Level index (for /m param): 027
City name on PC: Santiago
Map and level files (PC): map007.mad, c007l003.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 03
Citydrop code name: Test Of Faith
First objective: Convert Eurocorp agent

(map027 Santiago)

PC Briefing

Our prayers are with you.

The time has come to test the strength of our faith. A lone agent of the Syndicate has been seen lurking in the shadows of Santiago. Convert him.

What better place to find those with the strength we seek than in the ranks of our enemy, the Syndicate? Its agents are our Acolytes in waiting. Just as you were one of their number, before we showed you the light, so shall you soon lead EuroCorp's elite from the dark path they tread. A EuroCorp agent has been sent to Santiago to undermine our work there. You will not allow this to happen.

Before you commit your Acolytes to Santiago, ensure they carry the Indoctrinator and use it, so that others may see its light. When the Indoctrinator is used, UTOPIA's cruel illusion is shattered by our Truth. Those who see then gather and follow where the Acolyte leads. And when their numbers are sufficient, even the agent of EuroCorp will hear their chorus and gladly join it.

Peace be with you afterwards.


Mark thine enemy, for all that separates the damned from the chosen is a dot of monochrome light, projected onto the back of a neck.

- The Book of Cataclysm

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Locate and convert a Eurocorp agent, who has been sent to Santiago to undermine our work there.

Ok, sell the Uzi's and equip the Minigus you captured in your mission. Also, upgrade your agents to the level available. I recommend upgrading as soon as the technology becomes available, for it is imperative if you wish to survive the later missions. Make sure you have not sold the indoctrinator, you will need it for this mission.

Info on selling items

If you need to sell equipment to pay for upgrades etc:
Select you agents individually to see their items. Each agent can only carry 5, select whichever item you want to sell by clicking it in the left column, then click sell on the right.

Info on upgrades

Body increases health and defense against all weapons.
Legs increase health max speed and stamina while running.
Arms increase health and accuracy and destructibility with weapons.
Brain increases the intelligence of your non player controlled agents. They will act more independently, and also have trauma management software to increase your agents defense against critical attacks.
I wish I had trauma management software.

The mission will begin by you being dropped off in a hover vehicle. Locate your target, but before going there, you have to secure the city first. Go to the right of the map and kill all the cops and zealots that you encounter. Now go to the top right of the map, and wait until some Eurocorp personnel are dropped off in a vehicle. Kill them and take their disruptors, take the vehicle and go to the church compound. A hover vehicle should have arrived, use it to go to the Eurocorp compound. Kill the guards at the gate from the safety of the vehicle, exit the vehicle and kill all the Eurocorp personnel posted around the site. Do not kill your target! Take the LR rifles they drop, use these to make your life easier by killing the agents from afar. Take care with the vehicle, flee if things get too tough. Avoid the explosions, their destruction entails. Now it's time to persuade the agent.

Using the Indoctrinator

Simply select and equip it on all your agents and walk in front of any civilian [a flashing sound will signify their persuasion] and they will be persuaded and they will turn into a yellow dot on the map. If you wish to recruit more agents, you must persuade a multitude of civilians, then walk in front of an enemy. Only Eurocorp personnel can be persuaded. To persuade Eurocorp agents, persuade a huge amount of civilians beforehand, then their combined power should overcome the Utopia chip and they will be persuaded.

Use this technique to persuade the agent [wow how did they all fit in the hover vehicle], but when you approach him, he will flee to another part of the compound, so make sure he does not escape. Once he is converted, go to the base on the right of the map.


That was a tricky mission. You should have no income, but you will have a new acolyte at your disposal, and researched the Disruptor, the LR Rifle, and Arms level 1.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

This level is very similar to the PSX version; but be sure to pick up any LR Rifles on the bodies of dead Syndicate operatives. They will be essential in the next mission.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: Disrupter, Ion Mine

New weapons: Disrupter

Possible loot: 4 Disrupters, 4 LR Rifles, 1 Agent

This level consists of two rings, connected by IML Train.

In the outer ring, events will unfold independently of player actions. Two armored Police transporters will stop in the area overrun by Unguided. Four officers will leave each car, moving towards the area with parked hoverbikes. They will shoot all the Unguided, then return to the armored transporters and stay there. When the police is gone, four Adversaries will park their cars, near the hoverbikes. They will exit and run towards your agents with Disruptors active. If you already started persuading at this point, they may un-persuade your crowd.

The most beneficial interference from your side would be to do something which would allow you to persuade the Police officers. Since you can't persuade them while they're in cars, you have to either get them before that, or destroy the cars. And destroying them is probably the best option.

As soon as you have control over your Zealots, move to where the Police parked and start shooting. Using Miniguns, you should be able to destroy both the transporters before the officers return. When the officers are close, retreat - it is better if they won't notice you, as then they won't bother you while you're persuading civilians. They will just stand in the places where their transporters were.

Retreat near your temple, and wait for the Adversaries with Disruptors - kill them and take the weapons. Then start persuading in the opposite direction to the police - get a little civilian crowd.

Noone will bother you while you're persuading. When you reach the hoverbikes area, the bikes will leave and start moving on the road - there's no need to be bothered by that in any way. Sometimes an Unguided gets stuck between the motorbikes - if you see one, add it to your persuaded crowd. Then do the same with police officers.

When all of the Police is yours, it is time to start thinking about the inner area. You should have one LR Rifle from previous mission - use it to take down the Adversaries which can be reached from the other side of the moat. Some Adversaries will respond with one or two LR Rifle shots, nothing you can't handle.

Then it is time to take the IML Train. Make sure your crowd picked up all the UZIs left by Unguided - you will need some extra firepower to handle a flying car.

When inside, persuade Adversaries aroun the central building and destroy the flying car. If the flying car crashes into your crowd - make sure you have ar least 3 Police men or Adversaries left, otherwise your persuasion power will be too small to persuade the Agent. If ths happens, go back to inner circle and hunt civilians.

Be very careful with the agent you want to persuade. If he notices you, he will run to the flying car. Then, there is no way to get him down - if he reaches that car before you, your mission is failed.

But you can actually use that for your advantage. Run towards that car, and get inside when the agent is far. When he'll get closer and notice you, he will still make a run for the car - wait there with persuadertron equipped.

Remember to gather LR Rifles for your whole team before finishing the mission.

Tech ex machina

If enemy fire doesn't allow you to come near and persuade said enemy, use supershield. But use it in short durations - remember that supershield depletes your weapon power, the same one yuo use to actually persuade someone.

It is often beneficial to run with your agents in a formation where second one has the Persuadertron equipped. For example if Agent #1 is persuading, have Agent #4 selected. Then enemy fire will not focus on the right agent, and you can quickly switch to the one with persuadertron in case the leading one has its shield depleted.

You were blessed by this premonition from Santiago episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Adversaries shootable from beyond moat

Target agent

Cars with Adversaries park place

Flying car with Adversaries

Empty flying car

Police officers

Police transporters parking place

Civilian Hoverbikes