Level index (for /m param): 092
City name on PC: Bahrain
Map and level files (PC): map041.mad, c041l003.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 19
Citydrop code name: Arab Agenda
First objective: Protect the Bahrain AI

(map092 Bahrain)

PC Briefing

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Bahrain: Neutralise rogue agents. Seek and destroy Unguided assaults before they reach the AI.


Worrying intelligence reaches us from Bahrain. Remnants of the Unguided have somehow equipped themselves with heavy armour and have moved on the city's perimeter. A full scale attack now looks imminent. Their likely target is Bahrain AI, the hub of UTOPIA's Middle-Eastern control system. If this is destroyed, restoring EuroCorp world-wide could take years.

Bahrain AI controls a cadre of former EuroCorp agents and has deployed these in defensive positions throughout the central city district. We must regain control of the city before vital facilities are hit.

London Artificial Intelligence

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Bahrain: Neutralise rogue Agents and destroy Unguided assaults before they reach the AI building.

Recommended Equipment: Plasma Lances, LR Rifles, Launchers, Cerberus IFFs, Grenades, Automedikits

Guide: Use LR Rifles to wipe out any enemies in the vicinity, then send one Agent round to throw a Grenade into the middle of the large group of enemies behind the semicircular building to the south. Many of them are carrying explosives, so be ready for more explosions. Pick off survivors with LR Rifles, along with the tank and lorry.

Now head west for the path across the river (not the road). Shoot the punks the other side, then run across before their explosives detonate. You'll now be attacked by a couple of flying vehicles: use Plasma Lances to see them off (hide inside a building if you're low on energy). Next head south down the road to the stone pyramid. Run into the corner and steal the tank. Drive it out and shoot at the pursuing enemy Agents. When it's low on energy, get out.

When all the enemy Agents are dead, you'll be attacked from the north by a couple of tanks and lots of troops. Place your Cerberus IFFs on the road between the AI building and the harbour. Pick off any survivors that get through, then destroy the two tanks. The safest way to do this is hide behind the stone pyramid, firing Launchers across at the tanks from the opposite bottom corner (if a flying car attacks during this laborious process, switch to Plasma Lances to shoot it down).

You'll then be attacked by up to four flying cars! Deal with them using the Plasma Lances, hiding in buildings if you're getting hammered. Once you've destroyed them, you can evacuate. But before doing so, you may as well pick up the money from the Zealot temple in the northwest corner. Just blow the place up with a Grenade, then take one Agent in to get the four cases of money - watch out for Satellite Rain if you hang about, though.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


The enemies are going to attack Bahrain AI. If this is compromised, restoring Utopia worldwide would take years. You must not let them achieve their objective. Kill all the Zealots and regain control of the city.

Since you have the best weapon, it's time to get the perfect body upgrade, and prepare for the mission.

Head first to the right, and kill the Zealots there. Then proceed to the target, and wait for the AI building to be attacked by a bunch of Zealots. Kill these. Be careful, they have Tanks. Then some armored hover vehicles should arrive. Destroy these, then evacuate. Now wasn't that easy.


Say a prayer for the dearly departed Agents who have died under you command, and proceed to the last mission.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Neutralise rogue agents at the AI centre, and stop the Unguided assaults.


The Unguideds are planning to attack the Bahrain AI. If it gets destroyed, it will take years to get EuroCorp force back worldwide. Take out our former EuroCorp agents there, and kill the Unguided revolt.


There's a large building at the other side of the road where you are dropped initially. Behind the building there are lots of Unguideds, accompanied by a flying vehicle and a tank. A little bit further away, six flying vehicles are parked. If you don't take them out first, they will bother you further on in the Mission during some critical moments. I know that it's a little bit of foreknowledge, but it will make things a lot easier later on. Besides: if you don't destroy all the Unguideds at this part of the river first, you'll encounter them when you cross the river. And you would encounter the tanks on your way back to the IML point. So my advice: first deal with this part of town and do not cross the river yet.

First the tank. Place two high explosives on the big building mentioned above. The building will fall in and will take lots of Unguideds with it. Now stay away, because the killed Unguideds were carrying high explosives. Those explosions will take out other Unguideds, and will cause great damage to the tank -- if you are lucky, it will even get destroyed. Wait until all explosions are over. Then, finish the tank and the flying vehicle with your plasma lance. A few hits will be sufficient. There will also be some Unguideds wandering around, but they are nothing to be worried about. A long-range rifle will take them out before they got close enough to hit you.

Next objective: the parked vehicles. Don't run to the parking lot unless you have suicidal tendencies. Stop at the little pool (just before the stairs leading down to the parking-place). Take your long-range rifle and choose a vehicle to attack. They will not respond, because they can not see where the shots are coming from. This way, the vehicle will be destroyed before it even got airborne. If a vehicle does notice you and flies towards you, change your weapon in the plasma lance and destroy it with four shots from your four agents so you can do this in one blow. Repeat this for every vehicle (one at a time) and this should not be too difficult. If some walking Unguideds remain in the neighbourhood, take them out now so that you don't have to bother with them later. Please notice that almost all of them are carrying medikits.

OK, this part is secure now. It's time to cross the river. There are two bridges: the large one (with lots of Unguideds and two tanks waiting for you on the other side) or the little bridge meant for pedestrians only with only two Unguided guards waiting for you on the other side. It's not too difficult to decide which bridge you want to take, is it? Kill the guard, and take their high explosives. Walk towards the AI centre with long-range rifles. If police bothers you take them out. As soon as the former EuroCorp agents at the AI centre start to notice you, take the first two out with two long-range rifle shots.

Your agents will have to reload now so backup . Run back to the other side of the river by taking the small bridge again. The agents will follow you, with some distance between them so all you have to do is wait until an agent appears on your side of the bridge, and kill it with your favourite weapon. If the health of one of your agents is rather poor, remember the medikits lying on the Unguideds' bodies. There should be lots of them, thanks to the fact you took them out in the first part of this mission. Please note that trigger wire would not help here because the agents WERE on your side so it doesn't trigger the explosives.

When the coast is clear, go back to the AI centre. A tank will be in the neighbourhood. It is very important that you know that the destruction of the tank with the plasma lance triggers the other Unguideds with their two tanks at the large bridge. When you are ready to fire the final shot at the tank, see to it that you are not too far away from the small bridge, because this will serve for the second time as our escape-route. The Unguideds will split up when the tank explodes: some will take the little bridge, some will take the large bridge (with the tanks). Try to put two high explosives at the large bridge to take all those out at once. Otherwise you will have to use the plasma lances on them. Trigger wire can be very helpful at the small bridge to eliminate the other Unguideds. Enjoy this last battle with them, because this will be the last time you'll encounter the Unguideds.

Have you taken them out? Great! As a reward you can take the money ($3.5 million credits) in the Church near the large bridge. Destroy the building first, because there's an alarm with an automatic minigun.

If you think this was too difficult, don't even consider starting REF 20.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Very low

New research: Displacertron (always)

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 3500k cr, 10 Agents

There are two areas divided by the river. Clear all the Unguided on starting area before going to second one. Flying cars with Plasma Lances will trigger at various stages of the level if you won't get rid of them at start.

When moving to the second area, use the narrow path instead of wide bridge.

When all Unguided and enemy Agents are dead, you need to evacuate and that's it. There are no surprises during evacuation.

Additional hints

One of the Unguided Tanks can be eliminated by just destroying IML Line. The other can be slightly harmed by destroying part of the bridge.

Destroying each of the tanks beyond the bridge is a trigger for 2 flying cars with Plasma Lances. Be sure to destroy all the flying cars before going after these tanks.

Watch out for the trap in front of Zealot temple. This time it's not only slowing you down with Stasis Field, but shoots you with Miniguns while you're immobilized. Destroy the temple to take 4 suitcases with a total of 3,500,000 credits.

If you have a clone shield, remember that there's a tank waiting to be taken near enemy agents. Would be a shame to leave it there idle, especially because enemy agents can make use of it if you won't steal it.

This is Bahrain AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Unguided citizens

Enemy agents

Tank (empty)

Unguided tanks

Unguided flying cars with Plasma Lances

Unguided flying car with LR Rifle

Trap in front of temple

Money suitcases