Syndicate Remastered prologue

Syndicate : remastered is a remake of bullfrog's classic hit Syndicate. The remake is a first person shooter using squad tactics to help accomplish missions to boost your company's influence in a dark future of Earth. The game will have you completing missions around the globe in major cities as well as outskirt refineries and other locales, ranging from sabotage to assassination and even to infiltration. Syndicate : remastered will retain the strategy of the original games, but will also provide the fast paced action from a completely new viewpoint. Using the syndicate squad command structure, you will be able to travel as a group with life-like path finding, as well as perform complex maneuvers including formations, covering fire, ambushing and many others. The game world will consist of city segments for each mission, allowing you to travel across the whole city by connection tunnels. The objects in the syndicate world are also interactive, ranging from door controls to computer terminals, as well as vehicles and lights. Espionage is key in the Syndicate universe, so many missions will require stealth maneuvers ranging from hiding in the shadows to silenced weapons to not attract the attention of the lawmen. Most of the future world is clean and upper class, where the streets are patrolled by law enforcement, and small habitats of greenery are available for the public. However there are also the degenerate sectors, where the lowlife scum of the Syndicate world inhabit. These sectors are often grimy, and the smog covers the sky, draping the sectors in an eternal night, where no greenery will be able to grow. These sectors are filled with criminals, and many police fear to tread in them without an extreme armory.

Robert Wiggett