Level index (for /m param): 056
City name on PC: Phoenix
Map and level files (PC): map010.mad, c010l015.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 07
Citydrop code name: Interloper
First objective: Neutralise agent

(map056 Phoenix)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Hong Kong, Beijing and Phoenix: neutralise rogue agents.

Return to base for further instructions.


The following message was intercepted by netscan at 06:55 yesterday. London AI has just decrypted it.

Message Type: Encoded Transcript

Priority: High

FROM: Control

TO: All Field Executives

Message begins:

Agents purporting to represent EuroCorp have carried out covert operations in sectors of interest to us.

Reconnaissance of these areas is desired. Agents should include assessments of their new mods in their reports.

Message ends.

It is evident from this message that our activities have been monitored by rogue agents with access to cyber-technology. Some of this technology may be more advanced than our own - we do not know what development resources this group has at its disposal.

The message has been traced to destinations in Hong Kong, Beijing and Phoenix. Deploy a team of cyborgs to track down and neutralise all unauthorised agents. Our resident AI is now modifying these cities' surveillance systems to detect agents equipped with advanced cybernetic enhancements. Seek out these agents. They must be persuaded to join us or be exterminated.

Additional: Study of the Indoctrinator components you recovered from Phoenix has revealed how the Church of the New Epoch gains converts. The cultists' device contains UTOPIA command-compatible transceiver circuitry. In other words, our enemy has something similar in function to our Persuadertron. Every component is made of a memory plastic which instantly bio-degrades when a zealot's lifesign sensor stops working. This is why we have never found anything on the bodies of cultists, which would have accounted for their power of persuasion. With further study, our R&D staff expect to design a more effective Persuadertron for us, one which would work on zealots.


PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Phoenix: Neutralise rogue agent

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns, LR Rifles, Persuadertron, Knockout Gas, Explosives

Guide: A group of zealots attacks immediately, so be ready with Miniguns. Use LR Rifles to wipe out all the zealots in the city first, then go and take on the Unguided in the corner - lure them out, then run away to recharge your rifles. You can now steal a vehicle where the Unguided were. But first, go and persuade a small army and get them all into your car! (Alternatively, you can do this beforehand to try and persuade all the Unguided instead of killing them, but it's trickier.) Now it's time to go after the rogue agent. Drive into the base and run after the guards to persuade them. Run round to the target agent and persuade him before he can get into his car. Then go back to the car park and drive/fly out of there to evacuate.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Eliminate rogue agent, nuff said.

I don't recommend buying the launcher just yet; Its use won't be required until later.

The mission will begin by the bank being destroyed. Unfortunately no money can be found there/ Kill the church members that approach you. Now take a look around, doesn't this place look familiar? You must obtain a car, to gain entrance to where the rogue agent is located. The only one available is being guarded by a whole load of Zealots. So go there and deal with them, flee if things get too tough, and return to finish them off. Take the yellow car and go to where the agent is located. Kill a few Eurocorp agents, then two hover cars containing a few church members will arrive. Kill them and the remaining Eurocorp agents, then finally eliminate the Spy. Take one of the hover cars and fly to hq. Now, wasn't that easy.


Ironically you should have received some income from that mission. Maybe Eurocorp thought you are doing such a good job, they finally decided to pay you. Research will include the clone shield (very useful), and legs level 2.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Kill rogue agent.


see REF 7 Hong Kong


This is another easy mission. The rogue agent is quite near, but you will have to pass the gate first. A high explosive or a car will gain you access.

Once inside, ex-EuroCorp agents and operatives will attack you but they are no big deal for your miniguns. The rogue agent will run as far away from you as possible. In the mean time, two flying vehicles with two Zealots will land near the entrance. Take out the rogue agent. On the way back, kill those two Zealots. Take one of the cars to fly back to the IML, and that's it.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: none

New research: none

Possible loot: 3 Agents

Try to stay away from the Police and kill the Zealots. When there is little left of them, you can start perusing civilians and cops.

First group of Zealots will actuall start chasing you as soon as you move from IML Station. Move to the area where you can safely handle them.

Persuade some Unguided if you want, but avoid the ones which carry High Explosives. If persuaded, they tends to take your entire crowd with them when they die.

When you enter the agents compound, two Zealot flying cars will arrive, soon after landing within the parking area. If you're not in shooting range, they will leave the cars and chase you on foot.

No surprises during evacuation, this time.

You will receive no credits from this misison, other than the small sum for persuaded crowd.

Additional hints

The bank is empty. It falls at mission start, but does not drop anything.

Police will not bother you if you keep your weapons hidden. Even if they notice your guns and start shooting, you should be able to shield up and escape. When you start persuading civilians, that's another story - some Policemen will actively seek you and shoot on sight.

The two first agents you encounter after getting into enemy compound are not very bright. They will not notice you, unless you're very close. So if you park on the other side of the parking lot, they will not bother you. The Adversaries are another story - will notice you at considerable distance. Though you're still safe at the far end of parking lot.

This is Phoenix AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point



Police officers


Unguided with bombs


Bank (empty)