Syndicate Wars face from cover

The Unguided

Zalukas Monroe was standing guard at the corner of Jameson and 16th when he heard the explosion. A resounding boom that shook the ground beneath him and made the streetlights flicker. Zalukas pulled out his com-radio and began speaking into the microphone, "This is Monroe, what was that? over." He let off the button and waited for a response. "Marxon here, we don't know for sure what happened, but HQ's sending a scouting team; why not join us?" "Ten-four, over and out" said Zalukas as a grin spread across his face. He checked his equipment; a K.O. grenade, some razor wire, and double uzis.

He met up with the rest of the team about two blocks away from his post. As he got there, they wasted no time in getting to the mission plan. "Monroe, you take point, James, you cover him from the right, Torres, from the left. I, myself, will cover all of you with my sniper rifle, from the top of this building here." His last words trailing off as he looked up and pointed at the building they were standing 10 feet away from. "We're in position and awaiting orders, over." said Marxon, softly, into his com-radio. After a moment or two of silence, HQ came through loud and clear saying only one thing....."GO!"

Zalukas was off like a shot, one hand on his grenade, the other on one of his uzis, ready for anything. James was decked out with a shotgun while Torres was equipped with a minigun and a nuclear grenade. They reached the burning temple in less than two minutes, "I just shot down a Eurocorp van....wouldn't have noticed it if my Com-Sat hadn't picked up their irregular heartbeats."

The voice that eminated from the radio, startled Zalukas, but after Marxon's words sank in, he looked up and saw the hovercraft hurtling straight towards him. Zalukas broke off in a dreadfully fast run, wanting to escape the blast radius. There was a large explosion followed by a volley of shattered glass that rained down on Zalukas' head. when he sat up, he saw two figures emerge from the wreckage.

Zalukas was paralyzed with fear, "I can't take on two of these guys by myself, God save me!" The agents looked like creatures straight from Hell. Most of their organic flesh burned off, revealing the cybertronic underbelly that makes up an agent of Eurocorp. Their ragged clothing clinging to the melting flesh, and many parts of their bodies were still on fire.

One of the agents pulled out a large pistol and aimed between Zaluka' eyes. Zalukas turned away and a shot rang out. When he realized he wasn't shot, Zalukas turned back around to find the Agent on the ground, the top half of his head had been blown off and was lying on the ground next to him. He heard more shots and looked, just in time, to see James and Torres ripping the last surviving member of the Eurocorp strike team, to pieces. They walked over to Zalukas and helped him up. "'Bout time..." Zalukas muttered, "Yeah, well..." was the only response he recieved. "How'd you like that shot?" said Marxon coming through the radio. "You saved my butt, how do you think i like it?"

Zauka, James, and Torres began searching the wreckage of the crash for anything useful. After a moment, Zalukas came across a charred brief case. He pulled it a few feet away from the fire and clicked the locks, then slowly opened the case. His eyes widened and a smile crept slowly across his face.


"That's me, whaddaya want?"

"Better get down here... got a surprise for you!" said Zalukas with a chuckle.

And with that, the 35 million was service to a new master.