Making Syndicate easier - Available hardware platforms:

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Syndicate and American Revolt cheats

Enter one of these strings as your corporation name:

NUK THEM         allows you to select any country for
                 mission, dead agents are resurrected
OWN THEM         you will own all the countries
WATCH THE CLOCK  speed up time (fast research completion)
ROB A BANK       gives you $100 000 000 funds
MIKES TEAM       gives you $100 000 000 funds,
                 all weapons and mods are available
MARKS TEAM       gives you $100 000 000 funds,
                 all weapons and mods are available,
                 all agents fully equipped with V3 mods

Syndicate and American Revolt both use same executable file, so all cheats and tips for Amiga works for both games.

Note: These codes are ripped from the game binaries, and there's no chance they are wrong. Only the explanation of what they do may contain mistakes. If a code do not work on your version, this means your binary file is different from mine. Please let me know if such situation occures.

Syndicate savegame editor

Multi-game Character Editor allows you to edit Syndicate Amiga saved games.

MCE allows ReAction-based editing of character files, saved games and high score tables for 62 games.

Visit MCE page