Level index (for /m param): 049
City name on PC: Detroit
Map and level files (PC): map035.mad, c035l001.dat,
PC Campaign: Eurocorp mail 01
Citydrop code name: Detroit Drop-Outs
First objective: Eliminate Zealots

(map049 Detroit)

PC Briefing

Message Type: HARDWIRED

Priority: 1 - Emergency

Message begins:


Detroit: Seek out members of the Church of the New Epoch and terminate them. Neutralise category U-Unguided citizens.

Attention, Executive. I am UTOPIA Agent Maritz, EuroCorp Intelligence.

The situation is critical. UTOPIA has been attacked. The EuroCorp information infrastructure has been fundamentally compromised. Emergency procedure has been initiated.

I am transferring all EuroCorp command decisions to the backup AI immediately. I will relay its analysis and orders to you. I repeat, supreme EuroCorp command is being transferred to the London Artificial Intelligence. Its primary standing order is to rebuild UTOPIA, from first principles if necessary.

London AI is already making its initial assessment of the situation. The formulation of missions will follow.

You will direct agents to execute these missions.

The general situation looks bad. A global attack has been launched on the Syndicate. Detroit's UTOPIA AI was targeted and my counterpart there eliminated. Detroit's attackers released a sophisticated virus into UTOPIA. Fail-safes aren't activating. However the virus works, it's shifting from AI to AI faster than we can track it.

A completely unauthorised group calling itself The Church of the New Epoch claims responsibility for the virus - they call it "Harbinger". It is Harbinger which is causing the exponential rise in CHIP dropouts. The Church of the New Epoch has also begun a propaganda campaign inciting violence against EuroCorp, which is being transmitted on hijacked UTOPIA channels.

The most zealous followers of this so-called "Church" refer to themselves as "Disciples" and can be distinguished by caped body armour.


PC Walkthrough reference from nexoe.dk

Detroit: Eliminate Zealots

Recommended Equipment: Miniguns

Guide: Kill the attackers at the start, then head west so you can turn the corner and go north. Keep a lookout for cop cars. Steal a car so you can get around faster - you can even run over targets, though you're vulnerable to attack if the car's badly damaged. Watch out for cops near your base when evacuating.

PSX Walkthrough by Alan Manning


The Church of New Epoch has released a virus into the utopia system called harbinger, they are also undermining Eurocorp on hacked Eurocorp channels. You must prevent them from causing further damage, locate church members in the vicinity and eliminate all of them.

Once again I recommend not purchasing anything it will save money and this mission does not require much force.

At the beginning of the Mission some unguided or Zealots will approach your position, kill them and then hone in on the orange targets around the city. Don't attack the church members in the Eurocorp building just yet, kill all the Zealots. A word of warning, the purple dots on the map are Militia or Police, if they see you killing civilians or engaging in fire fights they will attack you. Your only alternative is to kill them. One bunch of Zealots will be attacked by Militia in a parking lot near the waterfront with the Manga Screen. If you wait a while one of the Zealots will plant a bomb in front of a nearby building signified by a red flashing light, quickly run to it and pick it up using R2 and left, it will prove useful later on once all the Zealots have been killed hijack a car in one of the parking lots by moving your agents into it and press R2 and up to board it, then press triangle and move the cursor to the Eurocorp building, the one with the remaining orange lights, and press triangle again in an open space and the car will drive to the location you picked. Once inside the compound press R2 and down to exit the car another explosive will be planted to the left of the opening gate, quickly run and pick it up then walk to and kill the church members dressed in white robes. After a few skirmishes a group of church members may escape in a vehicle to another part of the city if so follow and eliminate them after all targets have been executed return to hq.


Income will still be zilch you may have researched Legs L1, if so you may want to sell one of the explosives you obtained and upgrade some of your agents.

PC Walkthrough by Marc Stynen (UHS)


Seek the members from the Church of the New Epoch and terminate them. Neutralise the Unguided citizens.


Agent Maritz from EuroCorp Intelligence reports to you. It seems like Utopia's centre in Detroit has been attacked, and the EuroCorp infrastructure has been compromised. The supreme EuroCorp command is being transferred to the London AI, and you will direct agents to execute missions in order to rebuild Utopia, from scratch if necessary.

The attack was led by a new group, calling themselves "Church of the New Epoch". They released a virus "HARBINGER", and it's responsible for the rising amount of chip dropouts as it spreads throughout our network. This network guides our C-citizens, and people released from it are seeing the world as it is for the first time, and are therefore willing to join this new "Church".


Training Mission #2.

When you are dropped, the destruction of the Detroit AI is already a fact. From your starting point, you can eliminate the three Unguided with your four miniguns. Next, go to the car park to the south. One car contains some more Unguideds. They will step out of the car as you approach it. Kill them with your miniguns.

Take a car and drive it to the entrance of the Detroit AI. You'll meet many dead EuroCorp agents... time to weep. But not for long, because there are five Epoch agents here. Get out of the car, and shoot them until you have killed one. At this point, the Epoch agents are probably grouped and are attacking you at the same time from the same spot. Use your shields, and run away. Not all of them will follow you. As you go further, stop for a minute and kill the one Epoch agent who is brave enough to follow you. Because they are no longer standing in a group, you can kill the other agents one at the time.

One of them is carrying a high explosive. Pick it up.
Congratulations: you are carrying your first not-researched weapon.

There's only one Unguided left to kill. She's wandering somewhere in the Detroit City. Take your car to it and kill her. Be careful though not to get too close, because she'll explode as soon as she is dead.

Back to the IML link, and your second successful (trainer) Mission is a fact.

Message ends.

PC Walkthrough by Mefistotelis

Message Type: DIRECT

Priority: 2

Message begins:

Surveillance simulation

Results standard deviation: Low

New research: Psycho Gas (always), High Explosive (if picked up)

New weapons: High Explosive

Possible loot: 5 High Explosive

Note: Simulation data were transferred to London AI before Detroit AI stopped responding.

A Zealot will set a bomb next to the stationary laser - let it blow, so the laser won't bother you. But don't go too far from this place - another Zealot will set a second bomb, which you can pick up.

After killing all zealots, go to Unguided with High Explosive. Don't kill her just after reaching - if you do so, you won't get bombs which she has. Wait until she leaves 4 bombs, pick them all - they're quite expensive.

This is London AI non-official message, please do not reply.

(euro01 Detroit)

Start point


Zealot base


A bomb destroying laser


Unguided carrying High Explosive


Unguided motocycle