Level index (for /m param): 083
City name on PC: Cairo
Map and level files (PC): map045.mad, c045l002.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 17
Citydrop code name: Slowdive
First objective: Eliminate Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo

(map083 Cairo)

PC Briefing

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Cairo: Eliminate Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo.

Executive, I am changing your orders. Wu's Persuadertron could not establish a positive lock on his target's identkey. De Saxo can never be one of us. Therefore she must be terminated.

Wu saw our prey board a Cairo-bound IML. Despatch a team of agents to Cairo immediately. Under no circumstances should De Saxo be allowed to escape.

London Artificial Intelligence

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Cairo: Eliminate Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo

Recommended Equipment: Pulse Lasers or Miniguns, LR Rifles, Automedikits, Launchers

Guide: As you weren't able to persuade DeSaxo, you'll just have to eliminate her. Stand firm and use Launchers or Pulse Lasers to eliminate the first group of attackers. Now head north along the road and use Launchers to shoot down the flying vehicle which attacks you on the downward slope (try to shoot it down so it destroys the road).

Carry on towards the Zealot building and use LR Rifles to pick off the Zealots which rush out as you run away. When they get close, switch to Miniguns, Pulse Lasers, or Launchers. Return to the building to lure out a second group of Zealots and repeat the same method. If you want some money and a Plasma Lance, attack the building in the northwest corner. As you shoot at the bodyguards, the VIPs will run for their cars, unaware that the road is destroyed up ahead (where you shot down the flying car earlier), so go and kill them.

Now enter the building which you previously cleared of Zealots and steal the flying vehicle (run past the laser turrets). Head straight towards De Saxo's car, to make her fly off around the city. She'll eventually land in the northeast car park - so try to head her off there. You'll come under heavy attack from Zealots and spider droids when you land: just activate supershields, chase after DeSaxo, and assassinate her with Launchers. Then quickly jump in a flying car and head straight for the Evac point.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Eliminate Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo. Since agent Wu's Pesuadetron could not establish a lock on Miss Saxo, we are changing your orders: you must now kill her. Don't let her return to the ranks of The Church of New Epoch.

Now, ditch your Pulse Lasers and buy the better product: the Plasma Lance. Its destructive capabilities are incredible, especially against vehicles.

Equip your new Plasma Lances and wait for some church members to attack. Dispose of them and scope out the map. You will see that your target is a hover vehicle with blue electrodes, extruding out of it. Proceed along the right side of the map, and eliminate the church members you meet on the first two blocks. Proceed to your target, and she will move to another location. Avoid the green missile tanks, although you could destroy them effortlessly hence the power of the Plasma Lance. Go to where she scarpered, then she will gasp move again. Take the top road and go to where she is. She should approach, then finish her off at last. Then you will be told to evacuate, although you might want to stick around and destroy the rest of the Church members, just for the hell of it.


The Church of New Epoch have been severely hindered by your actions on this campaign. It's now time to put an end to them. You should have researched Brain level 3, your agents are now bloodthirsty killing machines utilizing the best technology money can buy.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Eliminate Lucy de Saxo


Our attempt to get Lucy failed in the previous mission. It seems like it's impossible to persuade her... so let's kill her in this mission.


I've played this Mission many times - it's one of my favourites. I think there are infinite ways to win this mission. I was very unsuccessful at first because I was unable to get close to Lucy.

When you start this Mission your agents will be in some sort of trance. They can't move because some Epoch agents are freezing you with some sort of weapon. Don't worry: get your launchers and kill the closest Zealots. They are only 7 of them so that should not be the problem. Don't bother to blow up the railway station at the same time. In fact: you should do it deliberately. The whole railway will blow up, and causes many Epoch agents to be killed.

Cross the bridge leading to the town. The spiders will advance on you as soon as you pass the zebra crossing. Don't pass the crossing yet. First, deal with the Epoch agents at the building at the right. These Zealots are armed with long-range rifles. Then we're going to lure the spiders into a trap. Pass the zebra crossing, let the spiders come a little bit closer to you, and then run as fast as you can back to the bridge. Put a high explosive in the middle of the bridge and run safely to the other side. If your timing is right, you will destroy the bridge and the spiders with it. If a spider should survive because he was not on the bridge yet ... well he can't get you now. But you can! Finish him off with a few long-range rifle hits. For some reason you can't see a health bar on that spider. I don't understand why. It will take at least 6 shots to finish the spider.

And how are we going to get back into town? Sure, your agents can't fly but in Syndicate Wars, cars can. If you go to the left, you'll find just the transportation you need. When you get close, another flying car will attack you. The usual hits with the launcher will do, but be sure to be far away when it crashes because the agents flying it will use their self-destruct mechanism. (One time the car crashed and the agents, after being knocked out for a while, stood up again and began to attack me. It didn't take me much to finish them off, but they used the self-destruct mechanism again. They are suicidal.)

Some other Zealots will attack you too after you have dealt with the car. Be aware that unlike the agents in previous missions, these agents have found the auto-target button on the launchers. Take them out quickly with the weapons you prefer. I used the long-range rifles to kill the first three carrying the launchers, and then I used the miniguns. Restore your health before you walk back to the vehicle that is going to take us to town. Note the 2 laser-robots in the building near the car. The car itself is also not empty. Don't damage the car as you take these agents out.

Before you step into the vehicle, get a closer look at the left corner. Take out the Zealots there. Use the miniguns and take out the regular Zealot agents first. Then kill the men carrying the lasers. Don't attack the Epoch agent in the golden suit. He's a leader and we'll take him out later. If you bother him, he will attack you with a weapon you did not encounter before. After killing the lot you can deal with him. He was trying to run away but alas: the bridge over the river is no longer because we blew it up! You can find him near the destroyed bridge, desperately trying to cross the river. You can easily take him out. He will not attack you. Get his secret weapon. It's a plasma lance. You can also find the leader of the regular agents there. Take him out as well. Both leaders are carrying a case with money. Some unexpected cash!

At last we can cross the river with our flying vehicle. In the town there's a road (from left to right) with on both sides rows of buildings. Don't fly over the first row -- keep your car in the air and shoot the Zealots that appear by using the long-range rifle. Then park the car on the ground near the first row of buildings (on the far-left side of the map). Cross the road but be sure that the patrolling tank notices you. Take out the Zealots near the second row of buildings (use the long-range rifle again). Take out the two spiders that are guarding Lucy. When the spiders see you, they will try to get closer to you but they must take a detour. You are standing on higher ground so don't run away. Hit them with the long-range rifle as long as you can. The agents that are accompanying the spider can be taken out with the minigun. Get back to your car. Fly to Lucy de Saxo. She will fly away.

Don't follow her yet: first take out the other Zealot leader that is also carrying a plasma lance. Your launchers should do it. Then pursue Lucy's car, and use your launcher when you are close enough. At the end, Lucy will park the car, get out and she will try to find protection with the leader we just killed. Bad luck for Lucy, but you can now finish her easily. Get back to the IML link and this Mission is over.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New research: Plasma Lance, Stasis Field, Trigger Wire (always)

New weapons: Plasma Lance, Stasis Field

Possible loot: 2000k cr, Plasma Lance, Stasis Field, Auto Medikit

As the mission starts, your agents get influenced by Stasis Field and attacked by Zealots with Electron Maces. Take them out. Next, you may want to destroy the IML Station - it isn't needed for evacuation, and falling track line will kill many Zealots. If you're lucky, even mission target (miss De Saxo) gets killed by that, so your objective may change to "evacuate" already.

When De Saxo reaches the parking with cultist car and a tank, cultists will enter the tank and start patrolling. So if she is killed before, it has more positive consequences - the tank will remain empty, waiting for your agents to use.

For this mission, you should prepare one Agent with best Cryo mods you can get and a Clone Shield. If you do that, you can do a few things without even engaging the Zealots: steal any flying car, or a tank.

Before going towards mission target, you may want to visit the building where a High Priest with a Plasma Lance is. Looks like he is trying to sell something, as both the High Priest an Unguided civilian there will have 1,000,000 credits in their suitcases.

If you won't kill them on first encounter, the VIPs will escape, but they won't leave the level; they may first find shelter in Zealot strongholds, but finally will hide within buildings - if you don't know where they are, start destroying buildings with doors - you will find them sooner or later.

On her death, De Saxo will drop Auto Medikit and Stasis Field. You may want to pick up those.

Additional hints

Destroying buildings is the easiest way to soften defences. It applies not only to IML, but also buildings where Zealots are. Additional Zealots are killed if any of the ones who dies with falling building had High Explosive with them, which isn't that rare in this mission.

When you're in a tank with Clone Shield, your energy doesn't drop. Actually, it replenishes, even though Clone Shield is active. Cars do not act like that, only the tanks.

Tanks have very large range. Make sure you're far when destroying buildings from inside one.

If you choose not to go with Tank-vs-Tank combat, another way of destroying Zealot tank is to destroy buildings when it's driving next to them.

This is Cairo AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


High Priest with Plasma Lance

Unguided civilian with a suitcase

Zealot controlled cars

Empty flying armored car

Empty flying cultist car

Deployed Cerberus IFF, Zealots ambush

|⨁ Zealot flying car, trigger line and parking place

Empty Tank (until De Saxo reaches the place)

Zealot controlled tank