Syndicate Wars view on Colombo map


Ralph watched the road nervously as he drove. His cargo: 35 million dollars, on it's way to the Eurocorp National Bank. Normally he wouldn't be so nervous, but recently, the Church of the New Epoch had robbed three armored cars.

"What would they need so much money for? They must be plannin' something, those psychotic freaks!" Ralph thought to himself. It took him 15 minutes to reach the bank, and he got there without a hitch. Surrounded by Eurocorp Agents, Ralph felt safe as he wheeled cases of cash towards the door. He reached the bottom of the steps and began to ascend when shots rang out. Ralph let go of the cart and ran away while the agents took their positions. The Zealots had come, and they were going to leave with the money or everyone would die... whichever came first.

There were a total of 9 agents guarding the bank, and a mere 4 Zealots were on the attack. The agents unloaded clip after clip, shell after shell at the zealots, and were on their way to victory, they had lost 2 agents to a Church sniper....but he'd been taken care of.

Then one of the zealots pulled out a grenade, and the agents pulled on their gas-masks to protect themselves from the psycho gas... but this was no psycho grenade. This was realized by the agents when the explosion ripped half of their remaining force, to pieces. Then, one of the other zealots, flashed a flame-thrower, and the rest of the Eurocorp team was sent into the night, with a glow.

A zealot, one named Melchiah, walked to the door of the bank (what was left of it) and grabbed the cash. With a swish of their cloaks, they were gone, leaving the destruction behind. They reached their temple and dropped off their prize.

One of the zealots from the temple stepped out and picked up the cash. "You have done well, Melchiah, you shall be rewarded greatly." Melchiah looked up, "Serving The Nine is my greatest reward." With that, the other zealot smiled and walked back into the temple.