006 ROME
Level index (for /m param): 006
City name on PC: Rome
Map and level files (PC): map028.mad, c028l001.d2,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 07
Citydrop code name: Sack Of Rome
First objective: Destroy the Unguided Vermin

(map006 Rome)

PC Briefing

Hear me, Disciple.

Fate tests us. We wish to see an end to the Unguided blight on the city of Rome. Cleanse this place of unbelievers.

The presence of this mob has been useful to us until now, as it has sapped EuroCorp resources in the region, but it is no longer required. Eliminate the mob on sight.

Truly, you are chosen.


Poor workers blame their tools. Good workers build better tools. The best workers get their tools to do the work for them.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


We wish to see an end to the unguided blight on the city of Rome. Their presence before has been useful, as they sapped Eurocorp's resources, but they are no longer needed. Eliminate them in sight.

Buy four Electron Maces, and purchase an High Explosive. Also upgrade you acolytes, should all have level one bodies by now.

As soon as you begin the mission, you will be attacked by a bunch of Unguided from above. Kill them, and look around the map and proceed to the first target. You will be attacked on the way, kill all who oppose you. One drops an explosive, pick it up, then destroy your target in the upper industrial area. They will also drop explosives, so be careful. Also watch out for the Knockout Gas two Unguided throw. It could prove fatal in conjunction with their fire.

Now walk across the road to your next set of targets. Kill them all, and the two rogue Agents around the city.

Now you must go to the Unguided installation on the far left of the map. Simply shoot at one on the upper section to draw them all out, then kill them. Now walk down a bit, and proceed to kill your next targets, but watch out - one will detonate an explosion which will devastate the area.

With the Unguided vanquished, it's time for Eurocorp to get it.

Take a vehicle to their compound, one of the armored police vehicles nearby will do. Once there, eliminate as many of the Eurocorp personnel as possible from the safety of the vehicle. Use your judgment to flee from it when you deem necessary. Once all Eurocorp personnel have been dealt with, you must kill the Eurocorp agents. Approach their location cautiously, destroy one of the Cerberus Iff's guarding them, then lure the agents out. If need, enter one of the nearby armored vehicles for protection. Once Eurocorp is eliminated from this region, feel free to rob the bank, then proceed to headquarters.


Well done, that was a hard mission.

You should have researched the Pulse Laser, not very useful for church members. You should also have researched Knockout Gas, the Cerberus IFF, and Body level two. You should have a nice sum of money too.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

My, that's a lot of enemies.

All of your agents should now have long-range rifles. Preferably you should also have them researched, but it isn't necessary - I didn't. Similarly, everyone has now received a weapons upgrade - the local Syndicate's agents and the Police have Pulse Lasers, the Unguided are all toting Miniguns or LR Rifles.

You'll be very outgunned if you're only toting Uzis for close range combat, but frankly it doesn't matter because you won't be doing any.

The LR Rifle is the only weapon you need for this mission, though you'll also want two High Explosives - but these can be picked up off dead unguided if you're quick.

As soon as the mission starts, run up the ramp nearby and prepare to come under attack by a whole ton of unguided. Two will come from the IML link, but the majority will attack from the top of the screen. One of the ones from that direction carries high explosives, try to grab them. If you are careful not to misclick you should be able to take them all down with rifle fire as they come spread out.

Advance north a bit and snipe the unguided across the street, this will trigger another stream of unguided to come at you, still spread out enough that you can shoot them down as they approach.

In all of this you will probably have attracted the attention of a police van armed with a pulse laser. Destroy it before you go any further, we don't want it bothering us.

With the preliminaries over, you can do the rest of the mission in any order.

I'll start with the only bit reasonably likely to kill you - the Eurocorp counterattack.

It's triggered by sending an agent towards the buildings the unguided were attacking you from. Once you see the red dots approaching on the radar, retreat back to the open ground near the IML.

A flying car will be the first thing to attack you; it goes down to four rifle shots and assuming you've retreated far enough you'll have time to reload before the first agents hit you. Snipe one or two and then run - they've got pulse lasers so you probably will take casualties in a head-to-head fight. I suggest ducking around a corner and waiting to snipe them again as they come around. Any remaining you can probably shoot out with whatever your preferred close-in weapon is.

Now it's down to the Unguided encamped in the top-left and bottom-right corners of the map.

Starting with the top-left, who are in two groups, one in the corner and one to their south. Take the southernmost group first. One of their number patrols an alley between the two sets of buildings they occupy. Take up positions near the entrance to it and snipe him. The remaining unguided will rush out into your massed rifles in ones and twos, and likely die before they get a shot off.

You can probably snipe a couple of unguided without entering the northern area, but unlike the others they won't chase you, you'll have to enter to get them. When you do, they'll trigger Satellite Rain near the entrance. Retreat, let it land, and return to wipe them out. The Unguided here don't support each other much so this will be very easy, just shoot them down one by one.

The unguided in the opposite corner have a good defensive position but do nothing with it.

If you position your agents between a gap in the raised podiums, you should be able to snipe some of the patrolling guards with LR Rifles. Many of the others will attempt to rush you in the now familiar dribble - the most that will come at once is four, and since they only take one rifle shot each, four is no problem. Don't be afraid to retreat to buy reloading time if you have to though.

You'll probably have to enter the compound to take out five or so Unguided which haven't chased you. Many of these carry knockout gas, so try to take them down from a distance. A lot of the time the game won't switch to the red "in range" crosshair here, but if you fire a shot the targets die anyway.

The garrison is perhaps the most pathetic of all the opponents.

Those forces look intimidating, but the AI is really useless. The trick is not to do what seems obvious, and use the police car to charge in. If you do that, not only are you going to have to prevent the two Unguided who are about to blow up the police station (and take the car with them) from doing so, you'll also be in the middle of all the enemy's firepower.

So instead, plant a bomb on the gate and retreat a safe distance. This kills 2-3 operatives, and usually brings the remainder marching towards you - slowly, sedately and strung out. By now you know what happens when a large, strung out force of troops who die to one LR Rifle shot engage your four rifle-toting zealots. When they finally stop coming, enter the compound. There's still three agents to kill, who seem to have planted Cerberus IFFs and not been able to get past them. They're harmless - your rifles outrange the IFFs and the agents won't try to do anything, so you can shoot them down at leisure.

Then all you need do is collect the epidermis (in the building on the far left of the compound), blow up the bank and grab the cash, persuade the two scientists running around, and hit space to end the mission.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: Pulse Laser (if picked up), Launcher (always), Knockout Gas (if picked up), Satellite Rain (if picked up)

New weapons: Pulse Laser, Knockout Gas, Satellite Rain

Possible loot: 400k cr, 2 Scientists, Epidermis v1, 7 Agents, 4x Pulse Laser, 3x KO Gas, 1x Satellite Rain

Mission peculiarity: Can be failed

At mission start, 3 flying cars will explode and fall. Soon the Unguided will start coming towards you. Equip your Long Range Rifles and snipe them.

There's a Police car with an officer armed with Laser. The faster you get rid of it, the lower chances it will shou up in improper moment.

When entering bunker ①, four additional Unguided will exit from a building just after the ramp. Make sure your LR Rifles are reloaded and ready when you use that ramp.

When cleaning bunkers ① and ③, you will be attacked by Knockout Gas. Better make sure you have mods which will block that attack. Besides that, cleaning the bunkers shouldn't be much of a challenge.

The real challenge would be to acquire the Satellite Rain, but it requires using quite advanced techniques, so do that only if you really feel like a pro with this game. The Unguided which holds it will arm it if you enter the bunker ④ through the normal entrance, or if you shoot the male Unguided which has Ion Mine and often visits the building with a friend who has the Satellite Rain. So after entering that area, back off for a while.

Destroy the gate to Eurocorp complex with High Explosive, and snipe the Adversaries like you previously did with Unguided. Do the same with Cerberus IFFs and the Agents near them.

When "mission complete" shows, start with the finalizing actions: make sure you've picked up four Pulse Lasers, pick up the Epidermis mod, Persuade scientists and place them far from the bank, then blow up the Bank and pick up 4 suitcases 100,000 credits each.

Tech ex machina

Some buildings are booby trapped and will explode when you're near. usually this only does minimal harm.

When you get close to Police Station, group of Unguided will show up and plant 3 bombs in the building. You may pick up one, but trying to pick them all up is quite risky.

When you kill enough of the Unguided from bunker ② and surrounding area, a flying car will lift off in the Eurocorp base. It will disembark 4 Agents in designated area near the gate, then fly towards your Zealots.

Getting Satellite Rain is tricky - you have to exploit the Razor Wire bug on the wall between bunkers ③ and ④, and enter the target building without killing the male Unguided with Ion Mine. Then just kill the Unguided inside, by maxing out drugs and switching to another Acolyte (selected one does not auto shoot).

You were blessed by this premonition from Rome episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

①②③④ Entrances to Unguided bunkers

Unguided citizens

Unguided with Knockout Gas

Unguided with Satellite Rain



Empty cars

Flying car Agents unload place

Deployed Cerberus IFF

Police Station

Enemy Agents

Epidermis 1