Level index (for /m param): 021
City name on PC: Phoenix
Map and level files (PC): map010.mad, c010l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 05
Citydrop code name: Phoenix In Flames
First objective: Steal Cult technology from temple

(map021 Phoenix)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Phoenix: Penetrate the defences of the cult's temple and steal technology secrets.


The Church of the New Epoch is deploying increasingly sophisticated weaponry, designed using proprietary technologies completely new to our R&D department. We want to acquire more examples of this technology, analysis of which will prove useful in determining who is behind the Cult and how best to combat its influence.

According to correlative netscans and satellite sweeps, the Cult has established a major operational centre in Phoenix, where Harbinger has completely corrupted the resident UTOPIA AI, enabling an almost complete overthrow of EuroCorp authority. Senior cultists, to whom converts refer as "acolytes", take recently converted zealots on intensive indoctrination and training. The newly converted zealot's efficiency is tempered in the carnage wrought by the thousands of citizens who became Unguided, in the aftermath of the viral attack.

Make your way to the temple and look for anything that can explain more to us.


PC Walkthrough from Official Tips

This mission is broken down into two problems, the unguided saturation of the city and the Zealot stronghold. The Punks will be everywhere but you will be better of later if you take them out at the beginning.

Your first target should be the punks robbing the bank next to the station. Use KO gas and miniguns and take out the bank guards and any punks near the back of the bank. There will be money lying on the ground now so grab it. The unguided will probably be swarming all over you by now so use short bursts of minigun fire and a generous spreading of KO gas.

When your weapon energy is depleted then run, picking off those who pursue you. Hide and recharge.

The zealot stronghold has outer and inner guards. Take out the zealots at the entrance and enter the temple area. The inner guards will call for flying car backup when they start losing and if the situation gets beyond hope for them the temple security systems will activate, releasing crazy gas everywhere.

Your best bet is to draw the zealots out of the stronghold, and hide around a corner for toe to toe gunfighting. Once the zealots are dead, grab the objective item and run for the IML.

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Phoenix: Penetrate defences of cult's temple and steal technology

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, LR Rifles, Knockout Gas

Guide: On the way to the temple, you may want to rob the bank first. Use Knockout Gas on the guards and punks, then Minigun them down and grab the loot. Approach temple and kill the angry mob of Zealots, keeping out of range of their Electron Maces (pick one up to take back, and a Disrupter). Again, Knockout Gas is recommended. If a flying APC attacks, run for it, then use LR Rifles and Miniguns to shoot it down. Shoot all the Zealots which pour out of temple and search their bodies for the secret technology. Once found, take it back to the Evac point.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


The Church of New Epoch have established a major base in Phoenix, where they have overthrown Eurocorp's authority. Enter their main temple and steal their technology, so Eurocorp can broaden it's knowledge of them.

Sell you Mini guns and buy four Pulse Laser weapons for your agents. they are more effective than Miniguns, and deadly in close quarters. Simply hold the fire button to charge, and release at your discretion. Also the bodies of your agents should be all at level 1.

There is a bank below your position. Go to the left of it and kill any Eurocorp personnel that attack you, then wait for the unguided to plant explosives outside the bank. There should be three in all. Pick them up, then kill all the militia, unguided and Eurocorp personnel in the area. Then rob the bank heh heh.

Robbing Banks

To rob a bank, you have to blow it up. In the Syndicate Wars world, putting a gun to the persons face behind the counter is not enough. Go inside through the doors select the explosive from your inventory and place one inside. Quickly run out and watch the fireworks go off, then a few silver briefcases should be scattered around the area, signified by green dots on the map. Pick them up to accumulate money. it is important that no enemies are in the vicinity because they will take the money - then there is no way to get it back.

Robbing the bank should trigger a multitude of enemies to attack you. Stay in your position and kill them as they approach. The Pulse Laser should make short work of them all. Then go to the entrance of the Church of New Epoch compound, and kill the Church members as they approach. Pick up their weapons - the Electron Mace, then go further into the compound. A hover vehicle will attack you; run out of the area and run along the outer wall if you need to recharge you weapons. Then let the vehicle catch you, then destroy it. Go back to the compound and finish off the remaining Church members. The item you need is one the ground below the staircase. It's hard to spot so be patient; once collected, proceed to the evac point.


You should have some income, enough to cover your expenditure anyway, and researched the electron mace (although it's a useless weapon) and Body Level 2.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Steal Cultist technolog


The Church of the New Epoch is using weapons totally unknown to our R&D department. In Phoenix there's a large operational centre of the Church, where they train and indoctrinate new converted Zealots. They are tempered in the carnage wrought by the thousands of citizens who became Unguided, as a result of the Harbinger virus. Get to the centre, and see if you can find some of the new Epoch technology.


As soon as you are dropped, you'll hear some fighting Unguideds. The Unguideds are planning to rob a bank and the police don't like it. The Unguideds will drop three high explosives near the building. You can either wait until the building is destroyed and pick up the suitcases with the money yourself, or you can even pick up the explosives. You can destroy the building only with one explosive. That leaves two high explosives available for later use. Be aware of the fact that the Unguideds have a claim for the money, so be fast because they will try to pick up the suitcases themselves. If they do you'll have to kill them to take over the money. You can destroy the building with one high explosive by placing it on one of the three doors.

Run away, and watch the explosion. (Great, isn't it?) It takes lots of Unguideds with it. Grab the money and run. Take out the remaining policemen (I guess they want their money back) and also the remaining Unguideds (I guess they want it too). The 4 Miniguns are still sufficient enough for this mission.

Back to the main objective: we must steal technology. Take a tour around the fortified place, and take out the Epoch agents that are wandering around. Note that there's also a police car patrolling in the neighbourhood, and they'll start to shoot at you.

Let the guard notice you and take him out. Wait until four other agents will come out too. They don't have a chance against 4 miniguns. After your health has been restored, get inside, go towards the agent that carries the technology, and take out every other agent you encounter. As soon as you have the technology (suitcase), get back outside and run to the evacuation point. Remember that you don't have to take out every Epoch agent to win this mission. Besides, if you take out the last agent, an alarm (in the form of psycho gas) would be triggered, and you would also have to face your first APC (flying vehicle). If you encounter it, you will have to take it out with your four miniguns. This will take a while -- hide in a building to recover! Get to the IML point, and this Mission is over.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: Electron Mace

Possible loot: 400k cr, 1 Scientist

Mission peculiarity: Can be failed

Soon after the citydrop, Unguided will plant 3 High Explosives on side of the bank, causing it to fall. You can then quickly get the money before Unguided do so (4 suitcases, 100,000 credits each).

Alternatively, you can just wait in place where the bombs will go, and pick them up. Neither Police nor Unguided, and obviously not the Adversaries, will attack you unless one of them sees you with a weapon drawn. So just casually go to the place unarmed and pick them up. Then you can blow up the bank later, on your own terms.

A group of living shields may be useful, so you may consider quickly persuading some civilinans, then the police, and then go acquiring Unguided. Just make sure Zealots won't come near, as the ones outside their componund have Disrupters.

There are 3 police cars on the level, if all survived the bank fall. Policemen are sometimes leaving their cars and patrolling on foot - it is best to neutralize them when they do that, though it requires some patience.

When the only remaining enemy on the level will be Zealots in their temple, you should get interested in a scientist which rides a car. When he goes off you can easily persuade him. It is safe to let him stay in the military compound until you'll finish with the temple.

For the temple itself - it has several triggers on it. When you kill enough Zealots (leaving around 6), Psycho Gas will get dropped near its entrance. It will only drop one time. After you reach deeper than the balcony, a Zealot flying car will spawn. If your human shield is not tough enough to handle it, you may hide under a building between rounds of fire. Just make sure you are far enough when the car starts to go down.

Then just go to evac point. There are no ambushes this time. Evac place is quite small on this map, so look on map to make sure you're exactly in it.

Additional hints

The Scientist car sometimes bugs out, and is unable to move on road. If this happens, it is no longer possible to get the scientist - he will no longer exit the car.

It is possible to skip the fight with flying car, if you grab the objective suitcase and escape without kiling all of the Zealots.

After you antagonize one member of Unguided, Police or Adveraries, all members of the group will start shooting you on sight.

The flying Zealot car spawns between short building in bottom left part of the map. It is possible to capture it after spawning; not really useful though, as it spawns when you're busy with Zealots within the compound.

One of the police officers from a car (one of the two larger cars with "POLICE" written on it) has Ion Mine. Obviously you can't pick it up at this point, and it might kill large part of your crowd if it gets triggered during a fight. So you may want to skip these policemen when expanding your persuaded crowd.

Antagonizing all the groups against Zealots is a great fun in this mission. Have your weapons hidden, go near a Zealot when there is Unguided or Police around, and make sure he gets in line of fire. If one of the Police, Unguided or Adversaries will get shot by a Zealot, then all members of the group will start attacking them.

This mission can be failed without consequences. It disappears after it's failed.

This is Phoenix AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point




Bank (empty)