Making Syndicate easier - Available hardware platforms:

All platforms 3DO console Acorn RiscPC Amiga Atari Jaguar
Macintosh Megadrive SNES PC DOS



A weapon dropped by other syndicate agents will contain very little ammo but one dropped by the police or a guard will be fully loaded.

Persuade as many enemy agents as possible to get loads of funds, and then equip your team with version three modifications.

Persuade some innocent people that they can act as shields and can also pick up any weapons they find and fire them at whatever you fire at, in the very tough missions. If they survive, this gives you additional funds.

It's wise to save the game after each successfully completed mission. This may be time consuming but it saves you from having to back track very far if you fail.

If an enemy agent goes out of ammo, he just stands very near of your agent and waits (for death or persuasion).
How to get any agent out of ammo? Two Energy Shields should be enough. Use them until enemy will run out of ammo.

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Walkthroughs and FAQs
(most of them matches to any platform)

Download Syndicate Walkthrough and FAQ for Amiga by (txt, 0.1MB)

Download Syndicate Walkthrough and FAQ for SNES by Mike Jenista (txt, 0.1MB)

Download Syndicate Walkthrough for 3DO by IGN FAQs

You can find a good, illustrated on-line walkthrough here: [internal copy]