Level index (for /m param): 034
City name on PC: Singapore
Map and level files (PC): map009.mad, c009l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 04
Citydrop code name: Open Re-Bullion
First objective: Deliver car to evac zone

(map034 Singapore)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Singapore: Deliver bullion car to evac zone.

your report is interesting. A number of the most highly qualified R&D staff EuroCorp has ever had at its disposal remain unaccounted for, so we must learn their current whereabouts and activities. It is possible that they are working for a splinter syndicate. I will continue to monitor all channels for additional information.

A more immediate problem demands your attention at this time. Singaporean security corporation Tang Assurance has foolishly decided to declare the city independent. As a consequence, bullion is to be be moved under armed escort, from the central bank vault to Tang's headquarters. There is no time to destroy the bank, as Tang operatives will arrive there before your agents. However, this presents us with the opportunity to hijack the armoured convoy before it reaches its destination.


PC Walkthrough from Official Tips

Equip your agents with KO gas. This mission needs tactics. All you have to do is get the centre vehicle to the rendezvous point. Unfortunately the enemy syndicate have deployed a lot of forces there so you will need to use the long range rifles carried by the IML guards.

Take out one Guard at a time with the LR rifle then run back to the rest of your agents and minigun any retaliational strike. If they respond in force, use KO gas to buy some time.

As soon as one of the enemy has entered the objective vehicle, there is little you can do, so when the guards are dealt with, run into the bank courtyard and jump straight into the truck, and shoot the remaining guards from inside.

If the truck gets destroyed the mission will be a failure.

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Singapore: Deliver bullion to Evac zone

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, LR Rifles, Knockout Gas, Explosives

Guide: You have to hijack a bullion car from outside the bank and drive away with the loot. Note that if the target vehicle is destroyed, the mission will fail, so be careful not to damage it. From the start, kill the rifle sniper who attacks you. Then grab the car from the nearby parking bay (wait for the guy to park it there). Drive outside the bank - where the white radar signal is emitted from. Get out of the car and ambush the guards which rush out of the compound - use Knockout Gas, if you want. Then blow up the armoured car blocking the entrance. If the coast is clear, just run in and get into the bullion car (Bullfrog truck) and simply drive it away to the Evac point. Hurrah, you now have a million extra credits to play with.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Hijack Bullion car and redirect to evac Zone.

I don't recommend using the flamer at this point; its range is far too short, but it is deadly.

This Mission is HARD, you have to go immediately to the bank ahead, signified by dollar signs on a red flag on the building. Kill the two Eurocorp agents with the LR rifles that shoot you when you leave hq and take their weapons. Walk to the bank cautiously, then run to the bullion car which is the Bullfrog vehicle. Board it and get the hell outha there; shoot the Eurocorp personnel on the way out to make sure the car is not destroyed, then proceed to the evac zone.


You should have researched brain Level 1 and your next main weapon, the pulse laser. You should have quite a tasty income too.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Hijack Bullion car and get it to the evacuation zone.


Tang's syndicate has declared themselves independent. Bullion is to be moved under armed escort from the central bank vault to Tang's headquarters. There is no time to destroy the tank because the agents are there before you arrive, but try to hijack the armoured convoy before it reaches its destination.


The missions are becoming more and more challenging. It's not such a difficult Mission, though, if you take some Knockout Gas with you.

First you'll encounter two ex-EuroCorp agents. They are carrying long-range rifles -- the rifle's first appearance in this game. Pick them up if you can. Although they will not be of service in this mission, they will be useful later on. Take the street that leads to the vault. Throw 4 knockout gas bombs as soon as an agent starts to fire at you. The gas will overwhelm most of them. "Shields up, captain!" and run towards the "Bullfrog" car. Get inside and drive away to the evacuation zone. Shoot at the agents who survived the gas attack. Remember that their beauty sleep from the gas is only temporarily effective, so if you wait to long, the resistance will become heavier.

You will not encounter any resistance while you get to the evacuation zone. The agents will follow you on foot, but they can never catch you. As soon as you arrive at the evacuation point, the Mission is over.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Very low

New weapons: LR Rifle

Possible loot: 1M cr, 2x LR Rifle, 16 Agents

Special scenario - capturing Agents

If you wish to persuade some agents - it is possible, but quite hard task in this mission. To do this, you will have to persuade at least half of the civilians - you could even wait and ambush those riding civil cars - they sometimes get off.

You will notice some agents in front of bank, are close to the road which you have to pass in search of civilians. Don't shoot them - they seem to have their senses disabled until one of them dies. If you won't touch them, they will just stand there. Actually, you can stand on top of them and they will not react. Useful to wait for your persuadertron to recharge. But that only applies to the 5 agents closest to the road - everyone else will attack you on sight.

Clear the path to reach the bank from the back - three agents are guarding theway. When you've reached the back, start sniping the three Adversaries, one by one. If you'll stand on the very back, these three will not move and just wait for their turn to be shot. After killing the first, Agents will start comming your way. Persuade who you can, kill the rest.

You can also persuade the Agents from the top right docks. When you're out of energy, kill the rest. Though some of the agents may wait for you if you hide behind a fence. Also you can lure few of them out by killing one of the two Agents guarding at entrance.

Additional hints

If you won't be able to kill Adversaries quick enough, they will ride with the car to a heavily secured port. Mission will fail if the Adversaries reach parking in enemy agents base.

It doesn't matter if the Adversaries reach Agents base by car, or by following you when persuaded. Either way you'll get mission failed. So watch out if you persuaded them.

For completing the mission, you will receive additional 1 million credits. You don't need to pick up anything in game to get that reward.

To persuade Agents on this mission, it is useful to have your Persuadertron wielder with the latest cybernetic mods. Otherwise, you will only be able to persuade one agent at a time.

You wil not find many kinds of weapons on this mission. The agents have Miniguns, except of the 5 with disabled senses - these have UZIs. So besides the two LR Rifles you'll get at start of the mission, there is nothing interesting.

This is Singapore AI non-official message, please do not reply.



Start point




Adversaries to drive the convoy


Enemy agents


Car - mission objective