How and where can you get the copy of Syndicate

The game is an Abandonware on most platforms. You can download full version for free. There are many versions available on the net, for many platforms.

Syndicate for Acorn RiscPC is still in sale. You can order it on R-Comp site.
Also, there is a gamepack for Playstation Portable released in 2006, which contains Syndicate and other classics. It contains SNES emulator for PSP, and unmodified SNES versions of classic games.

All other versions of Syndicate are no longer in sale.
If you wish to buy any version with original CD (or floppies), manual and box - you will have to look on ebay or amazon.

To find the game, you can use emule network
(best search query is: "syndicate -avi -mp3 -stetchkov -racing -dream -zawinul -soul -law -midnight -dub")

You can also try searching in any web search engine - this will give you many results for PC and Amiga platforms.

Note that in the law, there is no such thing as Abandonware. Downloading and using any copyrighted game without paying for license is a violation of law. But since the game is no longer in sale - this is the only way to get it.

You can see screenshots for most platforms in Photo gallery section.

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