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"The Movies" is a Hollywood-inspired movie studio simulator. This game allows you to run the studio, make the stars and shoot the movies.

The game was produced by Lionhead Studios, a company created by co-founder of Bullfrog - Peter Molyneux.


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Syndicate the movie.
A "project_creations" Production.

Group introduction and concepts

This movie is hommage to Sir Peter Molyneauxs PC-Game classic: "Syndicate". It's dedicated to all the creative people behind Bullfrog and all the fans worldwide. Within the next days we will launch project_creations on myspace! Project Creations is a quotation from one of the games itself. The one or the other will recognize it. So we decided to name ourselves "project creations".


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Project Creations logo,
recreated from the game.

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Original advert
from the game.

The new movie will quote the introsequences and rendervideos of the legendary games and will try to quote and catch the atmosphere of syndicate.^^ I produced a conceptual trilogy of work studys earlier. The trilogy had never been finished, but the best elements and ideas made it into the actual project.


(The trilogy scene)
Scene from the unfinished trilogy.

These older clips showed a lot of the technical and stylistic opportunities that "the movies" provides. Due to this the new film is much more balanced and sophisticated. It will provide a much better and rhytmic cut i think.

All participants really do their best actually and work very hard. But we are not finished yet. I could quote Sir Peter Molyneaux and say: "it's done when it's done", but we have a much tighter timetable now. :)

I'm very glad that this project effectively is associated with, the most relevant global syndicate fanbase I think. And another lucky fact is that we met ZHARK and he apparently likes our idea, so he contributes his cool electric sound to our movies soundtrack! You could listen to his sound at

-- Thorsten

Characters background information:

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Directress Julia

(Character picture)

Executive Farr

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Dr. Valmet

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Dr. Fukuhama


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Red executive


The movie is now finished!

You can watch it here:

Syndicate the Movie

The project page, where you can see latest news and watch trailers, is here:

You can also watch the trailers on YouTube:

First trailer (August 2007)

Second trailer (July 2008)