Level index (for /m param): 022
City name on PC: Hong-Kong
Map and level files (PC): map001.mad, c001l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 02
Citydrop code name: Fusion
First objective: Persuade Yamaguchi technicians

(map022 Hong-Kong)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hong Kong: Persuade Yamaguchi power plant technicians.

Beijing: Persuade Yamaguchi corporation executives.

Congratulations. Detroit has been successfully stabilised. However, the chaos brought by the Harbinger virus has spread elsewhere. Syndicate communications are being intercepted globally. Unauthorised order codes are being issued all over UTOPIA. Regional EuroCorp divisions are isolating themselves for their own security, effectively creating new syndicates in the process. These must be brought back under the control of EuroCorp where possible. Otherwise they will have to be destroyed.

In Hong Kong, Yamaguchi Holodata, the Pacific Rim's major UTOPIA CHIP manufacturer, is attempting to establish an independent syndicate. We intend to undermine Yamaguchi's plans in two key strikes.

The Yamaguchi corporation's main power supply comes from the Hong Kong fusion plant. Send a team of agents to penetrate this site and persuade the technicians to join us. Without the technicians' attention, the core will overload, causing an explosion. Destroying this station should be enough to keep Yamaguchi pre-occupied for a while.

To complete the blow against Yamaguchi, pay a visit to their Beijing offices. Locate and persuade their chief executives. Neutralise any agents you encounter. As London AI's mission simulations indicate a need for more agents to complement those in stasis in our cryovats, you are authorised to use the persuadertron at your discretion.

By the time you complete your objectives, Yamaguchi should be eager to discard any notion of leaving the EuroCorp fold.


PC Walkthrough from Official Tips

Start the mission with at least two miniguns and a persuadertron.
The first thing you will come across after leaving the IML link is a small group of enemy agents battling some Unguided. The best move is to try and leg it left up the road avoiding them until you have persuaded a small army of civilians and cops.

You can now persuade the agents as your peruaded army gives your persuadertron extra power. If this fails then start shooting.

Keep your guns concentrated on one enemy until he drops, before turning to the next target. Try not to destroy the green vehicle, as you will need this to get through the gates to the Yamaguchi compound.

Once the agents are neutralised, get in the vehicle and drive across the bridge to the Yamaguchi compound where their security will attack you. Persuade or kill them.

Next persuade the scientists and get back in your car and wait until they are in too.
Drive back to the IML link.

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Hong Kong: Persuade Yamaguchi technicians

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, Persuadertron

Guide: Kill the agents which attack in the car park near the start. Then steal a vehicle and drive into the fusion plant. Get out of the vehicle quickly to kill the attacking guards. Then equip the Persuadertron and chase the target technicians in the plant. Get back in the car (and wait for the technicians to get in) and head to the Evac point.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Unauthorized orders are being dispatched across the Utopia network. Eurocorp divisions are becoming isolated; they must be brought back under control. One such division, Yamaguchi Holodata, is attempting to start an independent syndicate. You must persuade his technicians who are in the Hong Kong fusion plant to our side, once completed the core should overload which should hinder Yamaguichi's plans.

Ok, you should now upgrade you agents to the level available by selecting cryovat then click all agents which will make the upgrades applicable to the first four agents in the list on the left, i.e. the four you used for the first 2 missions, then select the body modification on the right. You need to upgrade the torso before you can make any other modification, then click accept you can also upgrade agents individually by selecting their number in the top left, you should be able to upgrade both your body and legs to level 1.

Info on selling items

If you need to sell equipment to pay for upgrades etc, click on equipment, select you agents individually to see their items. Each agent can only carry 5, select whichever item you want to sell by clicking it in the left column then click sell on the right.

Info on upgrades

Body increases health and defense against all weapons.
Legs increase health max speed and stamina while running.
Arms increase health and accuracy and destructibility with weapons.
Brain increases the intelligence of your non player controlled agents. They will act more independently and also have trauma management software to increase you agents defense against critical attacks. I wish I had trauma management software.

Once again don't buy the Mini gun - you should be able to pick several up on the field, and make sure you have not sold the Pursuadetron's of your agents, you will need them for this mission.

At the beginning of the mission, some Eurocorp personnel will be fighting some zealots to your left; let the fight end and go to the area, then the remaining forces should attack you. Kill them, they should leave behind two Miniguns. Pick these up, there should also be a silver briefcase item laying around somewhere. Pick this up also, it signifies money; they vary in worth. Now enter the armored car and proceed to the Fusion plant on the bottom left of the map. Once there, stay in the car and kill the Eurocorp personnel. Now you have to persuade the technicians.

Using the pursuadertron

Simply select and equip it on all your agents and walk in front of any civilian [a flashing sound will signify their pursuasion] and they will be persuaded and they will turn into a yellow dot on the map, if you wish to recruit more agents you must persuade a multitude of civilians then walk in front of an enemy, only Eurocorp personnel can be persuaded you can only persuade Church of New Epoch members if you use the pursuadetron 2 researched later in the game it is a hard thing to do though.

Once the technicians have been persuaded proceed back to hq their is a Church of New Epoch compound in this area, also you may wish to fight them to gain experience of battle against them they should have some nice items too like psycho gas and razor wire.


You should have gained some money since you picked up the briefcase and should have researched the LR rifle a handy weapon and possible arms Level 1.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Persuade the scientists.


The virus is still threatening the EuroCorp centres. Some centres are isolating themselves for their own security. They want to become independent. Yamaguchi Holodata, our prime chip manufacturer, is attempting to establish an independent syndicate. To stop him, we shall destroy his main power station by persuading his scientists. The station, then without the scientists, will overload and explode.


As you are dropped you'll notice that there's a fight going on between the Yamaguchi-agents and some Unguideds. Join the party, and kill every agent with your miniguns. It's worth the effort: some money can be found on one of the bodies (80000 credits, to be exact). You can also take the miniguns (if you don't have them yet), take some persuadertrons with you, and take some Uzi's . You can sell them when you're back home. In the beginning of the game you will need all the money you can get.

Take the car that is parked nearby, and drive to the power station. After you pass the gate, three operatives will be there and will start shooting at you. Protected by the car, you can easily shoot the operatives. Take the persuadertrons and ... well ... what do you do with persuadertrons? Yes, persuade. You'll have to get very close to the scientists. Take them with you in the car, and go back to the IML link.

If you had not enough yet, there's a Church of the new Epoch in this city. Fight them if you dare. It's not necessary for the successful completion of this mission, but the only way to learn how you can win a battle is by losing some.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Very low

New research: High Explosive (if not unlocked)

New weapons: Psycho Gas

Possible loot: 80k cr, 2 Scientist, 4 Agents

Run away from the agents so they won't see you, perusade some police, then go back and try to quickly perusade one of the agents. Kill the rest, pick their money, Persuadertron and Mini-guns.

Use car to go to scientists. Get rid of three adversaries in the fusion plant compound and persuade the two scientists. Evacuate to start point, with the scientist.

If you wish, you can go slaughter some Zealots, they have Miniguns, 2x Gas, Razor Wire and a Medikit.

Additional hints

Civilians occasionally leave their cars. Wait for them to exit if you need a new vehicle.

When persuading agents, you are limited by your power level. With cryo modded agents, you can persuade more of them.

Make sure no harm is done to your persuaded technicians until end of mission. If they survive, they will join ranks of your scientists.

Attacking Zealots from the footbridge may confuse them. If done right, this allows you to eliminate them easier.

Persuading the agent with money case will not give you the money at end of the mission. So this one is better killed.

The available agents have all Body Lv 1 mod installed.

You may see a traffic jam near the Zealot temple. Destroying a correct car will unblock the rest.

This is Hong-Kong AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(euro02 Hong-Kong)

Start point