Level index (for /m param): 102
City name on PC: The Moon
Map and level files (PC): map065.mad, c065l003.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 24
Citydrop code name: Cataclysm
First objective: Eliminate the Nine

(map102 The Moon)

PC Briefing


You have served us well. Now the moment is ours. Remain where you are and do not follow us. We will proceed to the Moon alone. When we activate our Ion Gate, those who remain on Earth will perish. Fear not - your name will forever be remembered and we shall call you a Saint of the New Epoch.

Human life on this planet will be virtually eradicated and we shall return to repopulate the globe with our likenesses. This has been our faith, and we shall carry it forward alone.

Anyone who now tries to stop us will be exterminated by the elite Sanctum Protectorate Guards. Accept your fate - do not be foolish and interfere. The power of the Sanctum Protectorate is immense. Remain where you are and lay down your weapons, for it is over and we have won.


The world shall turn and the human race shall pass.

Everything begins anew. The faith has run its course and it is over.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Eliminate the Nine

Wait in the start position, and deal with the first onslaught. Now make you way left, over the sand dunes, and deal with the attack that follows. Go below and kill the members of the Nine, pick up the satellite rain one drops.

Go down, to where the last member of the Nine is, kill the two spider droids and plant the two satellite rains by the wall, which should be the end of IX. Run to the evac point before time runs out.


Well done. You should have researched the Graviton gun if you picked it up, but in what mission do you use it?

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

The Church campaign does not include Orbital Station - you go direct to the moon. I guess in the Eurocorp campaign the Nine has the character represented by the player organise this resistance, so there's no defensive force in the Church one.

Well done, you've made it this far. Now leg it to the corner of the raised area you're in, because the building you've just come out of is about to blow up. Hopefully we don't need anything in there for getting back.

You will now be attacked by a mixed force of spider droids and elite zealots (armed with plasma lances). They all have to come up the same relatively narrow ramp, so if you can drop a stasis field over the entrance (be careful not to click too far down the ramp - if you don't have line of sight where you're trying to place the field you drop a field over your current position, which is not at all what you want) then you should be able to take down the first wave, possibly with the aid of a nuclear grenade (save them for the zealots, since the spider droids seem to be unaffected). For the second wave two or more nuclear grenades are a good idea, and then use supershields and plasma lances to deal with the spider droids.

Right, that's the hard bit done. There's two groups of resistance remaining.

Two of the Nine are in the walled-off area on the opposite side of the map to your current location, with a few spider droids in the area and three elite zealot guards each. The remainder are clustered around the Ion Gate, the pyramidal structure at the top of the map. The former set of these have the Graviton Gun, which would in theory make dealing with the latter set easier, but I found the trigger wire to be denser on the southern approach to the group of two, and went the other way.

Make your way around the rocks (and the trigger wire, though your can afford to run into single lines of it to get them out of the way if no enemies are around) behind your starting position and approach the walker near the Ion gun. Lob a nuclear grenade in its general direction to kill its guard and attract the attention of a large number of spider droids, which you can kill with plasma lances since they will arrive spread out. Then advance again, destroy the walker with plasma lances and try and peel off some more sanctum guards and members of the Nine by sniping at nearby units. These battles should not be difficult, especially if you stay behind the compound that the walker was in - the AI runs units around both sides of it and so they get spread out. You have plenty of nuclear grenades left, to deal with clusters of enemy, but save at least one (preferably three) for the final section.

Once major resistance in this area is dealt with, advance towards the walled-off section, eliminating any remaining units in this area (especially members of the Nine). As you approach the wall there will be more spider droids to deal with, but with plasma lances and supershields you shouldn't have a problem. Once close to the wall, throw a nuclear grenade at it (and don't get caught in the blast), aimed to detonate opposite the nearest member of the Nine. If you're lucky, he'll die in the collapse of the wall and his guards will go into the AI routine where they run around like headless chickens. Even if not, though, you will be able to pick one of them off with LR Rifle fire and deal with the rest using plasma lances. That may attract the final member of the Nine and his guards, and if so then shoot him down and the game is won - otherwise, lob a final nuclear grenade in his general direction and that should finish matters.

Well done, disciple. You've saved the world. Now turn your computer off and go and do something worthwhile!

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Medium

New research: Graviton Gun

New weapons: Graviton Gun

Possible loot: Graviton Gun

Mission peculiarity: Second of 2 missions bound together

Last mission. Use your best strategy. Figure out how to disable the ion device building before activation.

Tech ex machina

You already noticed the advantages of Clone Shield. Use it if you want to back off for a while.

If you equip a clone shield just at start, you can freely go to a corner of the map, and start sweeping everyone in small groups.

There's a lot of Trigger Wire traps on the level. And as you may notice at start of the mission, Zealots can detonate their own Trigger Wire traps if they're going full speed. You may make Zealots nervous by shooting in their direction, when you see they're close to such a trap.

You were blessed by this premonition from Lunar episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point