Kickstarter opened new possibilities for many talented people. Some of them were thinking about their projects for years, but would never made it happen without such funding.

Developing simple mobile apps and advanced FPP shooters isn't very risky - there's a high market demand for such games, so people always buy them. But strategy games is a very different area - development and balancing is harder, and the targer market is a lot narrower. Not many people play strategy games, so developing such software is risky. This is where Kickstarter comes in - it allows to minimize the risk by funding development.

This man created the Bullfrog Masterpiece
5lives studios

One of the people who saw their chance in Kickstarter definitely knows what Syndicate should be like. He worked on original Syndicate, then he developed Syndicate Wars. He also worked on lots of other games, first in Bullfrog, then in Mucky Foot Productions - a company found by Bullfrog developers. Now he formed a team of experienced developers and already started working on the new game.

As for now, all we have is a short teaser video: