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Forged from the chaos of mid 20th century street-fighting, the energy pellet modified Uzi 9mm machine gun is still the basis of EuroCorp operations tech. It's an inexpensive and lightweight backup for agents dealing with cases of dropout psychosis.

Church of N.E.:

Old-fashioned personal defence weapon. The original fired chemically propelled kinetic ammunition. This updated version is more reliable as it draws on a personal energy cell to release each round. Nevertheless, the Uzi is a throwback to another time, and as such we regard it as virtually obsolete. The Church of the New Epoch is working on many vastly superior weapons to offer its Disciples.






Throughout the New Calendar syndicate deployment of inertia-damped chain gunners has become more commonplace. This 20mm plasma powered, torque stabilised version has foam alloy barrels to reduce mass and production costs.

Church of N.E.:

Despite being something of a museum piece, this kinetic-round firing rotary cannon is considerably superior to the Uzi and more effective against the enemies of our faith. Like the Uzi, it has been upgraded to draw personal cell energy. Its shortcomings are bulk and noise but these are outweighed by its range and destructive power. When used in multiples, miniguns are effective against vehicles.






A standard issue utility for seizing the higher level brain functions of citizens equipped with UTOPIA CHIPs. Although very low power and lightweight, the Persuadertron's historical significance should not be under-estimated, as it was instrumental in bringing about EuroCorp's global domination. Persuaded subjects follow the controlling agent without question, to the extent of equipping themselves for combat and engaging in hostilities without fear.

Church of N.E.:

Our congregation grows with every day. Some souls, though, resist the path of truth we offer. Thus we have the Indoctrinator. It seeds in the minds of those disbelievers everything we know to be true in an instant. How could any resist this avalanche of knowledge and wisdom?






This titanium-steel alloy wire is fashioned into a very long, very thin and very sharp spiked coil. Its use prevents access to secure areas by unauthorised civilians and presents a considerable obstacle for even cybernetically enhanced intruders to overcome. Its lethal nature is enhanced by its near invisibility to unmodified eyes.

Church of N.E.:

A coil of high-tensile wire with counter-spun barbs. Razor Wire is hard to detect, especially in combat situations. Place it at strategic points and the opposition will do themselves great harm as they blunder into the wire strands. A weapon which has stood the test of time well.






This hand grenade contains an asphyxiating nerve agent. The cloud emitted on detonation renders all personnel in the area unconscious for a limited time.

Church of N.E.:

This censer produces a cloud which lays low any unprotected targets who are touched by it. Simplicity is welcome wherever it can be effective.






Research into the narcotic properties of the Creation planet fungus have yielded the active ingredient of this dangerous hallucinogenic. The hand-held canister contains a mixture of fungal spores and an oxidising agent which is released in a cloud, causing psychotic behaviour in anyone within it. This weapon provides a useful diversionary tactic when the number of hostiles is too great for other forms of neutralization, though results are unpredictable.

Church of N.E.:

Distilled from an alien fungoid narcotic, Psycho Gas is the ideal weapon for causing large-scale havoc. Fired into a group of civilians, it will instantly provoke an uncontrollable riot. This will force the authorities to expend their energies regaining control, leaving your holy Acolytes to get on their mission.






This multifunction pack can be used to quickly repair the kinds of wounds and damage sustained in combat. The kit comprises a toughened skin graft patch impregnated with anaesthetic and surgical nanobots. Can be used once only.

Church of N.E.:

Believe in the Church and it will take care of you. When one or more of your Disciples is injured in the holy war against EuroCorp, using this unit will restore health and fitness. Such a device demonstrates the care and understanding on which the Church of the New Epoch is founded.






With an impressive area of effect and enough explosive power to inflict terminal damage on vehicles and do serious damage to buildings, this is a basic but effective weapon. Place at will in a strategic position in the mission zone and withdraw your agents to a safe distance. High Explosive's detonation is triggered by a timer.

Church of N.E.:

A conventional mine which uses a time delay fuse embedded in a directed detonation charge. A handy weapon to use against tanks or other armoured vehicles.






This close-proximity device activates a resonant ion wave which interferes with CHIP programming of those caught in the wavefront. Put simply, this has the effect of rendering persuaded individuals un-persuaded once more. The disrupter would prove most effective against a persuadertron user, where the ion wave would attack the signal at source, reverting all the targets persuaded followers to their previously un-persuaded state.

Church of N.E.:

This small, convenient unit de-persuades its target or the target's persuaded followers with the minimum of fuss. Although the Disrupter is not a real alternative to the weapons of destruction provided by our scientists and benefactors, it is magnificently subversive.






Retro-research recommends this short-range, hand-held napalm jet. When activated, the weapon squirts ignited petroleum jelly. In contact with organic matter, the napalm sticks and burns fiercely. A highly effective crowd control solution.

Church of N.E.:

Those who oppose the path of righteousness can expect to burn for all eternity. These magnox flame-throwers are their first taste of that. They don't have anything like the range of energy or even kinetic weapons, but they have their uses, in crowds for example. They also inspire the fear and submission that we seek.