Avatar (2004)

Directed by
Jian Hong Kuo

Writing credits (WGA)
Christopher Hatton (written by)

Also Known As:
Avatar Exile (Singapore: English title) (working title)
Cyber Wars (USA) (DVD title)
Matrix Hunter (USA) (video title)
Country: Singapore
Language: English
Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Drama / Thriller

Tagline: You don't play the Game, the Game plays you.

Cyber Wars movie frame01 Cyber Wars movie frame02
Cyber Wars movie frame03 Cyber Wars movie frame04

Download Cyber Wars trailer (WMV, 2.4MB)

When watching this movie, it is hard not to feel the relation with Syndicate. The global network, world controlled by corporations, chips connected to people's brains...

This film may not be the masterpiece, but presents a typical cyberpunk.
Also, it contains some new thoughts. I enjoyed it.

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