Scene from SW trailer


Agent Wolff watched the monitor as the zealots entered the building with the 35 million. He chuckled to himself, "They don't stand a chance." He stroked the barrels of his minigun and continued watching the monitors he sat before. A Eurocorp strike team was en route to intercept the zealots before they left with the cash.

The strike team was concealed in an unmarked van, with a civilian driver. As they neared the temple, they loaded their weapons, checked their equipment, and readied themselves for the coming battle. The van came to a stop just outside the temple, a large force of Agents headed for the front door, while a lone operative headed for the back.

As the main group of Eurocorp soldiers neared the door, a group of Zealots bust through it, guns ablaze. While the battled raged on out front, Agent Logan was setting explosives down at the back.

Just as he finished setting the timer, a zealot rounded the corner. Logan looked at him in puzzlement, the glanced at the he was holding in his hand. Before the zealot had time to react, Agent Logan, fluidly leapt upon him. He wrenched the case from his hands, then stood over his defeated adversary, triumphantly. He then turned and began to walk away.

The enraged zealot, stood and pulled out a shotgun, but never fired a shot, for as Agent Logan turned the corner of the temple, there was a blinding flash and a resounding "SHHHHHHAAABBBBOOOOMMMMM" as the explosives were set off, ripping the zealot to pieces and scorching what was left. Logan met up with the rest of the strike team at their pick-up point, the 35 mill in hand.

The team gathered into the APC and were off into the night. The only things that could be heard was the thrum of the APC's anti-grav engine fading, and the crackling of the flames that had engulfed the zealot temple as it crumbled.