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Imagine the living city, a lot bigger than the one you could have in Syndicate. The fully 3D world where you can destroy everything. Civilians walking around in a hurry of their daily routines... until someone disturbs the order of the city. Opponents that attacks you with many strategies, can withdraw from battle and regroup. Real actors in movies before and after every mission.

Want this game?

Well... such game is under development now.

Because Bullfrog no longer exists, and EA games don't want to continue the series, some programmers-fans started the project to create a REAL sequel for their own.

Here you can find materials connected with this project.

3D Models
Game screenshots
Game description

Syndicate: Remastered Team
Robert Wiggett (Project Coordinator/Game Designer)
Mustrix (Programmer/Modler)
Jonny Ree (Conceptart/Texturer)

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