Level index (for /m param): 072
City name on PC: New York
Map and level files (PC): map004.mad, c004l003.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 13
Citydrop code name: Divine Light
First objective: Steal Eurocorp weapon design

(map072 New York)

PC Briefing

Meditate with us, Disciple.

Steal plans for a new Syndicate weapon from the EuroCorp installation in New York.

Professor Drennan is dead. His resistance to our neural inquisitors caused him to suffer a massive haemorrhage. Disappointing. Nevertheless, through our prayers, he survived long enough to furnish us with reliable information that the Syndicate is planning a major counter-offensive against our hallowed Church. Preparations for the counter-strike are being made in EuroCorp bases in New York.

In New York, guarded Syndicate technicians have been testing a thermonuclear hand weapon we ourselves foresee a use for. Two days ago our brothers and sisters - who occupy the city's Cathedral in defiance of EuroCorp's presence - witnessed a terrible blast inside the enemy's compound. It is from within this compound that Drennan said we would find experimental data regarding these devices. However, the compound is heavily defended. A diversion is probably required.

Brother Methuselah will forsake the sanctuary the cathedral provides and meet you at the IML. He will lead you to a residential and commercial sector where he will incite a riot, by administering a censer cloud of psycho gas in the midst of the civilian population. During this time you should find some means of entering the compound. The Syndicate's response to the riot should occupy some of the guards for a while.


The courageous enter dark caves alone. The clever send in the courageous first. The cleverest wait behind the clever.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Steal plans for a new syndicate weapon from the Eurocorp installation in New York.

Since no new weapons or upgrades are available, head straight to the mission.

Follow the rogue church member, he will instigate some riots. When he has completed his mission, he will stop. Then, some Eurocorp vehicles will go to the scene of the riot. Quickly depart to the church compound, and wait until the commotion dies down.

Two blocks above the church compound, there should be two vehicles. Take one, and go to where the weapon is being held. Shoot the Eurocorp agents with launchers form the car, and take the weapon. Leave the base. When you will be attacked by a bunch of Unguided, you don't have to kill them, but do anyway.

Now, before returning to base, rob the bank nearby, shoot the guards outside the bank to provoke an attack from the militia. Take care - their numbers are many. Then destroy the bank with the launcher, you no longer need explosives.

Now bring the weapon to the church compound to be uploaded, then leave the temple and watch all hell break loose flee to HQ.


An interesting mission indeed. You should have some money from the bank heist, and researched the Stasis Field and Brain Level two.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

Ahh, New York, New York. So good they decided to test Nuclear Grenades here.

OK, ignore the mission briefing about using the distraction created to invade the encampment, the Syndicate doesn't actually recall its operatives so there's no need to be quick about anything.

In fact, I suggest that the first thing you do is take your acolytes south and hit the bank. As you start engaging the police guard, they will respond with some more foot units and two flying cars. Take out the ground units, hide from the cars under the nearby buildings while your weapons and energy recharge, then kill the cars. When they're dead, blow up the bank (you can use three rounds of launcher fire instead of high explosives) and grab the cash.

Now you probably can go ahead and do the objective without cleaning up all the Syndicate troops lying around, but I'd recommend the clear-up, just so you don't run into anyone later. There's not much risk involved - it seems that most of the Operatives and their vehicles get stuck on the scenery here, so just run around the area the riot was in and snipe them down one-by-one. You may need to launcher a few buildings to take out the flying car in this area. There is absolutely no need to do this, but you're playing Syndicate Wars, so rampant destruction of everything vaguely in your way is probably your idea of fun. Do it anyway. There's another flying car near one of the raised roads, kill this also. A solid volley from your launchers will usually take one down or at worst cripple it.

Anyway, the objective itself is simple enough. Blow the gate open with launchers, shoot down everyone you can get at inside with LR Rifles. Wait for them to reload. Once you enter the gate more troops will come out of the building the objective is in, but not so many you can't just shoot them down with your rifles and then switch to electron maces to finish up. Grab the suitcase and head back to the temple, shooting down any pursuers you might have.

Once you complete the objective a huge number of Operatives will spawn and an enormous fight breaks out between the Zealots guarding the temple and the Operatives attacking.

You can activate supershields and try and run through the Syndicate's lines, but it's easy to lose a zealot in the confusion. Also, it's dull. Far better is to stay behind your own zealots, put the drugs into the red and support them with rifle fire and engaging flying cars and big enemy groups with launchers.

Help your fellows hold the line against this first assault and somewhere around 10 of them will survive.

You can then make a break for the IML link, probably getting there before Eurocorp's next wave becomes an issue.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: none

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 2000k cr

You start the mission with one of your fellow Acolytes approaching you. He will next go to civilian sector, and use Psycho Gas and some shooting to start civil unrest. Adversaries will respond to that, killing all the emerging Unguided in that area. But not before the Unguided will kill every civilian. In the end, Adversaries will be patrolling the civilian sector, and no civilians will remain there.

So your mission is to use that diversion to steal suitcase with Eurocorp technology. And you could do that, but that's not really the most risky part of the mission, so you may better leave it for later. First, focus on robbing the Bank.

In front on the Bank, there are 3 Police officers. When the middle one dies, backup forces will spawn just before the bank - two flying cars and 8 Police officers on foot, all armed with Pulse Lasers. So you may either kill that officer and deal with the police forces, or - not kill him at all. Persuade him instead. And there is actually third option - equip Clone Shields just after killing the Officer.

The kill'em all option doesn't require more explanation, but the other options do.

So let's discuss persuasion option first. This way you get enough power to persuade Adversaries, which will provide you with serious firepower for the rest of this level. Just after starting the level, go to the civilian sector and persuade people around the first block. Then go to bank and just run into each police officer, persuading him. Now you have enough persuasion points to persuade Adversaries as well. There are 4 of them patrolling a building near Zealot temple. Persuade these first. Then you can handle the rest of Adversaries. If your persuaded Police dies in the process, you may need to handle the police forces which will spawn - use your Launchers to destroy the flying cars which will come first, then persuade the Police that will come on foot, one by one.

For killing with Clone Shield option - this method will allow you to get two Flying cars which the Police use. And you can actually still combine it with persuading, if you're good enough. Anyway, head to the back of IML Link, where two flying Police cars will spawn. The officers will spawn next to the cars, and will enter the cars soon after, unless they notice an enemy just next to them. Place 3 of your Acolytes close to the spawn points, near the wall surrounding IML Station. Equip LR Rifles and max out Red Mist. Now they're ready. The fourth Acolyte, take to the Bank. Do not stand on the road in front of the bank, go inside instead, and stand within its entrance. Snipe the middle Police officer, then immediatelly run inside the bank and switch to Clone Shield. Someone will probably still shoot you, but likely only one Officer. Just run towards the rest of your Agents, with Clone Shield active. Use Super Shields if the Pulse Laser fire slows you down. When your Acolytes are together again, either persuade or kill the remaining Police forces.

When you've dealt with the middle Police Officer, blowing the bank will not trigger any more events. So just destroy the bank and take the 4 suitcases, 500,000 credits each.

Now you can proceed with your mission objective. Destroy the gate to where the suitcase with designs is, either kill or persuade the Adversaries, and pick up the item. You will be asked to deliver the data to Zealot temple for immediate uplink.

As soon as you deliver the data, Eurocorp assault will start. Fortunately there are a lot of Zealots to assist you. Help them with your LR Rifles, and they will eliminate all the enenmy forces.

One flying car with Adversaries wielding LR Rifles will float aimlessly near bottom right of the map. Looks like it somehow gets stuck there - you can either destroy it or leave it be.

During Evacuation, four Adversaries with Lasers will attack. Some of remaining Acolytes from the temples may follow you and help with them. Two final Adversaries have Launchers - snipe them, evacuate and that's it.

Tech ex machina

The Police in front of the Bank do not seem to care much if you're persuading them. They also won't react to your Acolytes wielding weapons, as long as they aren't being shot at.

When a vehicle spawns within the game, its driver is always spawning separatelty and then entering the vehicle. That means that leaving your Agent there, pumped with either Red Mist or Blue Funk, allows you to take over every such vehicle.

If you have any Adversaries persuaded during the Eurocorp assault, Acolytes may start attacking them. This doesn't really matter - the persuaded crowd can't be killed by allied Electron Maces.

You were blessed by this premonition from New York episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Police officers

Police backup forces spawn points

Police flying cars spawn points

Zealots near temple

Suitcase with weapon design

Empty car


Adversaries ambush on evac spawn

Flying cars with Adversaries

Weapon design