Level index (for /m param): 045
City name on PC: Cape Town
Map and level files (PC): map044.mad, c044l002.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 21
Citydrop code name: Retribution
First objective: De Saxo must perish

(map045 Cape Town)

PC Briefing

Walk in Light, Disciple.

Eliminate Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo immediately. You will find her at the Cape Town sanctuary we gave her, and which we now take away.

Your heart beats only for us. Do not question the faith when it requires action you do not yet understand. De Saxo has trespassed against us. The Nine have exposed her as our enemy incarnate. She is an agent of the Syndicate. Travel to Cape Town with vengeance in your breast, and terminate her.

The weak-minded will side with her. Let them feel the force of the true way.

We have nearly done enough to begin the final stage of the Cataclysm and change this world beyond all measure. Fight for it, Acolyte. You are chosen and will be saved. Millions of non-believers will perish. We will cleanse this planet.

Keep the faith.


Even the salamander sometimes burns.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Eliminate Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo immediately, for she has trespassed against us, and is now working with the syndicate.

Ok, upgrade all your acolytes, and proceed to the mission.

This mission should be easy, compared to the last. Simply head along the outskirts of the city, where the hills are, to avoid the Unguided. When you approach De Saxo's location, you will be attacked by loads of church members, and some spider droids. Kill a bunch with launcher; fire and run to reload, then repeat the process. You should also be attacked by a hover vehicle. Then close in on De Saxo. Be careful - she has a very powerful weapon, the Plasma Lance, Once she is dead, return to base.


Well, no money since there was no bank, but you should have enough to buy the Plasma Lance and Legs Level Three you just researched.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

...I think the buildings in this area must be clown car production facilities, since that's the only way I can see how they'd have that many zealots crammed into them. Expect ambushes, and again, you'll be outnumbered and need crowd control. I used a mixture of nuclear grenades and stasis fields, since that's what I had researched. Trigger wire and satellite rain are also likely to be effective.

At mission start, you will be attacked by a number of Unguided - precisely how many depends on the police attack into the center of Unguided territory that is also going on, and how many die to the now traditional high explosive detonations that go off when U-class citizens go down. Unless you are very unlucky, rifles and launchers should be enough to keep you safe (plasma lances if you've researched them). If you're in danger of being overrun, feel free to back up or let fly a nuclear grenade (or both).

With the Unguided problem solved, time to move on to the Zealots.

Start by killing the nearest spider droid (again, avoid the holes in the pavement), which ought to attract the other spider droid, and approximately four zealots who are wearing clone shields, so start shooting at any civilians who look unusually purposeful. These zealots are modified and take several rifle shots to kill, so you may want to back up, though fully modified agents can just activate supershields and blast away since it's even numbers.

Once they're dead, poke your head into the main compound through the largest gap in the fence. This will spawn a swarm of zealots which will chase you - activate a stasis field at your present location and retreat. This will slow the enemy down and bunch them up sufficiently to catch them all in the explosion of a nuclear grenade, and any stragglers will be weakened enough to take down with conventional weapons. If you're using a different crowd control strategy, substitute it. Avoid the area afterwards since a couple of the zealots drop ion mines - civilians will activate them eventually.

Now to spring the next ambush - which has two parts but apparently the same trigger. I like to spring this one by advancing along the divider between the two halves of the city map and then cutting inside when the fence allows you to. Retreat back to the divider area and prepare to engage a pair of flying cars. Hit them with plasma lances and retreat. A third flying car and zealots are incoming, and they're quite hard to split up. Kill cars with plasma lances and zealots with a mixture of long-range rifles, launchers and nuclear grenades in an emergency. As ever, automedikits provide more staying power. If you've got plasma lances researched you'll be fine, otherwise the possibility of one emptying your energy tank might force repeated retreats - you've got plenty of room though.

For the final assault, approach down the middle. The zealots won't react until they see you, and that gives you a nice alleyway between the buildings in front of them to lob a nuclear grenade or even two down. De Saxo ought to die in the resulting blast, and then you can retreat ahead of any forces that might have survived and are trying to take revenge. If she hasn't died, retreat to a likely looking choke point and use the stasis field trap again.

You will probably use 3-500,000 credits worth of nuclear grenades in this mission, but hey, if you've been robbing banks like this walkthrough suggests, you started this mission with over 5,000,000 credits, so you can afford it - and isn't it fun?

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Low

New research: Chromotap

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 1 Satellite Rain, 4 Clone Shields

At this point, you should have Plasma Lances and all v3 mods. And with these, this mission is simple.

Good tactic for me was to run to the other side of the map, but without crossing the road. Wait there, killing anything which comes near (including spiders, which will activate and follow you).

Then when one side of the road is clear, make a hole in the fence on the other side, and go just behind it. That will activate a group of Zealots, and flying cars. But in the amount which you can handle.

The bunker where De Saxo is, has a straight line to an entrace within the fence. Looking at this, you'd probably think going there would be a front assault scenario, hard to survive. But it doesn't seem to be the case - using this route you can actually get closer to the bunker without being noticed, than you could if you flanked the place. The response is still quite tough though. Good approach is to throw Nuclear Grenade on the building, in a way which makes sure De Saxo will die. Then back off, fighting the ramaining forces.

Tech ex machina

When all the Zealots are dead, Satellite Rain will get activated. To get it for yourself, you'd need to kill De Saxo before all her guards are dead.

There are 4 Zealots wearing Clone Shields within the Unguided sector. They will attack you with LR Rifles when near. Unless they die in the fight between Police and the Unguided.

You were blessed by this premonition from Cape Town episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Zealot Laser Spiderbots