The I. Basque Syndicate Tournament (strategy game) inside The VII. Basque Tournament of Megadrive

Report from the event.

syndicate play 2
syndicate play 1

On October 12 2023, Eusko Retro organized The I. Basque Syndicate Tournament (strategy game) within The VII. Basque Megadrive Tournament. We organized the first tournament of this wonderful console was organized in 2019. It is one of our favorite consoles.

syndicate play 3

Egoitz, the promoter of these projects, have always liked strategy games. Normally he has played these games on the PC, but he discovered among others the game Syndicate, he liked it and decided to organize the tournament. Rules were simple: The player who completed the first mission of Syndicate within 3 minutes won the tournament. Points were also given for amount of enemy agents killed.

Daniel was the only one of the 4 players who completed the mission before 3 minutes, and therefore the one who killed the most agents. Congratulations to Daniel!

Our idea is to organize The II. Basque Syndicate Tournament in April of 2024, perhaps within The VIII. Basque Megadrive Tournament, but we could also change the system and play the same game but on the Sega Mega CD, in the context of The I. Basque Sega Mega CD Tournament which is planned to premiere next year. Expect an update when this is settled.

back to the future 3 play 2
out run play 1

Regarding the rest of the Megadrive Tournament, we played 3 other good games: Out run, Street Fighter II and Back to the Future III. In Out Run we played in the highest level and in Street Fighter II each participant played a single match against one of us because we had little time left. Daniel was the winner of The I. Basque Syndicate Tournament, but Egoitz was the one who achieved the most points in the general calculation of the Megadrive Tournament. Of course, those who didn't win also had a great time and will possibly rematch in the future.

Here we leave you the results:

I. Basque Tournament of Syndicate

  1. Daniel Barrientos 4 points – mission completed, 4 agents killed- (Basque Country)
  2. Egoitz Campo 3 points – mission no completed, 3 agents killed- (Basque Country)
  3. Joseba Zubiaurre 2 points – mission no completed, 1 agent killed- (Basque Country)
  4. Luis Getxo 1 point – mission no completed, 0 agent killed – (Basque Country)

Congratulation Daniel!

Out Run

out run play 2
  1. Joseba Zubiaurre 4 points
  2. Andoni Mariezkurrena 3 points
  3. Egoitz Campo 2 points
  4. Daniel Barrientos 1 point

Street Fighter II

  1. Egoitz Campo 6 points
  2. Andoni Mariezkurrena 6 points
  3. Luis Getxo 6 points
  4. Daniel Barrientos 3 points
  5. Andi Erromo 3 points
  6. Joseba Zubiaurer 3 points

Back to the Future III

back to the future 3 play 1
  1. Egoitz Campo 5 points (41.800)
  2. Luis Getxo 4 points (200)
  3. Daniel Barrientos 3 points (100)
  4. Andoni Mariezkurrena 2 points (100)
  5. Joseba Zubiaurre 1 point (0)

VII.Basque Tournament of Megadrive

  1. Egoitz Campo 16 points (Basque Country)
  2. Daniel Barrientos 11 points (Basque Country)
  3. Luis Getxo 11 points (Basque Country)
  4. Andoni Mariezkurrena 11 points (Basque Country)
  5. Joseba Zubiarre 10 points (Basque Country)
  6. Andi Erromo 3 points (Basque Country)

Congratulations Egoitz!