Level index (for /m param): 071
City name on PC: Adelaide
Map and level files (PC): map006.mad, c006l003.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 23
Citydrop code name: Recapture
First objective: Rescue IX and guide him to rendezvous

(map071 Adelaide)

PC Briefing

Blessings, Acolyte.

An emergency has arisen, to try us. One of the Nine has been captured. He is being held in a detention centre in Adelaide. You must release him and escort him to sanctuary.

You must pray for a way into the centre and must carry arms to beat off those unbelievers who would cut you down in your tracks. This is where your faith is tested, Disciple. Do not fail. Remain alert. Trust the true way and, if it is willed, you shall succeed.

Travel on holy paths.


In the darkest times, the true believer hones his combat skills.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


An emergency has arisen. One of the nine has been captured, and is being held in a detention center in Adelade. You must release him and return him to safety.

Ok, just upgrade, and head to the mission.

Leave HQ and begin destroying all the armored tanks you find on the streets. If you are quick, you should destroy them before they can fire one rocket. Now, take the only vehicle in the area to the enclosed area where there is an armored tank. Deal with the guards, and destroy the tank. Don't worry, it is unmanned. If you tried to pilot it, it would explode. Now go to the detention center park outside, and plant four explosives outside the entrance. Run to safety and return. Lure the Eurocorp agents out and slowly kill their groups. Then go inside, and deal with the four sentry droids. With the base secure, take the green hover vehicle, grab IX and take him to the rendezvous' point. Now you have to make sure he doesn't get killed. My advice is, when the mission update occurs, fly to another place, and wait for it to be safe. Then escort IX into the waiting hover vehicle. A group will fly off, now take the green hover vehicle and follow them, and it's mission over.


A tricky mission, may the cataclysm soon begin. You should have researched Brain level three. You are now the strongest acolytes in the Syndicate Wars world.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

That...is a lot of security. Anybody would think they'd got one of the Nine in there or something.

Oh, right. Again, you're going to need some crowd control. This walkthrough assumes you're using stasis fields and nuclear grenades; trigger wires and satellite rain are probably viable options.

Anyway, start by eliminating the patrolling tanks. They're no match for fully-modified agents with plasma lances, so you can just walk up to each one and blast them. If you're slow they may get a shot off, which won't be a problem provided you rest up before taking on the next one. With those dead, head to the smaller compound, blast the a hole in the door with launchers and then eliminate the five agents inside with rifles, switching to plasma lances if things get hot. Stay away from the tank (it explodes) and blow it up when you leave.

Now for the main event.

Head to the gate of the main compound and launcher it twice. Let your energy recover and launcher it a third time. Shoot anything you can see through your new hole then drop stasis fields over it. Throw one or two nuclear grenades into the stasis area once a reasonable number of agents are trapped there. Retreat and hit the survivors with LR rifles and plasma lances. With automedikits you should be fine.

There will be a few survivors in the compound, but they'll be scattered. Take them down with rifles at range, though - a couple carry nuclear grenades of their own, which will be incredibly annoying if they get to throw them. Once everyone's dead, steal the flying car, go and pick IX up (you may need to move closer to him after you land) and head to the rendezvous. A large allied force will arrive; that's your mission complete.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Medium

New research: none

New weapons: none

Opponents: 35 Agents, 5 Tanks

Possible loot: Agents, 2 Nuclear Grenades

Relatively easy and straightforward mission, allows you to relax before the final one.

Destroy all tanks (you may leave the one which is controlled by a civilian). Easy to do with Plasma Lances.

Then kill all Agents. Use Nuclear Grenades if too many is comming at you, then let them chase you around the map while you snipe the rest. Or you can persuade them, there is enough civilians on the level to allow that. For that, wait for them behind a corner with persuadertron, and use another agent as bait.

When map is clean of Agents, use Flying car from the Eurocorp base to get into central area. Get close to the Scientist and he will follow. Watch out for the Trigger Wire there. Take the Scientist to evac point.

Zealot flying convoy will arrive. Get into the car marked on the map, and that's it - the car will automatically fly to the edge of the map, causing mission complete.

Tech ex machina

You won't be able to persuade the Scientist. It's not like you need more, everything reserchable you should have already researched.

You may think the civilian-controlled tank and the accompanying agents will rush towards you at some point. But no, they will stay where they are. You can leave them be, if you don't care about cleaning the whole map.

Nuclear grenades can be thrown behind the wall. Though you will need some practice for where you should stand to throw it there - if you are too close to said wall, it will not work.

Another way of eliminating agents behind a wall is to abuse beam weapons collision system. If firing at an angle to something behind the wall, some beams will come through. For Plasma Lance, that is enough to kill in a few shots.

If you persuade enough Agents, then the Zealots which come to escort you can also be persuaded. Only those who leave their cars, ofcourse. Persuading them will not affect the mission.

You were blessed by this premonition from Adelaide episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Eurocorp Agents

Civilian car (empty)

Flying car (empty)

Tanks controlled by Agents

Tank controlled by Civilian