Level index (for /m param): 052
City name on PC: Buenos Aires
Map and level files (PC): map026.mad, c026l003.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 08
Citydrop code name: Serpent's Egg/Watcher
First objective: Neutralise all Eurocorp agents

(map052 Buenos Aires)

PC Briefing

Receive our blessings, Son of Light.

By working where our foe is weakest, we have begun to establish our Church. The Syndicate is therefore attempting to regain control in a number of vulnerable cities.

Already, the Syndicate has begun to undertake covert operations in Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Tripoli. Those who challenge the Church of the New Epoch must join us or perish.

Syndicate agents have been sighted in Santiago and Tripoli. In Buenos Aires, the Syndicate has regained control of its garrison in an action which spilled the precious blood of your brothers and sisters stationed there. The Nine also believe that EuroCorp has planted a saboteur in our mission in Johannesburg.

Your Acolytes must ensure that no EuroCorp operative succeeds or ever returns to the Syndicate. Do not rest until you have cleansed these places of the Syndicate's sickness.

The day of reckoning draws closer with every new mind we recruit. And those who wish to survive the Cataclysm must believe.

Be brave, Acolyte. And be brutal. It is the only way.


There is pleasure in stealing the souls of machines.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


Eurocorp is attempting to regain control of one of their key cities, Buenos Aires. These actions have spilt the blood of our brothers and sisters. For their transgression, they must be punished. Eliminate all Eurocorp agents in the vicinity.

Ok, you should upgrade, and get rid of any unwanted equipment.

At the beginning of the mission, the bank in the area will be destroyed, and no money can be found there. Proceed to your first set of targets. You will be attacked by a lot of Eurocorp personnel, and some hover vehicles. Flee if things get too tough, to recuperate.

Once they are killed, a classic mission update will tell you Eurocorp must choose between our faith and death; needless to say they choose death, proceed to the target destination and destroy them all, including the sniveling rat who covers in the building.

Then proceed to HQ, or should I say, seek sanctuary.


That was an easy mission compared to the last. No money since no money could be found at the bank. You should have no income, but you should have researched the launcher, which will help alleviate your money hungry tendencies.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

Of the Mail 8 missions, Santiago is the easiest, Buenos Aires is probably the hardest, and Tripoli is easily the most annoying. I'd recommend the order Santiago - Johannesburg - Buenos Aires - Tripoli.

Here's where having Pulse Lasers or Electron Maces really starts to pay off. In general, you want the Electron Mace as your primary short-range weapon since you'll always be able to find four Pulse Lasers to sell on these missions, whereas it's rare to find Electron Maces to sell if you're the Church.

As in the PSX version, the bank will be destroyed at the start of the mission so there are no funds to be had here. The mission develops along predictable lines. The first goal is to destroy patrolling units, in order to gain freedom of movement. There are a few police (who will probably attack you) and a Syndicate van. There is also a flying car, but don't engage this. We'll be able to take it over later.

After you've cleared out the opposition on the streets, set up outside the entrance to the northern target - the one the game is telling you to attack. Move an agent in through the doors and everyone will rush you. This rush is better co-ordinated and more numerous than those you have faced previously. Do not take chances - fire off a couple of rifle shots when you get the chance, but keep your distance. You have an entire city's room to operate in, use it!

At this point in my mission, I discovered the flying car had landed and was abandoned in the compound I'd just cleared out. Grab it. Fly towards the remaining compound. Again, you'll be sniping and running, but it's easier this time because you're airborne and they're not. Try to fly over locations that aren't accessible by foot; the AI will chase you into rifle range and then sit there or run around aimlessly, and you can pick them off at leisure. Just keep an eye on the car's shield indicator when you're under fire and try not to stay in range if you can.

Once you're done, there's one scientist in each compound to persuade, and then you're out of here.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: none

New weapons: Trigger Wire (unobtainable)

Possible loot: 200k cr, 2 Scientists, 2 Agents

The Bank blows as soon as you start the level, with no suitcases left. Adversaries already took the money, we will deal with that later.

But from the very start: get rid of the two armored flying cars. There are also two cars with Adversaries on road. From the almost destroyed one, Adversary will exit and leave the car empty, soon after you exit the IML Station area. There is also similar flying car from which the driver will exit - avoid it if it's still flying, or you won't get the car. And having a flying car helps a lot in this mission.

When you've taken care of the flying armored cars, move towards top of the map. Do not enter the fenced sector though - stand near top edge of the map on the safe side of that fence. Close on the other side, there is a building with a suitcase and a few Adversaries. Sometimes you may get them nervous and lure them out by shooting with Electron Maces. Sometimes not - then you must go through the fence. And I mean through it, not around it. At edge of the map, the fence ends a bit too early; you may easily pass the fence there, if you are standing just at the edge and command your Acolyte to move to a nearby point on the other side. Sometimes running works - run towards a destination position which is at the edge, and your team will pass the fence with no issues.

There is 200,000 credits in a suitcase inside the building at top of the map. Be careful with it though - the building is Trigger Wired, and collapses as soon as you're close to its door. So go there slowly, with your best modded Acolyte, and be ready to distance yourself on the explosion. Or destroy the building with a High Explosive, without going near to entrance - the explosion will happen even if building is no longer standing.

Clear the area of Adversaries, without killing the Scientist, and if possible also leaving the Agent alive - you can persuade him later.

When Adversaries are dead, a flying car will land near the transport tube, and three more Adversaries will exit. Kill them, and now you have a flying car.

Now it is time to snipe Adversaries from the Eurocorp base on the right. Use flying car to enter the base through wall; if you go through entrance, everyone including the Agent inside will start moving towards you, making it very hard to persuade him. If you go over the wall, only 6 Adversaries from the short building will track you, and everyone else will stay at their posts until they see you.

Clean the buildings. You can either use Electron Mace shots to lure them out, or just enter the building with LR Rifles equiped, then switch to Electron Maces to finish them. Try not to kill the Scientist, and the Agent.

When all (or almost all) adversaries are dead, go though he level and persuade civilians. Since there's no police, you need a lot of civilians. Fortunately there is considerable crowd on the level. When you have enough, persuade the Agents, then the Scientists, and you're done.

Tech ex machina

You run by double clicking the target. At this point you should've already known that.

The flying car which you can force to land will be patrolling the city until you kill enough Adversaries, then it will land. You should really avoid it while it's still in the air, having it makes the mission far easier, and persuading civilians is a lot faster in it.

Evacuate back to IML Station. No surprises happen during evacuation.

You were blessed by this premonition from Buenos Aires episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Bank demolished just at start

Empty car blocking the road

Adversary flying car landing spot

Money suitcase

Adversaries with Lasers and Miniguns

Eurocorp Agents