Ground Rovering Unit Network Terminator

G.R.U.N.T. is a series of Flash movies placed in cyberpunk world.

Jose Pinto aka Eldan Draken, leader of the G.R.U.N.T. project, says:

Bad character

I started working on it on 2003, by the name of Syndicate 2 GRUNT project, the series itself is called G.R.U.N.T. (Ground Rovering Unit Network Terminator) and from '03 to '06 I assemblied my group. We call ourselves Draken Labs, and began working on things as story, characters their designs and personalities, and even managed to fabricate a little teaser. But then the project was abandoned for various reasons... Now, on december '08, I went up and said "It's time" and got my crew back together and started working on it again, renamed GRUNT revival for obvious reasons.

From the teaser you can get a very basic idea on what the series is about, but I'll tell you a little bit more about it.

Main character

The story revolves around 5 completely different people, with different backgrounds, ways of life and points of view, they are united by sheet whim of fate. Every episode or pack of episodes will focus on one of the characters and their unique way of seeing the world they are in. The setting is placed in the cyberpunkish city of Seattle in 2060, being one of the few cities across the globe that survived the nuclear holocaust, the syndicate war, corporate domination and now thriving to survive war between gangs and megacorps.

The series haves alot of elements that fans will recognize comming from both: Syndicate and Shadowrun. They were my main inspirations, but there are also many other things that come from other great cyberpunk titles like Bladerunner or Ghost in the Shell.

Oh, regarding the date the first episode will be out...
We're not certain yet... I'll go out on a limb and say, mid 2009...
There's alot of production stuff to be done, but we promise that from there, the gap of time between episodes will shorten greatly and it'll be, I dont know, a monthly thing.

Robertson sketch

Draken Labs is looking for Voices, Background Artists, Flash Animators, Writers, etc. If you think you'll be able to help with the project, contact Eldan Draken by e-mail.