Q. What are IPA levels?
A. Intelligence-Perception-Adrenaline levels are three bars located under each agent number in the left panel. They alter the way your agents act by applying them drugs.

Q. How exacly each of IPA bars work?
A. The short explanation is included in manual, here is something more detailed:

ADRENALINE (red bar) - moved to the right, strongly increases
 agent walking speed, but nearly suspends health regeneration.
 Moved left, allows an agent to heal very quickly, but slows down
 any movement drastically.
PERCEPTION (blue bar) - when on right, gives you excellent shot
 accuracy. If you only want to attack one specific target,
 or your ammunition is short, this is very helpful. But if
 you're fighting with a lare group of enemies, it may be better
 if you move the bar to left, so you'll be able to hit
 more enemies in one shot.
INTELLIGENCE (green bar) - this need to be on right along with
 preception for your agent to auto fire enemies. It also controls
 the speed at which your agents will react to the threat.

Q. What is the best strategy when the enemy is comming near?
A. First, go into panic mode (click LMB and RMB simultaneously). Then go to the position which you wish to hold. When your agents are on position, move the red bar to the left - this will increase your healing. Remember to have weapons selected - if your agent will have to select weapons automatically, this will lower their reaction time.

Q. The game is not working properly or don't want to run at all.
A. See "New computers" section for instructions how to run the game. Note that it is possible that you have damaged version, so try finding other sourece for getting the game.

Q. Sound and/or music is not working.
A. See "New computers" section for instructions how to run the game.

Q. I can't save games.
A. Remember that pressing Enter won't save the game. You must use mouse and click the "Save" button to write the save file. If you're doing this correctly and the game won't save, try those solutions:
Create "SAVE" folder in the game directory. If it exists, delete all files from inside, leaving it empty.
If you're using Syndicate Plus, the SAVE folder should be located inside one called SYND, but these folders should be created automatically when starting the game firest time.
If this won't solve the problem, install the game again using instructions from "New computers" section.

Q. Where can I get MIDI music from the game?
A. Everyone have in-game music in MIDI - this is how the music is written. On PC platform, music file is named SYNGAME.XMI and it is in eXtended MIdi format. The file contains all music themes. To get themes in separate files, check game release for Mac or Acorn.
The file uses samples bank which is specific for Miles Sound System, and therefore it will sound strange when played outside of the game.

Q. Game hangs in a specific moment of intro/mission complete/mission failed animation. What is the cause?
A. You probably have a damaged version of the game. Download it from other source. You can always skip the animation by pressing "Esc".

Written by Tomasz Lis, 2006-2007. Thanks to Swiss companion, Marc, for help with IPA levels.

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