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Electron annihilation techniques have led to the development of this powerful weapon. It uses a monopolar focus to project a beam-structured field which converts atmospheric molecules into plasma. Solid matter is vapourised on contact with the plasma, releasing even more energy. The field can wreak utter devastation over a considerable distance. Pull back the monopolar focus by delaying trigger release for more effective results against dense or tempered materials.

Church of N.E.:

This uses the combined energy of accelerated electrons to fire a stream of unstable energy along a magnetic carrier wave. A significant advance for the Church, and one that proves the value of the teachings held by the Nine.






Every satellite in UTOPIA's network of geo-synchronous orbital platforms is equipped with a stockpile of tungsten-uranium alloy rods on a steerable mounting. When these rods are launched, the process of atmospheric re-entry heats them to the point at which they liquefy, producing a plasma rain with true battlefield potential. We can now successfully over-ride the system lockouts triggered by Harbinger. By transmitting re-initialisation protocols, the system can be placed at your agents' disposal. This can be done using a hand-held activator but caution should be exercised; the cost of firing this system is extremely high.

Church of N.E.:

We can acquire launch codes for many of the geo-stationary satellites which hang above our planet but the computing costs involved in cracking the Syndicate's encrypted security lock-outs are high. When you activate a strike, within a few seconds, the nearest satellite will target your designated position and fire down bolts of tungsten-uranium alloy which superheat in the atmosphere and cause massive destruction throughout the area.






Drennan's on-going research into Church technology has paid off with the development of the Persuadertron II. This device is capable of infiltrating the minds of even the most battle-hardened zealot. Once exposed to its influence, cultists will obey your orders as doggedly as they followed the Church's twisted teachings.

Church of N.E.:

This weapon is not a part of Church campaign, because it has no difference with peruadertron for church members.






Similar to Razor Wire, Trigger Wire is an excellent tool for access-prevention. Just a few molecules thick, Trigger Wire is very difficult to see with even the later modification eyes, yet when touched activates multiple explosions along its length.

Church of N.E.:

A booby-trap which, when set in the required place, will destroy any who venture through the molecular cable spread between two points. Unwittingly, the foe will set off a blast which will render them no further impediment to the cause of our spreading religion.






Like the Medikit, except that this upgraded version is worn by the user, so that it can automatically detect the level of damage sustained. If it drops below a critical level, the AutoMedikit activates itself and conducts accelerated surgical repairs. The AutoMedikit takes a few moments to start working, so a user who is continually sustaining damage might perish before the kit has a chance to work.

Church of N.E.:

An advanced restoration unit which will take care of your wounds and injuries without distracting a member of your team. An invaluable addition to any equipment pack for operatives spreading the word of faith in the Cataclysm.






In one of the Nine's most esoteric breakthroughs, they have learned how to unlock the electrochemical forces still locked away in the bodies of terminated organisms. The understanding of these mechanisms we now have gives us complete power over them. The Chromotap is based on this technology. It extracts energy from organic matter at the cellular level and transfers it to the device's controller. The Chromotap is especially useful for recharging agents after a firefight, as it can still utilise the cellular energy of casualties.

Church of N.E.:

Our scientists have unravelled more of the arcane secrets of the Codex and built a device which will export the natural electrochemical forces contained within the cells of any organic structure which has recently died. This saps the residual cellular energy of the corpse, as long as its cellular structure has not been destroyed. Praise the Nine for their vision, Acolyte.






This portable field generator actually alters the rate at which time passes within the field. Held in near-suspended animation, the reaction speed of anyone or anything in the field is negligible, thus making the target much more vulnerable to other forms of attack. The energy required to activate the field is considerable and the timing of its operation should be chosen with care.

Church of N.E.:

Only true deities could bring such a device as this into being. As you activate it, a dome of atomically stable sub-temporal space is created. Known through the centuries as witch-time when it naturally occurs, this has the effect of slowing dramatically any one or anything caught in the dome. It is a sight to pray for.






Professor Drennan has come up with the goods again. The Displacertron uses a core of ultra-dense matter surrounded by a stroboscopic stasis shell to provide limited access to higher dimensional time. This causes the target to vanish entirely and reappear at a point in the near future. Never has the saboteur been given a more powerful tool.

Church of N.E.:

The Codex has given us this. Using witch-time still further, you can now transport enemies to other temporal planes. Effectively a time-slip, this is perfect for vanishing a target. It can be used on your own team, but caution is advised; the effects are not fully understood.






Twin graviton prisms in a Noxon-filled chamber act as a catalyst for a chain reaction which inverts the strong molecular force along a path defined by gravitic polarisation. The chain reaction begins when the trigger is pressed and is contained in the Noxon chamber, where it builds up until the trigger is released. Targeted matter is ripped apart molecule by molecule. The weapon may cause collateral damage as it emits tendrils of excess energy.

Church of N.E.:

This device is the most destructively powerful the Nine could make mobile. The graviton gun can unleash enough energy to reduce a mountain to boulders. Behold, the wrath of the Nine!