Level index (for /m param): 051
City name on PC: Buenos Aires
Map and level files (PC): map026.mad, c026l002.dat,
PC Campaign: Church of N. Ep. mail 02
Citydrop code name: Conversions
First objective: Convert Ormandoz

(map051 Buenos Aires)

PC Briefing

Harbinger is about its work. Let us pray.

We must stir this brew in Buenos Aires. By converting two mutual enemies, our Church will assume control of the whole of the city.

Our brothers and sisters in South America have gathered intelligence useful to our cause. They have identified Juan Ormandoz, a senior EuroCorp lackey from Buenos Aires, who is attempting to maintain the city's stability in spite of the activities of the Unguided. The leader of this group, Chico Ramirez, foolishly believes he can take and keep control of a commercial district. Convert them both and we will succeed where EuroCorp has so far failed.

Spread the good news.


Faithful minds are not enough. Deliver unto us brains also.

- The Book of Cataclysm.

PC Walkthrough by Ilanin

Lots of different things to do here; they can be done in any order, but this is what I recommend:

Compound cleanup

Head to the walled compound where your first target resides. Kill or persuade the militia guarding it. When you do, two unguided will plant a bomb in the nearest building. Normally, the male unguided is killed by the blast and the female escapes. The man is carrying explosives, make sure to pick them up. Kill the female, grab the money she is carrying. DO NOT COVERT YOUR TARGET YET. There's plenty more dangerous stuff to do, and he'll be safe enough here for now.

Bank job and unguided

Take the explosives you got from the Unguided and plant them in the bank (it's to the NW of your present location, just across from the car park). There'll be no police response to blowing this one up, so grab the money and move West towards where your second target resides. When you get close to the alleyway on the West edge of the map where your second target is, stop. The Unguided have a well-planned ambush ahead which will kill you if you rush in blindly. Instead, send a single agent into the alleyway and then immediately back out again. Unguided armed with KO gas will spawn, but because you're not in their kill zone you should be able to kill them. They don't seem to be affected by their own gas, but you will be, so stay away from thrown canisters. Firing towards enemies normally attracts them into weapons range.

Scientists and mission

All serious opposition is now deceased. At this point you should have little difficulty in killing off the Eurocorp Operatives which will be in the way of persuading the two scientists on the map, persuade the scientists and your targets, and depart.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Disciple consideration

Prophecy transcript

Resolution uncertainty: Very low

New research: Flamer, LR Rifle

New weapons: LR Rifle

Possible loot: 1000k cr, 2 Scientists, Miniguns, 1 LR Rifle

Mission peculiarity: Can be failed

A lot to do here. You may fulfill the mission objective, and only then start going into side activities. Or you may start with the most dangerous operation, and go with the rest after that.

I suggest to go with dangerous thing first, so that you won't lose much on restart.

If you start persuading civilians and Police, additional 4 cops will start comming towards you. If you're fast enough, that might actually help you - those 4 are also easy to persuade.

Additionally, two Police officers will start moving towards you as soon as you exit the IML Station. The officers will land a flying car on the parking in front of the bank, leaving it for your disposal.

The Bomb and the Bank

What you want is to blow up the bank. But you probably don't have any explosives yet. The Unguided has one, but it might be tricky to pick it up.

As soon as you either kill or persuade any of the two Police officers guarding the entrance, Unguided will start running. The building they're in will explode behind them - sometimes it kills them both, sometimes it doesn't, in which case you have to carefully help him die without detonating the bomb.

Sometimes you'll be unlucky enough to have debrits of the building fall on the Unguided body, detonating the bomb instantly. If it does, restart - it is really worth to rob that bank.

Besides taking the bomb, look for a suitcase on the body of female Unguided - she had 200,000 credits.

Now as you have the High Explosive, blow up the bank and pick up 4 suitcases. There will be no retaliation for blowing the bank.

Mission objective

Now you can go with persuasion. You may persuade the remaining Police officers - this will allow you to also persuade some of the Adversaries.

When persuading the executives, go near with your flying car, exit for the persuasion, and get back to the car. Make sure the executives enered the car before liftoff - when travelling by foot, they may easily get shot or burned, resulting in mission fail.

When you have them both, get back to the flying car and evacuate to IML Station. Just don't press space - you still have things to do here.

New weapons and Scientists

Most of the Adversaries have Miniguns, only one has a LR Rifle. While you can persuade most, make sure you kill some of them, so that you can get these weapons for your agents.

You may clean up the Adversaries on foot, then come with the flying car for Scientists persuasion. Make sure both scientists are safe - they will only join your research team if they survive the mission.

Tech ex machina

Gate of the cemetary is a good place to wait for police if you want to have them presuaded.

The bank contains 200,000 credits in each of 4 suitcases.

Police only have UZIs.

Using the flying car, you could persuade both targets and evacuate without even alerting the Unguided or any of the Adversaries. Then you could start side activities, when the main mission is complete. There aren't many advantages of such strategy, but it can be done.

You were blessed by this premonition from Buenos Aires episkopy, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point


Police officers

Police flying car

Male Unguided with High Explosive

Female Unguided with a suitcase

Adversaries with Miniguns

Adversary with LR Rifle


Persuasion objectives