Level index (for /m param): 084
City name on PC: Colombo
Map and level files (PC): map046.mad, c046l015.d2,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 20
Citydrop code name: Confrontation
First objective: Secure the Orbital Station

(map084 Colombo)

PC Briefing

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Colombo: Retake control of the orbital elevator facility. Additional operatives will be on site to assist.

Vissick himself has escaped but his rebellion is over. He and a few others will die in the toxic wilderness beyond city perimeters. When we have finished dealing with the Church, we can mount a search for the bodies.

I have deciphered the coded orders Anika-Mirabelle was carrying when you terminated her. She was scheduled to rendezvous with the cult's leadership - the Nine - in Sri Lanka. The Church has taken over the Orbital Elevator at Colombo. From there, they could take control of the Moon.

Professor Drennan fears that the Nine have plans to carry into practice some of the theories set out in the Codex. Namely, to enhance the power of the experimental ionospheric re-calibration equipment being developed by scientists at the Amundsen Research Colony on the surface of the Moon, and to use it as a weapon.

Reports from other AIs indicate a global reduction in zealot activity, suggesting that their Cataclysm might be about to happen.

London Artificial Intelligence

PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Colombo: Retake control of the orbital elevator facility.

Recommended Equipment: Plasma Lances, LR Rifles, Trigger Wires, Grenades, Stasis Fields, Automedikits

Guide: Before starting, you may as well blow all your cash on mods and equipment, as you won't get a chance to re-equip for the subsequent mission. You'll need to save the Grenades for that. This time your Agents each have four guards to protect them - and they need all the help they can get on this tricky mission.

Lay Trigger Wires on the path to the northeast corner. A couple of flying cars will attack, so stand firm with Plasma Lances to shoot them down - but make sure you get out of the way! More flying cars will attack, then some Zealots from the south (though you may have to lure them). Finish off any survivors with Plasma Lances, but watch out for explosions. Once they're all dead, lay more Trigger Wires, then lure the rest of the Zealots from the south.

Now head down the northern edge. Lay Trigger Wires up to the northeast corner, then lure out the Zealots from the U-shaped building. Use a Stasis Field and Plasma Lances to eliminate any survivors. Watch out for explosions.

Carry on westwards along the northern edge until you encounter another Zealot attack. Deal with this using a Stasis Field and Plasma Lances (or lure it back into Trigger Wires if you prefer). Then head further west and eliminate the Zealots around the police station. Carry on round the western and southern edges of the level, picking off groups of Zealots.

Now start luring out the Zealots from the centre, using LR Rifles to pick off the ones around the edge. If flying cars give chase, use Plasma Lances to down them.

You'll need to send an Agent up the ramps to lure out the central Zealots. Watch out for them lobbing Grenades which detonate at the bottom of the ramps - activate the supershield as you run back down to your comrades, then use a Stasis Field and Plasma Lances to eliminate your pursuers. Once all the Zealots and flying cars are eliminated (don't bother with the two large vehicles on the east side), go up a ramp and into the elevator - ideally you want all four Agents intact.

Short Method: There's an alternative to shooting all the Zealots, but it's riskier. Once you've killed the Zealots around the police station, you can steal the unoccupied tank. Before doing so, take your men on foot towards the bottom of the northern ramp and kill the three Zealots guarding it (if you haven't already). Get in the tank and drive it to the top of the ramp. It'll come under heavy bombardment, so get out as soon as you reach the top, activate supershields, and run for the elevator. It's easy to lose an Agent or two in the confusion, so you may be better off using the standard method.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Retake control of the orbital elevator facility. The remaining members of the Church of new epoch, intend to take over the moon, to use the experimental Ionospheric Lensing equipment as a weapon. You must prevent this, and finally put an end to the Church of New Epoch.

It's time to put and end to the Church and it's founders. Prepare for the onslaught that will follow.

What can I say about this mission but Kill Crush Destroy. You have an army at your disposal, but they will be killed soon. The only danger is from the Moving Missile platforms, once everyone is dead go to the elevator, but make sure all your agents survive this first phase.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


This last Mission is in fact three missions, which have to be accomplished all at once. In other words: there's no opportunity to save in between. If the first Mission is accomplished, you'll automatically move to the second, etc. Each separate Mission is not very difficult, but winning those three missions together is a real challenge. If you die in a mission, you'll start again at the beginning of that mission. Thank the people from Bullfrog that you don't have to start with Mission 1 over and over again when you fail in Mission 2 or 3. Now that would be annoying. Also note that you'll have to have four agents to complete this mission. Only in Mission 3 it's permitted to lose some agents. I'll explain later why.


Three missions, so there are three objectives:

  1. Mission 1: Take your agents into the orbital elevator.
  2. Mission 2: Get the navigational computer on the orbital station, stop the self-destruct sequence and leave with a shuttle.
  3. Mission 3: Take out The Nine on the moon surface.


In the introduction scene, you'll see The Nine go into the orbital elevator which takes them to the orbital station, where they can take a shuttle to the moon. From there, they'll use a powerful weapon to control Earth. It's the great cataclysm everybody's talking about: The Church of the New Epoch taking over control. Your job is to save Earth from this terrible fact. Take out The Nine on the moon. You'll have to follow them through the elevator.


First of all: weapon choice is very important in this mission. You must have with you: the plasma lance, the automedikit, a clone shield for each agent, and long range rifles. Agent 1 should carry some high explosives.

Your 4 agents are separately dropped in each corner of the map. They all are accompanied by some other EuroCorp agents. Your first objective is to get all those agents together again. Take agent 1 and go to the car park on the right. Place three high explosives. Two on the south side of the fence, one at the east side. Hide, and watch all the cars explode. Should one survive, it will attack you. Some plasma lance hits will take the car out very fast.

Agent 4 is in a flying vehicle. Fly to the team of agent 1 and let them join him. Make them a team (1,4) via the group button. Not long after this agent 2 will get attacked. He will survive if you are too late to guide him because the other EuroCorp agents will help him out. Just be sure that he's safe when the killed Zealots explode.

Take agent 3 and walk southwards. They'll encounter 4 Epoch agents, but they can easily be taken out with the plasma lances. Let them walk to the (1,4) team and group them: (1,4,3). Only agent 2 is still alone now. Take (1,4,3) to the starting position of agent 1 and get out of the car. Walk northwards, towards agent 2. Take out the three agents that are guarding the tank. You can drive the tank now if you want. When you're getting closer to agent 2, group them all (1,2,3,4) and run to get the whole group together. A team of Epoch agents wills pursuit agent 2 and you'll have to help him out. Don't worry about losing those unnumbered EuroCorp agents. Instead, use them as living shields. They won't follow you into the orbital elevator anyway. This group of attacking Epoch agents is big, but your unnumbered agents should be able to handle them. Again, watch out for high explosives on their bodies.

Now that we're all together it's time to think about the main objective: to use the orbital elevator. It's very important that you realise that your job here is NOT to take out every Epoch agent. (Good luck for anyone who wants to try this ... now that's a challenge!) We are going to use the clone shield. In this way you can just walk into the orbital elevator. The Zealots will not notice you. There's only one drawback: you'll have to get rid of those unnumbered agents before you walk into the elevator. They do not possess clone shields, so they would blow your disguise. You will have to keep on fighting Epoch agents until only our regular numbered EuroCorp agents remain.

Once you are in the elevator, you must deactivate your clone shield. The elevator will recognise you now as agents and will take you to part II: The Orbital Station.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 1

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Very low

New research: none

New weapons: none

Possible loot: none

Mission peculiarity: First of 3 missions bound together

On a first run, you may want to go with clearing the level, first grouping your agents into pairs, then getting them all together, then slowly getting rid of groups of Zealots.

But in case you already did that once, and have to repeat it only because you had to break before completing further two levels, you probably want to skip it. And this can be done - equip Clone Shields in all agents, group them and make a run towards the Elevator. Sometimes in such a run an agent gets lost - then restart. but usually, it will work out and all the agent will gather near the elevator. Enter inside with all agents, and un-equip clone shields - you get instant pass to the next level.

Additional hints

If you're doing elevator run, it is best to keep the slowest-reaching Agent selected. After all, grouped agents are not all running towards elevator, but are running towards selected agent. Unless you won't group them - which isn't that bad of an idea as well.

The game will not register that you're in the elevator if your Clone Shields are active.

This is Colombo AI non-official message, please do not reply.

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