Level index (for /m param): 100
City name on PC: Colombo
Map and level files (PC): map046.mad, c046l002.d2,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 24
Citydrop code name: Revelations
First objective: Do Nothing: Obey the Nine

(map100 Colombo)

PC Briefing


You have served us well. Now the moment is ours. Remain where you are and do not follow us. We will proceed to the Moon alone. When we activate our Ion Gate, those who remain on Earth will perish. Fear not - your name will forever be remembered and we shall call you a Saint of the New Epoch.

Human life on this planet will be virtually eradicated and we shall return to repopulate the globe with our likenesses. This has been our faith, and we shall carry it forward alone.

Anyone who now tries to stop us will be exterminated by the elite Sanctum Protectorate Guards. Accept your fate - do not be foolish and interfere. The power of the Sanctum Protectorate is immense. Remain where you are and lay down your weapons, for it is over and we have won.


The world shall turn and the human race shall pass.

Everything begins anew. The faith has run its course and it is over.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Unfortunately, it seems your no longer needed. The nine are heading to the moon, so they can activate the Ion gate, and wipe out humanity. Since they shafted you, it's payback time.

Make your last upgrades, and buy some explosives. They should come in handy.

OK, you can stand there, and obey the Nine - forever. Trust me, nothing happens. Or you can start a major ruckus.

Go left, where Eurocorp agents lay dead. Deal with any church members who follow you. Pick up the trigger wire and a Satellite Rain. Lay some strands of Trigger Wire along that path, and proceed to lure the church members into it, and repeat the process. Don't worry about the missile launching platforms, you should be able to easily destroy them with the plasma lance.

When you think you have killed enough of you brothers, make you way to the moon gate.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

While the orders say do nothing, your actual mission success criteria is the same as in the Syndicate playthrough - get your guys into the orbital elevator.

This walkthrough clears out all the zealots, which is the safest approach, but you can also attempt to clear out a passageway to the elevator and dash into it with supershields active.

Blow all your cash, there's not going to be any further opportunity to spend it. I had over two million left over despite sending agents with level 3 everything, 4 grenades each, plasma lances, automedikits, LR Rifles, stasis fields and trigger wires - so if you've been following the walkthrough you certainly shouldn't be short of cash.

Watch the annoyingly long opening cutscene and then you have control, so that you can loyally do nothing.

In particular, do not have one agent throw a nuclear grenade into the middle of the arrowhead formation and retreat all of your agents to the pool area behind the dome building, and if you do be sure not to kill anyone who follows you with plasma lances, concentrating on the gold-robed sanctum protectorate zealots as they're armed with plasma lances also.

Move around to the corner between the pool and the U-shaped building. Four zealots will attack; kill two of them with LR Rifles then switch to plasma lances to finish them off. They will all drop explosives, so retreat. The explosive detonation should kill the second group of zealots who are chasing you and save you the work. Move back to the corner of the map near the pool and prepare to be attacked by five flying cars. If somehow you were, though, you'd be relieved to know that they arrive quite strung out (only numbers 3 and 4 usually arrive together), and that charged plasma lances will take them out with a single shot. Once they're dealt with, move up past the U-shaped building which was probably destroyed by the explosives that the zealots who were hiding in it dropped, and to the corner with the next block. This small tower has four zealots in it, and they've got lances, but, well, aren't we all fed up of ambushes pouring out of buildings like this? I know I am. Throw a nuclear grenade at it and laugh while they burn.

Now advance to the next junction. A squad of four zealots patrols around the next block along, but they're kind of oblivious, so if you stay at the edge of LR rifle range you can shoot them one at a time with no problems. Continue advancing in this direction and shoot the zealot who is patrolling back and forth near the tank, and watch the three other guards come around the corner after you. Two more can be shot with rifles, switch to lances for the last one. You could steal the tank here, but there's not much point really - fully modified agents have a much better combination of durability and firepower. Instead, walk past it and kill the patrolling agents on the other side of the trench, firing across it with rifles. The pathing AI isn't clever enough to work out how to get to you so they can be shot down easily.

The groups of four zealots on the ramps are armed with launchers, and thus present something of a threat. You can either eliminate the two you have access to by sniping and retreating, or with stasis fields and plasma lances - whichever tactic you are more proficient with. Both have the potential to cause casualties - if you're really having trouble, try a nuclear grenade. You aren't going to need all 16 of them, if that's how many you brought. Anyway, kill the two quartets you have easy access to, then make your way all the way back to the gap between the pool and the now-destroyed U building. It's time to take down the group that survived your initial nuclear grenade.

Lay plenty of trigger wire - at least 10 strands or so, across most of this narrow passageway, leaving yourself a route to retreat down. Then advance and shoot one of the four zealots milling around near the dome-shaped building, and retreat back down your passageway. Watch the fireworks, and kill anyone who gets through with a stasis field (if necessary) and plasma lances. Some zealots might travel the long way around and avoid your trigger wire, but they won't be heavily armed (probably electron maces), so you can activate supershields and blast them.

Now advance slowly up to the robotic walkers and shoot them from the edge of LR Rifle range, which you can do without provoking a response - or, if you're impatient, recharge your energy, activate supershields and kill them with plasma lances. Move over past the large shuttle that brought eight of the Nine here, and use your rifles to shoot down the four zealots patrolling the pit you are facing; most of the time they will not work out where the exit is and are easy to kill. Walk around the south end of this pit and then walk up the road until you're in rifle range of patrolling zealots and kill them - there should be four total, then cross over the road to the edge of the screen in this direction and kill the zealots who will come down the ramps off the long raised building at you. Then move along the road and shoot down the four patrollers whose routes didn't take them into your rifle range last time. Avoid getting close enough to the ramp guards to alert them in this stage, eight enemies is much harder than four - though after the patrolling units are dead, eliminate the guards using whatever approach works best for you, though there's lots more room for fire and retreat this time so I recommend it.

After all that, everyone should be dead except for the elevator compound and maybe one zealot in the top-left corner who can be safely ignored.

Next job is to take out those flying cars. Go to the bottom ramp (since it doesn't have three zealots armed with nuclear grenades at the top of it) and walk your zealots about a third of the way up. When a flying car passes, it ought to pause briefly and come about to engage you. Retreat down the ramp (so you don't attract the other two cars) and blast it with plasma lances. Repeat this until all the flying cars are gone.

Now get in one of the three flying cars at the bottom of the map and make your way around the compound, taking out the riflemen patrolling the walls and the trios at the top of the ramps. If you get the positioning of the car right - it's about half way up each ramp, maybe a bit closer to the top - the trios won't fire at you. Which is just as well as they're armed with nuclear grenades and launchers. If your car's shields get low during this process, switch to one of the others. Finally, take a potshot at one of the four zealots guarding the orbital elevator, fly away to the open area at the bottom of the map and get out before the car gets blown up. You could try laying trigger wire over the ramp you're luring them down but it isn't really necessary - a stasis field and a nuclear grenade will do the job, and there will be several nuclear grenades to pick up from the zealots you killed earlier.

Finally, mount the ramps and enter the space elevator to complete the mission. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to save now?

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Medium

New research: none

New weapons: none

Possible loot: ?

Mission peculiarity: First of 2 missions bound together

On a first run, you may want to go with clearing the level, attacking and backing off around edge of the map, slowly getting rid of groups of Zealots. That is quite a challenge.

But in case you already did that once, and have to repeat it only because you had to break before completing further two levels, you probably want to skip it. Equip Clone Shields and go to the Elevator. Make sure all your Acolytes are within the elevator, then deactivate Clone Shields. Done.

Tech ex machina

There's a tank on the level. If you equip clone shields and enter the tank, you'll be seen as a civilian even after unequipping.

The game will not register that you're in the elevator if your Clone Shields are active.

If you destroy the elevator, you can somehow still pass the mission by standing where it was.

The flying car you have at start, can drop your Acolytes off on top of various terrain.

You were blessed by this premonition from Colombo episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point