Level index (for /m param): 050
City name on PC: Buenos Aires
Map and level files (PC): map026.mad, c026l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 10
Citydrop code name: Secrets
First objective: Persuade Hexagon scientist

(map050 Buenos Aires)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1

Message begins:


Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Adelaide: Scientists traced.

Profound greetings.

London AI has been psych-profiling the message content of an increasing number of subversive broadcasts from Ko-Paull Vissick. His seminal message, sent on an open channel, clearly incited the Unguided to rise up, not only against the Syndicate, but also the Church of the New Epoch. Unfortunately, Vissick's invective was littered with prophecies of doom, indicating that his current state of mind is far from stable. He claimed, for example, that the Church of the New Epoch would bring about nothing less than Armageddon. I can only speculate as to how they're supposed to initiate global destruction.

Vissick's last assignment was so highly classified - and UTOPIA has been so desolated by the Harbinger virus - that information on the nature of his mission is sketchy. However, we know that he was working as part of a team of top researchers from Gel Data and The Hexagon Corporation on a project in Iceland. Jennifer Taks has given us the locations of Gel Data and Hexagon scientists in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Adelaide. Seek out and persuade these scientists at your discretion.

Good luck.


PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


check REF 10 Santiago


If you have paid some money for more information about the mission, you are given two other important clues. There's a reserve vault containing 800.000 credits, and an additional cultist area has been detected. Great!

The four Zealots wandering around the building near the IML point are your first enemy contact. Proceed to the vault because we're going to earn some money first. On your way to the vault you can encounter some more Epoch agents, but they are nothing to be worried about, because they attack separately. The mass attacks are reserved for the later missions.

Place one high explosive on one of the gates of the vault and run away. If you are lucky enough only two flying police cars will come and attack you. It's possible that a yellow Zealot car will annoy you too if you're not so lucky. You will have to deal with it in this Mission anyhow. Choose a vehicle and shoot it. There's a building to the south of the vault where you can hide. A combination of long range-rifles and miniguns should suffice to destroy the cars.

Our target is in the area next to the vault. Stay at a safe distance, and shoot the two Zealot guards with the long-range rifles. Other Zealots will begin to move towards the entrance, and you can shoot them one by one as they appear. Only some of them will stay in the area. They are within three buildings, but they can easily be taken care of. The first will come from a building to the north as soon as you enter the area. Use miniguns and long-range rifles to take them out. The other Zealots will not come out as long as you are not near their buildings. Be sure to pick up the epidermis that you can find in this building! The other two buildings have only three or four Zealots. Take them out before you persuade our scientist.

After the persuasion, this Mission is not over. A new objective arises: kill every remaining Zealot in the city. I kept one agent behind with the scientist and I grouped the other three. The group can walk towards the Zealots at the other side of town. This way, you will keep your scientist out of dangerous situations.

The area is covered with a fence. Blow it up with a high explosive. The building near the fence can now be accessed. Put another high explosive near a wall. Some Zealots will have noticed your attack. If you want to avoid this, you can always use the clone shield from a previous mission. The alarmed Zealots will move to the building to be able to attack you but the high explosive you had put there will kill nearly all of them. There's only one guard left a little bit further away.

Group your 4 agents again and go to the IML point.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New weapons: none

Possible loot: 900k cr, 1 Scientist, Epidermis v3

Mission peculiarity: Recurring if not completed

It's best to take down the Zealots with Long Range Rifle. You don't have to be careful, as there is no Police nor Unguided on the map.

After the bank goes down, two flying Police cars appear. There are four packages in the bank, 200,000 credits each.

Zealots have two planes. When getting rid of the ones on foot, make sure you have place to back off to wait for weapon cooldown.

Do not persuade the Scientist before destroying the bank. Make yourself some armed human helpers to sash the flying Police cars faster.

At this point you can evacuate and it's over. But you do not want that. This is a special recurring levels - you can repeat it forever, as long as you never complete it. Each time you repeat it, you can get another Epidermis mod and a Scientist. So pause the game and quit the mission. Not completing it will not affect further progress.

If you complete the mission, you will receive additional 100,000 credits.

Additional hints

Zealots on the Cemetery have Psycho Gas, Electron Maces and a Disruptor. If you won't approach them, they will not bother you.

This mission becomes very easy if you do Cape Town first, and so you have Launchers.

Mind the place where Police spawns after you blow up the Bank. If you stand there with Persuadertron, you will instantly persuade the cops, and you will have two useable flying cars. It is the rule - when someone in a vehicle spawns, they first appear outside of the vehicle, and then enter it. If they start attacking you instead, or get persuaded, the vehicle will stay empty.

This is Buenos Aires AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(map scheme)

Start point

Zealots with Electron Mace

Zealots with Gas

Cultist car (empty)

Epidermis v3


Police after Bank crumbles