Level index (for /m param): 074
City name on PC: Honolulu
Map and level files (PC): map040.mad, c040l001.d2,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 15
Citydrop code name: Re-Alignment
First objective: Evacuate all personnel

(map074 Honolulu)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hawaii: Your mission is to provide security for a meeting with EuroCorp Honolulu personnel.

Congratulations. Good to be in communication with you again.

Drennan is safely back and undergoing neural re-calibration. In his short time with the Church of the New Epoch, the professor managed to learn more about the Nine and what they have planned for us. As soon as he stops dribbling, we'll ask him what he knows.

In the meantime, we have received a message from the Honolulu AI. Honolulu AI wishes to confirm an allied status with EuroCorp. It has never supported enemies of London AI's strategy, nor is it carrying the Harbinger virus. It is ready to transfer all its resources to EuroCorp's absolute command. Our people and theirs will meet and exchange protocol keys. Security during the proceedings is your responsibility.


PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Hawaii: Protect EuroCorp personnel

Recommended Equipment: Launchers, LR Rifles

Guide: The key to this mission is keeping one Agent back with the executives which you're protecting, using the other three for mopping up the enemies around the level. At the start select only the first three Agents and place them at the reservoir entrance, armed with Launchers and pumped up on Red Mist. They should easily see off the first wave of Zealots.

Now head south down the road and wait just before the crossroads and wait until a patrolling tank comes your way (also watch out for the punks which may attack). Use Launchers and hit-and-run tactics on it. Chase the tank south once it turns round, using Launchers to destroy it - it's far easier to hit when moving away from you. Retreat to the reservoir to avoid its rockets. Once it returns to its normal patrol, go and attack again. Once the tank's destroyed, advance to the crossroads. A group of laser-wielding punks will attack (if they haven't already). Retreat to the reservoir and use Launchers to annihilate them.

Now head south past the crossroads, armed with LR Rifles. Once you pick off a Zealot, a flying car will attack, so switch to Launchers and retreat north until it's shot down in flames. Zealots may also attack, so dispose of them with Launchers too. Now proceed along the route to the IML Link, picking off all the Zealots and punks with LR Rifles. If groups chase after you, retreat to the reservoir and switch to Launchers. It's best to steer clear of the base in the northwest corner, as it's crawling with Zealots, but you can pick up Stealth Skin from one of them.

Make sure the route is completely clear before escorting the executives to the IML Link.

Additional Tips: Put the executives in the far corner, well away from the conflict. Lay down tons of Trigger Wire in the reservoir entrance and up the road, then lure in the Zealots. Make sure you shoot down the flying APC with Launchers. Use the same Trigger Wire technique for the Zealots in SW of the crossroads and the punks near the IML Link (although you could try legging it past the latter). If any enemies get through the wire, finish them off with Launchers. Once the route is clear, take the executives to the IML Link

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Protect Eurocorp personnel

Honolulu has managed to avoid infection from the harbinger virus, and are ready to re-establish their link with us. Our people, and they will meet. You must handle security during the proceedings.

This is without a doubt the hardest mission in the game. Make sure you buy some satellite Rains and trigger wire. The trigger wire technique will definitely have to be employed several times during this mission.

The opening scene will show you escorting Eurocorp techs to meet some others. What a nice place to meet, by a big mass of water looks like the scene for a mafia massacre. Then oh oh, the Church of New Epoch will arrive to give some bible readings. Only use three agents for this mission, selecting four will result in the techs following you, which will certainly mean their doom. Wait a minute in the start location for some church members to attack, and kill them. It shouldn't be too hard. Your next objective is to destroy the green armored vehicle patrolling the main corridor. You must destroy this before you proceed further. Wait until it ventures down to the bottom of the map before attacking. It would take far too long to destroy this with weapons, I recommend taking a lone agent and draw it's fire. Plant a satellite rain and avoid the missiles until it explodes. This should destroy it. No bother, now plant trigger wire along different sections of the main corridor. Take a lone agent and walk to the center of the map. This will result in church members following you lure them into the trigger wire. By the time they get to you, they will be almost all eradicated. Repeat the process, go to the intersection of the main corridor, take the right and go to the entrance where the skyscrapers are. Lure the church members out and walk them into the same trap. Now go to the last place you lured, continue right and go up near where your target destination is. Lure the Zealots that are here out into your trigger wire trap.

Now its time to evacuate. Simply select all your agents, and run like ma d to the evac zone.


Well done, if you managed to survive, that you are a great player. You could stand to have lost one agent. You should have researched arms level 3.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Provide security for a meeting with EuroCorp Honolulu personnel.


Professor Drennan has been brought to safety thanks to you. He learned more about "The Nine", but he's undergoing neural calibration right now. In the meantime, Honolulu wishes to confirm an allied status with us. We scheduled a meeting that will transfer all resources to EuroCorp command. Your team will be there too. Make sure no one gets injured.


Your Mission objective changes as soon as you arrive in town. The vehicle that dropped your team blows up just a few minutes later. The meeting is located by the pool, and consists of your team, 4 Honolulu agents and some local representatives. You must accompany the meeting guests to the nearest safe place: an IML-link.

You can play this Mission the TOO HARD way (for the hard-core gamers), the DIFFICULT way (my choice) or the TOO EASY way. Choose your path before you read on.


At first this Mission seems to be very hard to win. On your way to the IML, your party will be attacked by at least 2 EuroCorp gangs, lots of Unguideds and an EuroCorp tank. When you deal with them while the members are accompanying you to the IML link, it's nearly impossible to keep them all alive. OK, you have a team of 8 agents but even that doesn't really help.


To win this Mission more easily, you must leave one agent behind with the meeting and make a group with the three other agents. The meeting guests all follow one of your four agents: the other agents can leave without a problem. The guests will stay. The agent that triggers the guests must stay with them. This makes the Mission a lot easier: they are quite safe at the pool, and working this way provides you a buffer zone between war and peace. Initially two of your agents are guarding the entrance to the pool, and the two remaining agents are with the meeting across the pool. Group your three agents like I described above.

It doesn't take long before your first Church attack is imminent. Enemies will have to pass the entrance of the pool. You can use the barbed wire to slow them down. Because of the small entrance, your launcher rockets will also be very effective. The entrance leads to a street. A tank is patrolling in this street. Shoot your long-range rifle at the tank to get his attention. Retreat until you reach the entrance again. The tank is quite harmless while it's moving. But when it stops and gets a lock on you with the missiles you better hide somewhere. The fire rate of the tank is quite high. The tank will try to advance through the entrance. Too pity its just a little bit too small. (Thank you, Bullfrog.) The tank will get stuck. You can now finish the tank any way you like: launcher rockets, long range rifle or with a high explosive underneath the tank.

Go back to the street. Turn left until you reach an intersection. As soon as you approach it, two small groups of about 5 Unguideds will attack you. Kill them with 2 effective launcher shots. Turn right. Take the next path to the right. It will lead to the IML link. As soon as you enter it, a very large group of Epoch's will advance on you. Time to use the red drug and to run back to the entrance of the pool. Put a high explosive on the entrance. Use the launcher rockets when the first bunch of Zealots arrive. The rockets will trigger the explosive and kill at least 20 of them. Use your miniguns to finish the job and to kill the surviving Zealots. Take them out quickly, because a big group of Unguideds is underway. If some Zealots are still alive when the Unguideds arrive, they will fight against each other.

The Zealots will be defeated, but you must fight the Unguideds now. They are armed with lasers, so the miniguns will do. This last battle will demand the utmost of your team. No matter what happens, don't let them pass you because they will go straight to the meeting. If you notice the battle is going the wrong way, you can always bring in the agent that stayed behind, and this also brings in the four Honolulu EuroCorp agents. With 8 agents, the Unguideds should be no match for your team. These five new agents run quite fast and arrive quickly at the scene of the battle. It will take a while before the Honolulu representatives will have kept up with them. But be sure that the battle is over before the representatives arrive.

That's it. You'll encounter one group of Unguideds near the IML link, but they are not numerous and are very easy to take out. When you're at the IML the Mission is a success.


Use your clone shield with one of your agents. Take the flying vehicle in the lower part of the city. Land at the pool and let everybody join the ride. Fly to the IML link. That's it.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: none

Possible loot: Epidermis v4, 1 Scientist, Satellite Rain

This mission may seem hard at first, but after you get famimiar with it and realize the possibilities, it's really fun. All you need in one Agent with best Cryo mods you can get and a Clone Shield, which has number different than #3.

Agent #3 is bound to the people you need to protect - they follow him. So leave this agent at its place, with LR Rifle equipped, in case someone will reach him.

First, you need to deal with the Zealots which are already comming for you. Group agents #1, #2 and #4, and switch between LR Rilfes and Launchers.

When this is done, you can choose how to handle this mission. Either use the 3 Agants, killing Unguided and Zealots in an usual way, or use the Agent with Clone Shield to do something smarter.

Additional hints

Best way to deliver the civilians to IML link is a flying car.

There are 3 tanks, to which Zealots enter only for a little while, besides that they're empty, ready for taking.

Most ramps on the level are a bit wider than the one in your start location, so you can ride the tanks without issues almost everywhere.

Even though your mission is to reach IML Link, there won't be any consequences if the IML track is destroyed. Ne need to worry.

Falling IML track will get rid of all the Unguided near evac point.

If you drug your Agents near the scientist on this level, they will shoot him, even though he's unarmed. Be very careful if you're for persuasion.

When you start shooting the squad inspected by the Scientist, he will escape to the building close to IML track. He will be safer there if you destroy that building before. Actually all these hangars fall together, as one building.

Unguided spawn when you step on green lines, but Clone Shield avoids the activation.

When you're in a tank with Clone Shield, your energy doesn't drop. Actually, it replenishes, even though Clone Shield is active. Cars do not act like that, only the tanks.

Tanks have very large range. Make sure you're far when destroying buildings.

You can hear strange sounds in bottom left of the level. Like some kind of Mech walking.

It is not possible to kill the Civilian informant who is discussing something with the Zealots. One of those Zealots have Satellite Rain.

Do not forgret about picking up the Epidermis v4.

This is Honolulu AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

|⨁ First Unguided spawn, trigger and place

―⨁ Second Unguided spawn, trigger and place

Unguided near evac point

Zealot tanks


Civilian informant

Zealot flying cars


Epidermis v4