has been very effective in Rome. The Unguideds, who are destroying the whole city, must be eliminated. Also, the former EuroCorp security garrison has declared themselves independent. Neutralise all Garrison personnel. These two actions will show that EuroCorp still has control.


Until now I almost always used the miniguns. From now on, other weapons will become more and more important. You should have the miniguns, the long-range rifle and the high explosives by now: either by research or by taking them from enemy bodies. Remember though that by stealing weapons from the enemy, they will drain a lot more energy. If you don't have these weapons yet, some Unguideds are carrying them in this Mission.

To gain access to the local garrison, you'll have to use a high explosive to get in, or steal a car. You'll also encounter your first spiders. Miniguns can take them out, but long-range rifles are far more effective. (You can find some long range rifles in this Mission, if you don't have them yet from the previous missions.)

You must go up the stairs and kill the first U-citizen you encounter there. There are three main reference areas: the first one is on the south-left corner -- an Unguided area. On the other side of the road there's a smaller building containing other Unguideds. On the west side of the city, the last Unguided area is located near the satellite dish. The entrance to the area of the ex-EuroCorp agents is at the east. The Church is also in town with a little area in the middle of the map. They can be annoying if you get too close. You can deal with them first, but their dead bodies are not necessary to win this mission.

If you go to the first area, you will have to deal with the spiders. If you deal with this area last, you can run away from them as soon as your last Unguided is dead. The spiders are not within the Mission objective. If you don't have the long-range rifles, first go the Unguided area at the satellite dish. They can easily be taken out with four miniguns if you don't let them all attack you at the same time. Weapons on the bodies you can find here include long-range rifles, miniguns, knockout gas and lasers. It's as good as a local weapon-provider.

Back to the first area. When you use the entrance near the motorcycle, you'll hear some noise from above. Get the hell out of there! It's satellite rain: something you will not have researched until much, much later. It will blow up the whole area (I guess it's some sort of self-destruct sequence of the area). This makes your job a lot easier. Caution though: after these huge explosions, two spiders will hunt you. They are armed with lasers, and their fire rate is very high. The key here is to shoot the long-range rifle, to get somewhere safe to get your energy back, and then to come out and shoot again. You can use the building near the parked motorcycle to recover. Or, if there's only one spider left, you can play hide and seek: keep on running around the building; this way you will stay always at the opposite side of the spider. The spiders, as long as they do not notice you, will also take out the patrolling garrison car if they come near.

Two areas left: the garrison and the little area across the road. This last one can easily be dealt with if you use your miniguns. There are two ways to get into the garrison: you can take a police car parked near the police station but the agents will resist. You can also use a high explosive near the entrance of the garrison. This is recommended because the police won't bother you then.

As you get inside about five ex-EuroCorp agents will attack you. Fortunately they will do so separately, so your four miniguns will be of service again. There are two patrolling groups. Walk to the car park on the left. Get into the first car on the south side. The car parked a little bit further contains agents so don't get too close. When the first patrolling group is near, get their attention and start to shoot the miniguns while you stay in the car. The car will protect you. When it's about to be destroyed, get into the second car. The explosion of the first car will kill some of the ex-EuroCorp agents. The second patrolling group will join the club after a while, so see to it that you have destroyed the first one in time.

As a reward, the garrison contains 400000 credits. It's in the building with the three gates. Of course, you will have to blow it up first with high explosives.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New research: Cerberus IFF, Satelite Rain

New weapons: Flamer, Cerberus IFF, Satelite Rain

Possible loot: 400k cr, 2 Satellite Rain, 1 Cerberus IFF

Do not even think about persuading any agents - your mission is to kill'em all. You actually may want to deal with them first, to get an armored car. Not a flying variety, unfortunately.

There is a car with 4 Adversaries with Flamers waiting in a car parked next to Police station. If you reach the larger area around, they will exit the car and attack the policemen. You may watch and wait. Usually the Adversaries are killed by the Police in front of the station, but sometimes it is closer to the car. Rarely the Flamers win, as the range of Police lasers is larger. In that case Adversaries will get back to the car, but will exit again when you're near, so that you can acquire the Flamers from their corpses. The Police won't attack you unless they see you with a weapon.

After you'll go up the ramp in first Unguided bunker, Satelite Rain will drop. So retreat before it happens, or avoid the weapon activation at all - don't use the ramp.

Two Zealot Spiderbots appear after killing all Unguided from first bunker.

Three of Unguided from the vicinity of third bunker have High Explosive.

After dealing with the Agents, blow up the bank - you'll get 4 suitcases 100,000 credits each, and you'll likely kill the last remaining agent with collapse of the building. Before you get a Cerberus IFF from his body, use Long Range Rifles to neutralize IFFs which are already deployed.

When every target is dead, mission is complete.

Additional hints

Several buildings in this mission collapse when you get near, but never near enough to kill you. These may still kill you if you run and get to the building before the explosion ends.

Two of the Unguided in first bunker are standing still, without movement. Those are the two who possess Satellite Rain.

To acquire any of the 2 Satellite Rain activators, you need to get into the first bunker without using the ramp. There are several ways to do this, like using Razor Wire climbing or blocked parking glitch. To get the second one, it is best to wait until the mission is complete, as that may block your agent.

This is Rome AI non-official message, please do not reply.

PC Walkthrough by Clemens Müller aka Sub Zero

It is possible to get the "Satelite Rain" in Eurocorp mission 6.
It's a nice trick, that makes some missions much easier to play!

Here it comes:

In the southwest unguided-fortress are two unguided that don't move. One's on a roof top and one on the ground behind a thick, indestructible wall.
Both are armed with a satellite-rain-device, which is activated when you use the ramp to clean up the fortress with you agents.

How to get the satellite rain:

  1. After you've cleaned up a little bit, go to the unguided-fortress in the southwest. Take out all unguided you can reach, to avoid trouble. Spiderbots too, if possible.
    When you'll get the satellite rain in your hands, two Spiderbots will appear and atack you. If you've took them out before, then nothing will happen.
  2. Go to the ramp and fire with the Long-Range-Rifle on the unguided, that hides moveless behind the indestrucible wall.
    You can't hit him, but don't worry! He's getting nervous and moves up to you. Well, thats the end! Take him out and get the nice satellite rain!
    Don't forget about the (moveless) unguided on the roof top. Take him out from the ground, or get the satellite rain from the dead body and back off, 'cause he's gonna activate his own when you're near enough.

Other way to get Satellite Rain by Kyle aka Silencer150:

  1. Get a car. There are cars near Police building.
  2. Ener the car with all 4 agents.
  3. When inside the car, ungroup your agents.
  4. Drive to the stronghold where Satellite Rain is.
  5. Notice how the shoulder of the road nearest the stronghold is too narrow for all four of your agents to debark at once. Park a vehicle on the shoulder, in the place where road directly contacts with stronghold's wall.
  6. Debark agent 1 alone. The game actually spits him onto the stronghold walkway.
  7. Select another agent and move the vehicle a little - this way you can put all four in the stronghold.
  8. Kill the unguided and get his Satellite Rain.

(map scheme)

Start point

First Unguided bunker

Zealots pool

Zealot Spiderbots

Police Station

Adversaries with flamers

Second Unguided bunker

Third Unguided bunker

Agents to kill

Agent with Cerberus IFF