The first step is to install the game on hard drive. If you have original floppies, you will have to do this by original setup program. If you have Syndicate Plus CD version, you only have to copy the content of "SB16" directory to HDD, for example into "C:\Synd".

After that, you should install Alternate DOS extender (see "patches & mods"). The game will work better with this patch.

Now, download DOSBox (see my DOSBox information to get it) and install it.

You can configure DOSBox by creating a copy of its *.conf file, and modifying it in text editor. I have already done this, so you can download modified config file here:

Download DOSBox 0.65 optimal config for Syndicate

Download DOSBox 0.70 optimal config for Syndicate

On some systems (mostly slower ones), this config file may work better (thanks to Dennis Snider):

Download DOSBox 0.70 D.Snider's config for Syndicate

Place the config file in DOSBox directory, then create a shortcut for DOSBox.exe, view the shortcut "Properties" page and modify the shortcut target to:

"C:\Program files\DOSBox\dosbox.exe" -conf dosboxSynd.conf c:\synd\synd.bat

(of course, you must use your own directory paths)

The "Working path" should be set to DOSBox path. Note that for "Syndicate Plus" you should type "synd.EXE"

Now, you only have to configure sound. "Syndicate Plus" will automatically ask you for sound configuration when you run it first time. But if you have "Syndicate" without expansion pack, and it won't ask you to configure sound during installation, then you have to edit "synd.bat" manually and set the proper sound configuration like this:

@main >nul: /iirq7  /idma1 /iio$220 /c0

In other words, you must set sound address to 0220h, IRQ to 7 and DMA to 1. The "/c0" parameter is for language selection (0=english).

If the game works too slow or something, see DOSBox instructions:

DOSBox Emulator information