Level index (for /m param): 058
City name on PC: Beijing
Map and level files (PC): map032.mad, c032l015.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 07
Citydrop code name: Semi-Automatic
First objective: Neutralise agent

(map058 Beijing)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hong Kong, Beijing and Phoenix: neutralise rogue agents.

Return to base for further instructions.


The following message was intercepted by netscan at 06:55 yesterday. London AI has just decrypted it.

Message Type: Encoded Transcript

Priority: High

FROM: Control

TO: All Field Executives

Message begins:

Agents purporting to represent EuroCorp have carried out covert operations in sectors of interest to us.

Reconnaissance of these areas is desired. Agents should include assessments of their new mods in their reports.

Message ends.

It is evident from this message that our activities have been monitored by rogue agents with access to cyber-technology. Some of this technology may be more advanced than our own - we do not know what development resources this group has at its disposal.

The message has been traced to destinations in Hong Kong, Beijing and Phoenix. Deploy a team of cyborgs to track down and neutralise all unauthorised agents. Our resident AI is now modifying these cities' surveillance systems to detect agents equipped with advanced cybernetic enhancements. Seek out these agents. They must be persuaded to join us or be exterminated.

Additional: Study of the Indoctrinator components you recovered from Phoenix has revealed how the Church of the New Epoch gains converts. The cultists' device contains UTOPIA command-compatible transceiver circuitry. In other words, our enemy has something similar in function to our Persuadertron. Every component is made of a memory plastic which instantly bio-degrades when a zealot's lifesign sensor stops working. This is why we have never found anything on the bodies of cultists, which would have accounted for their power of persuasion. With further study, our R&D staff expect to design a more effective Persuadertron for us, one which would work on zealots.


PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Kill the rogue agent.


check REF 7 Hong Kong


This Mission is a piece of cake. Get to the entrance between the rocks. There's an operative and an automatic laser station standing over there. Stay at a safe distance, and get rid of the station and the operative with the long-range rifle. The Operative will need one shot, the station three.

The operative was carrying razor wire -- be sure to take it with you. Inside the area there's another laser station. As you are coming near the rogue agent, some other operatives will try to stop you, but four miniguns (or long range rifles) will keep their mouths shut forever. The rogue agent is inside a building but he will come out as soon as you are near enough. The guy is carrying a flamer. On the way back you'll meet three operatives near the entrance but they should not be a problem for the miniguns. Back to the HQ and you have gained another successful Mission on your list.

An epidermis version 2 can be found in this Mission in the building in the middle of the map. An operative and an ex-EuroCorp agent guard its entrance.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: none

New research: none

Possible loot: 1500k cr, Epidermis v2, LR Rifle, 5 Agents

Kill the agents near your starting point, and start sniping cars: one with Police, and two with Adversaries. If you won't get rid of them, they will decimate your persuaded crowd.

The bank works like the last time you were in Beijing: when it blows, 4 Police officers will spawn in the nearby Police Station. And like last time, you can immediatelly persuade the spawning police by standing at the Station entrance. Though there are some differences - entering the bank building with a gun will often be enough to alert the police this time, and the cash you get is 5 suitcases, 300,000 credits each.

If you still don't have LR Rifles for all your Agents, you may now turn towards the Zealots. Moving close to the fence of their area will make them leave and walk towards you, and if you do this carefully, you'll have to deal with only one at a time.

Once you clear the map and, enter the Agents compound. You'll first face an Adversary with Razor Wire and deployed Cerberus IFF. Next, an agent with another IFF will stand. If you shoot the IFF only, the agent won't move and you will have time to persuade him.

After you persuade (or kill) the most important Agent (besides Laser, he also has Flamer), two groups will start chasing you: first 4 Adversaries with Lasers, next a flying car with another set of them. If the people you persuaded are well armed, it won't take long to get rid of these.

After they're dead, and if cars were eliminated earlier, no other obstacles will come out during evacuation.

Don't forget about picking up Epidermis!

Additional hints

Remember to pick up Epidermis with an agent who doesn't have it already. Otherwise, the previous Epidermis mod will be lost.

Besides Electro Maces, Zealots have 2 Long Range Rifles.

After perusading or killing a man who is in the bank (i.e. by blowing up the bank), a few Police officers will appear in the police station. Sometimes even scaring him off makes the Cops mobilize.

This is Beijing AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Agent with Flamer


Deployed Cerberus IFFs

Zealot church


Police Station bound to Bank

Epidermis v2