Mission index (for /m param): 059
City name on PC: Christ Church
Map and level files (PC): map036.mad, c036l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 11
Citydrop code name: Missing Link
First objective: Proceed to IML link

(map059 Christ Church)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Christchurch: Despatch a team of agents immediately. Locate and secure the trans-polar IML Link.

It seems that shortly before Harbinger penetrated UTOPIA, Vissick was engaged in a top secret R&D program in Reykjavik. The program's objective was the design of a machine capable of amplifying human cognitive abilities to levels beyond those of AIs. Apparently, the team got further than the design stage. They actually built a device. However, the scientists you persuaded acted only as ancillary technicians to the main project team and so were unable to tell us much more.

The ten key members of the team were known collectively as the Cybernetic Cognition Conference or C3. Chief among them was Ko-Paull Vissick. All C3 members were taken from EuroCorp's R&D elite.
At this time, they all remain unaccounted for.

News of the failure of the Reykjavik IML Link last month, now appears to have been engineered to provide the project team with maximum security. The C3, meanwhile, secretly commissioned its own trans-polar IML Link from Christchurch. Apparently, this was completed very recently. Secure this IML LInk for our use.


PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)



More info is available about Paul Vissick. Before the Harbinger virus was introduced, he was working in Reykjavik to research a machine capable of amplifying human capabilities. However, the scientists you persuaded in REF 10 claim that in stead of designing, they actually built such a device. These researchers, known as "The Ten" or "Cybernetic Cognition Conference (C3) " are still not accounted for since the Harbinger attack. Reykjavik, reported as a failed IML link, now seems to be engineered to provide maximum security for the team. The C3 secretly commissioned its own IML link in Christchurch. Secure this link for our use.


Ah, the fun begins right here. From now on, all Epoch agents will be harder to kill, because they are more protected against weapon impact, and their standard weapon will be the launchers. But hey, you've got them too, right?

First there are some Zealots in the Church near the drop site. Those Zealots are still carrying electronic maces. Fools. Take the street leading northwards. 4 Cerberus IFF stations (read: static, automatic laser guns) are on the next crossroads. Finish them with four long-range rifle hits. The IFF stations are easy to take out this way, as long as you do not get too close. Don't get into their fire range. By now, you will encounter the first of three flying vehicles in this mission. You can forget the miniguns/long range rifle combination from now on. Use the launchers/long range rifles combination now. I even often stayed with the launchers, because unlike the rifles, their loading time is quite fast. Be sure to hold down the launcher button until the square around the target is at its smallest size. The enemy is on auto-target this way. You'll have a 99% hit chance then.

Stay where you are after the car is destroyed. It's time to recover. After a while a second and third flying enemy car will arrive. Take them out the same way.

More northwards there's a bank waiting for you. It contains 2000000 credits. Four IFF stations are located near it. Take these out first. Place a high explosive near the bank. As soon as it is dropped, four ex-EuroCorp agents will come out of it and start to attack you with lasers. I used the miniguns on them to keep them close to the bank. As the explosives do their job, they took the agents with them. The suitcases are not within the bank but on the bodies of the agents! They were trying to escape with it I suppose.

Proceed to the target: the IML link. Take out the remaining Zealot agents. There's a building where two Zealots are patrolling. Take these out first with the launchers, and the others will come too. Use the launchers/miniguns combination. Don't be overwhelmed (you'll have plenty of time in the later missions to do that). Be sure to take out the launcher guys first, as they are your greatest threat.

Get to the IML point, and this Mission is a success.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Very low

New research: Nuclear Grenade (always)

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 4 Agents or 2,000k cr, Clone Shield

Soon after start, 3 Zealot flying cars appear in the marked area. If you want such a car, you can go over there and take out the Zealots before they get in (you should make it to the third one).

After you have the car, fly first to the IML Station to complete your mission. You can still handle rest of the level afterwards, and this way your success will not depend on the existence of that station.

Walking near the bank causes four Agents with Lasers to exit. Each of them has a package from the cash register (500,000 credits each). If you perusade them, you won't get the cash. So it makes sense to kill them - you could always use some more money.

If you do kill them, a Police car with 4 Cops will arrive. If you persuade the Agents instead, the police car will not come.

Additional hints

Some Zealots have Launchers - take them out first.

One of the Zealots with Launcher at the big church also has a Clone Shield.

The cops have Uzi, only those who drive up to the bank have Lasers.

After some time, Satellite Rain will drop at the IML Link you're supposed to reach, causing the mission to fail it it wasn't completed in time.

If you want the flying car, be very close to the spawning point. At persuasion range, rather than weapon range.

The next flying car will spawn only after previous one is destroyed.

This is Christ Church AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Deployed Cerberus IFFs


Zealots with Launchers

Zealot Flying cars spawn

Police park sport after Agents are killed

Bank with Agents