Mission index (for /m param): 053
City name on PC: Christ Church
Map and level files (PC): map036.mad, c036l002.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 19
Citydrop code name: Establish The Link
First objective: Activate IML link

(map053 Christ Church)

PC Briefing

Listen strong, Acolyte.

We need an IML link to Reykjavik, where the sacraments of our founding religion are in danger. Our favoured daughter, Mirabelle Lucy De Saxo, must reactivate this path. It is up to you to clear a route to the IML station in the north-east of Christchurch. Purest Mirabelle will take the place normally occupied by your fourth Acolyte.

Tread with care, pilgrim. Traps and ambushes abound, and you must bring the firepower of our faith to bear against any who stand in the way. De Saxo is special, and must not be harmed. Pray for this and do your utmost to see that it should be so.

When enough people are of our faith, we shall open a gate in the Earth's ionosphere. The effects of unfettered cosmic rays on any part of the planet exposed to the ion gate will destroy nearly everything. Only those in the cause will be saved. We shall reset the world and it shall rise, safe in our religion.

Toil for our cause.


Follow the more successful thief and steal his ideas.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

That scan map looks intimidating, doesn't it? All those bright red dots. Fortunately, practically all of them are Cereberus IFFs and not agents.

We've got darling Mirabelle back once again, but this time we've also got three zealots with her.

If your zealot 4 is somehow much better than the rest, switch them to another position.

Anyway, link up zealots 1, 2, and 3, switch to rifles and blow up the first three IFFs near your start point. You'll be attacked by a flying car - switch to the Plasma Lances you picked up last mission (make researching these a priority) and blow them up.

There's a few patrolling agents between here and our goal. They're reasonably modified and take two LR rifle shots to bring down.

The first one is on the pavement across the T-junction near our start point, walk over towards him and get him with LR rifles. More difficult are the next four, patrolling outside the two nearby houses. Fences prevent you from getting a decent rifle shot so we're going to have to enter their alert radius. Advance just around the corner of one of the fences and retreat as soon as you see an agent chasing you. Once you've got some distance, turn and shoot him down with rifles; switch to launchers if his mate followed, otherwise repeat the tactic, and then once again for the ones across the road from the first pair.

Now, eliminate the lone agents patrolling the streets north and west of your current location with rifles, and then move to the small bank on the corner next to the police station. Fire at it with launchers a couple of times and you'll attract the attention of two car-loads of police (8 total) armed with pulse lasers. If your agents are heavily modified (I was sporting Body and Brain 2, Arms and Legs 3 at this point) you can blast away with supershields active and a mixture of rifles and launchers; if you've got less energy available, retreat and snipe as usual.

Finish off the bank with launchers, and shoot the agents who now have a clear line of sight to you since the bank's gone. Pick up the cash. Now while it seems that you have a straight line to the IML link here, the Syndicate has laid trigger wires down across it so it would actually be very fatal to take it. Pretty explosion though, if you don't mind replaying your mission.

Instead, backtrack to the street and head up to where the Cereberus IFFs are, and shoot them down from outside their range with rifles as usual (likewise for the lone agent). Walk through the skyscraper and repeat with the next set of IFFs and agents.

The coast is now clear to walk De Saxo to the goal and complete the mission.

There, wasn't that much easier and more fun than Bangkok?

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Moderate

New research: none

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 1500k cr, 12 Agents

The plan is simple - complete the mission, then rob the Bank.

Get your own flying car

Soon after you start the mission, a flying car with Adversaries spawns behind the 45 degree rotated building. Did I say it spawns with Adversaries? That's not exactly right. It spawns empty nex to Adversaries, then they're comming in. Then if flies towards your Acolytes and starts shooting. Soon after you destroy it, another one spawns and the cycle repeats, 3 times.

But you can break the cycle. As soon as the mission start, group your 3 Agents (leave De Saxo within IML Station, it's safe there) and start running towards the cars spawn point. Stop behind the Police station to deal with the first car - destroy it with Launchers, then switch back to Clone Shields. When you're near the spawn point, switch to LR Rifles, pump up Red mist, and spread your Agents around where you think the car will spawn. You won't have to wait long - soon the car will spawn, and your Agents will snipe the Adversaries.

Persuade everyone

Now you have a flying car. Very helpful, especially if you plan to do some persuading on this level. Get inside, zero the drugs and equip Persuadertron. Fly around the safe parts of the city, gathering Civilians. Then fly above the Polce Station to capture all the Officers, and then start capturing Agents, except those who are protected by Cerberus IFFs. Fly over them, preferably from behind a fence so they can't shoot you. In case your car gets low on health, abandon it and continue on foot. Or destroy it and capture the third car which will spawn.

Whem moving towards the Agents with Cerberus IFFs, go from around the 45 degree rotated building. Other paths are unsafe due to both Razor Wire and Trigger Wire. The Agent which has 5 IFFs around him is not really worth the effort to persuade - better kill him by destroying the building. Otherwise the building may fall when you're near, and all your persuaded Aggents will die.

Complete the mission

Miss De Saxo doesn't feel comfortable around Agents. And she dies very easily, not only from Razor and Trigger Wire, but even from being hit by a car. So instead of allowing her to go on foot, leave the flying car for her. Complete the mission by moving her within the car, and leave her there.

Rob the bank

If you go inside the Bank and kill the civilians inside, alarm with an electric trap will trigger. It will prevent you from leaving the bank until the Police arrives. It still won't be that hard to persuade or kill all the police though, just be careful not to get your agents grouped with De Saxo.

If you enter inside the bank, you will still have to destroy it afterwards to get the money, so you may as well just destroy it in the first place.

The Police response team consists of 2 cars, each drops off 4 Officers. A civilian driver is left in the cars afrer the Police exits, so you can't use these cars. To persuade the Police response team, it is best wo wait for them in a nearby building, ie. the Police station.

When the Bank is no more, pick up 5 suitcases, 300,000 credits each.

Tech ex machina

If after mission is complete, miss De Saxo dies - your fourth Agent will be dead after the mission is finished.

De Saxo gets scared of armed people. Keep her away from your Acolytes.

You were blessed by this premonition from Christ Church episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Deployed Cerberus IFFs

Eurocorp Agents

Flying cars with Adversaries spawn

Police response park sport