Alternate DOS Extender

The game is written for DOS environment. This environment is hostile for programmers, because it is very hard to use memory above 640kB, sound, or advanced video modes. To make this environment more friendly, DOS Extenders have been created. These programs gave programmers an easier way to use resources of new PCs. The most popular DOS Extender is DOS4GW. Syndicate is also using this extender. And the version used in Syndicate is old and has many errors, which may cause the game to occasionally crash. This archive contains a newer version of extender. Rename dos32a.exe to dos4gw.exe and replace the original file.
Download DOS32a DOS Extender 9.12

On any problems with this version, you can also try new DOS4GW version from the original manufacturer:
Download Trenberry Software DOS4GW 2.01a

Fixed HD Installer patch

Floppy version of Syndicate may not be able to install the game from hard drive. This version of installer should be able to install the game using files copied from original floppies.
Download Syndicate HD Install Fix

Miles Sound System Protected Mode Drivers

In Syndicate, the amount of supported sound cards is very limited. But the game uses Miles Sound System drivers. These drivers are now available for many sound cards. Here is a pack of drivers I found. If you have problems with sound, you can try to choose an updated driver from this archive and replace original one. Basic instructions are in Readme file.
Dwonload Miles Sound System PM drivers for Watcom compiler